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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Police Officer's Wife Arrested For Armed Robbery

In what seems like an irony, the wife of a
serving police officer, Mrs. Amechi Ofem,
44, and her younger brother, have been
linked with an armed robbery gang. The
duo have thus been arrested by law
enforcement agents in Anambra State.

Mrs. Ofem was also accused of
administering treatment to the leader of
the robbery gang, Patrick Ogah, who
sustained bullet wounds during an
encounter with the police.

She was arrested in her residence in
Onitsha by a team of policemen from the
Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, three
days after Easter Sunday. And her younger
brother, Jude Eze, was nabbed in
Ogbakogba in company with members of
the gang at a hideout where they were
receiving treatment .

But Ofem tearfully told Crime Digest that
she was innocent. "All my life, I have had
nothing to do with robbers until I got a call
from my brother (Eze) sometime in March.

He told me that he needed me at Atani to
treat a friend of his who had been involved
in a car accident.
"Although I didn’t know who this person
was, I went to Atani. Ogah was wounded in
his lower arm. During the treatment, which
lasted three days, I dressed his wounds
and gave him injections.

"The bullet was already out before I treated
Ogah. I had no way of knowing that it was
a gunshot wound . When I noticed that he
had a broken bone in his lower arm, I
advised him to go to the hospital. Eze told
me he would take his friends to the
hospital and I went back home to Onitsha,”
she said.

Mrs. Ofem said she received another
telephone call asking her to come
to Ogbakogba, where her brother and his
friends had gone to seek the services of a
herbalist, who was also a bone setter.

She said: “After the broken bones were
fixed, the herbalist asked my brother to
invite the nurse who had been caring for
his friend before he would set the sticks
that would be used to support the broken
arm. I got this call on a Saturday and told
Eze that I couldn’t make it to Ogbakogba
until after Easter.

“On Easter Monday, I finally left Onitsha for
Ogbakogba. When I met Eze’s wounded
friend, I applied Cicatrin powder to his
wound, and gave him an injection and
went back to Onitsha that same day . I was
shocked when the following Wednesday, a
SARS team from Lagos traced me to my
shop at Fegge, Onitsha.

"They told me that I had to lead them to a
group of fleeing robbers with whom I had
been in contact. Although I was horrified, I
agreed to cooperate with them. We had to
board a canoe from Onitsha to Ogbakogba
on that day. I never suspected for once
that Eze’s friends were robbers.”

But on his part, Eze, the only son of five
children, admitted that he had known that
Ogah was a robber. He however added that
he was compelled to help the criminal
because of his kindness to him in the past.

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