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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Actor Van Vicker Opens Up On Arrest In Nigeria Over Arms Possession

Few days ago, we reported
a story of the arrest of a Ghanaian actor,
Van Vicker in Lagos over the weekend for
arms possession.

We also said in the story that it took the
effort of Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo
help out with the release of Van.

In a reaction to the story, Van Vicker
released a press statement through his

The statement reads, “Indeed, the guns
Van had in his possession were
purposely for movies and not real ones.
These guns are used in the U.S.A and
Europe for movies and Van has reached a
point in his movie career as a producer
and director where he feels it’s only fair
to have prop guns that appear to be real.”

The management also revealed to that after Van had
passed through all security checkpoints
and sat comfortably on the Plane, he was
called again to ascertain the content of
the luggage.

“When he identified that the items were
prop guns and purposely for movies, the
security persons at the airport asked him
(Van) to accompany them to Ikoyi to
have a thorough check on the items by
their expects where he was finally

He was treated with the needed respect
and never manhandled as some people
are speculating. Van was never arrested,
the actor concluded.

Van Vicker is already back safely in
Ghana and has asked all his numerous
fans to be rest assured because there is
no cause for alarm.

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