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Monday, April 9, 2012

My husband Went To Church For Spiritual Healing, But He Is Now Missing – Wife Cries Out

For 45-year-old Mrs. Awobade Adeola whoreside at No 5 CAC Street, Ogijo in Lagos, she is still wondering why her 54-year-oldhusband, Mr. Adewale Tajudeen Awobade,a native of Ikenne Remo in Ogun State could suddenly disappear from the Celestial Church, Lawanson where he had been receiving spiritual attention for a psychological illness which, according to his wife, had defied medical solution.

Mrs. Awobade told us in an interview recently that her husband began to behave strangely sometime last year, owing to what she suspected might not be unconnected with the dwindling fortune of his business. This, according to her, prompted the family to take him to the Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Yaba for medical attention.

“I noticed that he has been depressed since about three years when his business went down. He is a computer engineer and he usually gets big contracts. But his financial situation has worsened in the last two to three years. I guess this is the cause of his depression. Since March last year, he has started exhibiting some strange behavior. He wassaying some people were after him; that they wanted to kill him because he went to the bank to get money.

Initially, we did not take him serious. But there was a particular Saturday he asked me if some people had been to the house to ask for information about him and I said no,” Mrs Awobade explained
She added: “I then told my daughter that it lookd as if daddy was becoming paranoid. The following week, I called his brother to let them know that their brother’s behaviour had changed. So, I remembered that on March 12 last year, he began to hallucinate. He was saying that some people were after him; that they wanted to kill him. So, he became reluctant to go out and if he ventured to go out, he would be looking around as if people were after him.”

This, according to the wife, prompted the family, on advise, to take him to the Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Yaba for medical attention. But Mrs. Awobade said his husband’s condition worsened aroundAugust last year, after what appeared like a respite from the treatment he was givenat the psychiatric hospital.

“He was given treatment for quite a while and things seemed to have improved. But all of a sudden, in August last year, it appeared as if the whole thing got worse and we kept on managing until a brother invited me to bring him to the church for spiritual solution to the problem,” she said.

She added: “We took him to the church in November and his condition had been improving and we had been holding meaningful conversation any time I visited him and I did that once in a week. Anytime I went there, we usually started our conversation from where we stoppedthe last time. He had started coming back to his senses. The only thing he was complaining of was boredom.

“On Saturday, March 17 this year, I was there with my son to visit him as usual and I told him that at the end of the month, he would come home, because he was complaining that he was tired of the place; that how would he wake up in the morning and not get anything done? I tried to pacify him that he should wait till the end of the month, only for me to be called around 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, March 18. The question they asked me was; had he got home? They said he had left the church.

“So, on that Sunday, March 18, in the morning, after he had taken his bath and changed his cloth; he was ready for service and he wanted to go out, but the shepherd in charge saw him and asked him to go back. The shepherd said he wasbusy at the altar then and when his food was ready around 8:30 a.m., they called him to come and eat and they couldn’t find him and since then, we have been searching for him.

“We have gone on air (radio and television stations) and up till now, we areyet to find him. On Monday, the brother went to report at the police station in Lawanson and later, he went to the radio house and television house and since then, we have been going all round to search for him.

We have combed many places like Lawanson, Ladipo Spare Part Market, Cele Under Bridge and Ijesha, mostly on foot, in search of him all to no avail. He was wearing the white garment as of the time he left the church, but I don’t know whether he has his identity card or money on him.”

She appealed to members of the public who may have any information that couldhelp in locating her husband to call the following numbers: 08191452074, 08035725981, 08023009852.

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