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Monday, April 30, 2012

We Hawked Akara, Pure Water To survive – Nollywood Twins

Enugu celebrity twins, Chidiebere and
Chidinma Aneke are no strangers to movie
buffs in Nigeria . The pretty actresses cum
producers who were the brains behind
such wave-making movies as ’Compulsory
Risk “, ‘Ujuaka”and many others have
continued to enlarge their profile against all
odds in the industry.

Question: What do you think can divide the
two of you?
Marriage can divide the two of us. But we
have prayed to marry twin brothers and
that our marriages should take place on the
same day. But we say this because we are
just humans. God’s will definitely grant us
all of our wishes.

Question: Tell us a little about the movies
you have done together?
We have done Crazy Twins, Jealous Friends,
Desperate Twins, Lagos Girls, Broken
Ambition, Revenge of the gods and many

Question: We had that your childhood was
not rosy, how did you cope?
That online gist wasn’t true! Our childhood
was rosy, our dad was very wealthy. He
was a philantropist. Although he was
married to three wives, the three wives
cooked inside one pot. We lived like princes
and princesses. My father was indeed
wealthy. The problem we had after our
dad’s death was that our uncles took
everything from us and we started life all
over again.

Question: What happened after your
father’s death?
Life became very difficult when dad died.
We went into petty trading; we sold pure
water, bread and ‘akara’. We hawked on the
streets to survive.

Question: Didn’t you get harrassed by men
while hawking on the streets?
Men being who they are, some claimed
they would help us. But we discovered that
they wanted to mess us up and we
immediately placed them where they

Question: Tell us about your love life
I was once in a relationship but Chidinma
didn’t approve of it and she gave me
reasons. I studied the guy in question and
noticed she was right. I also do that to her
sometimes. We are not jealous of each
other. We only complement each other.

Question: Have you girls ever switched
lovers before?
No! We haven’t . But we have experienced
something like that while we were growing
up. At that time, the guy asked Chidinma
out but she wasn’t interested in him, we
wanted to play games with him, by going
for his money. So, l was always at the guy’s
house pretending to be Chidinma while
extorting money from him. This went on
until l was nearly raped by the guy in
question. But we had to call off the game
after that incident.
From then on, we have lived with the
principle of not eating what we are not
interested in from the beginning.

Question: What kind of reactions do you
get from your fans whenever they meet
you outside?
Our fans, especially the children do not
want to believe that the characters we play
in movies are not real. So they see us and
run away thinking we are real killers.It
became worse when we acted in the movie
titled Jealous Friend.
In that movie, l played a character where
my twin sister was killed and l took
revenge on the killers. In fact just recently, I
met a Police Commissioner who also called
me a killer because of the role I played in a

If the Twin can survive their trouble times,
you too can make it.

culled from vanguard news.

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