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Friday, April 13, 2012

Police Arrests Girlfriend Over Death Of Nollywood Actor

Following the tragic death of Steven
Kanumba, reports are beginning to surface
that the actor’s death is as a result of an
altercation he had with his girlfriend and
protege, fellow actress Elizabeth Michael
better known as Lulu.

The Tanzanian/ Nollywood actor was said
to have been in home with Lulu when an
argument broke out. According to Lulu,
who is now in police custody at Oysterbay
Police Station, she pushed Kanumba while
trying to defend herself from him who,
allegedly tried to slap her, he then fell and
hit his head .

The incident is said to have occurred
around 2:30am, after which he was rushed
to Muhimbili Hopital where he passed
away. The accidental death of the star has
come as a shock not only to the film and
movie industry but the nation and
continent at large.

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