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Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Wife Has Become My Prostitute– Charley Boy

Charles Oputa popularly known as Charly Boy is one controversial character that you can't ignore any day. From his weird lifestyle to independent mind, the Area Father has won for himself thousands of admirers across Nigeria.

In a recent interview, he talked about his love life and many other "dirty" stuff. See a brief excerpt of the 'controversial' interview below:

"First, I thank God for His mercies. It has not been easy one bit, but this much should be said. If two people with mutual respect, friendship and love are determined to make a union work, it will work.
"Don’t also forget that I have picked up experience after having gone through almost four marriages in less than eight years.So, I think these are some of the factors that helped me in this one.
"Women are all the same, no matter where they are from. You must study their manual if you are to live in peace with them. They are basically the same. If youmake a woman feel like a queen, make her understand she comes first in your life, and treat her with dignity and respect, half of the problem is solved.
"We talk a lot in my marriage. So at every point, each of us can almost tell what the other person is thinking. We have great friendship..
" My wife has seized to be just a wife long time ago. She is my girlfriend, my bitch, my whore, my sister, my mother, my confidant and so many things rolled into one . Sometimes we goto short time hotel. My wife is my prostitute and I’m her prostitute."

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