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Monday, April 16, 2012

My Divorce With Sophia Is Affecting my Career – Nollywood Director Tchidi Chikere

After the last Interview with Tchidi Chikere
concerning statements he made about his
wife and children,Nollywood movie
director Tchidi Chikere comes out to clear
the air for the last time.
How did you feel when you first saw the
controversial interview?
I felt like dying. I felt like I live in an unfair
and mean world where people rub salt on
already bleeding injuries. I felt like maybe
God was too slow in meting out judgment
on evil people like that and so they thrive
and do more havoc. But then my manager
came and spoke to me. He quoted the Bible
in several places and I felt better. I was
reassured that God sees all our hearts and
that at the right time he would fight for me
while I hold my peace. He will not give me
up to the will of my enemies and scoffers.
Once and for all, tell us how important
your kids are to you.
I hold them sacred, second only to God.
A lot of people believe you are too
arrogant. How will you describe yourself?
I’ m not arrogant. I just protect myself,
because too many friends bring
entanglements, distractions, trouble and
betrayals. I don’t smile with everybody. I
don’t believe in having friends upon friends
because that wasn’t how I was brought up.
I grew up basically in my room, reading
novels and building worlds of fantasies
around myself in my imagination. I love my
own company. I’m very close to my father
though. I love my daddy to bits.
I would describe myself as a very deep
person. What works for other folks don’t
work for me. I guess that accounts for why
a lot of people misunderstand me. And
when you don’t understand something,
there arises the need to make up stories to
fill in the blank spaces, even if they are lies.
What people don’t understand is how
deeply they hurt other people with these
made up stories and how somehow
somewhere in this life, they’d pay for every
careless word, every careless lie. I have an
unshakeable faith in God. I was brought up
in a strict catholic home. I was an altar boy
at mass and later thought I’d become a
priest, but I guess the world of make
believe stole me and kept me.
Is your divorce affecting your career in
I’m human and it has affected me. I haven’t
written a script in three months. No one
knows what I do when I’m alone in my
room and take off the celebrity mask I wear
in public. Nobody knows how I hurt. We are
talking about ten years of my life here. But
I’m not going to wear my sadness on my
face and die so that haters will laugh. I find
consolation in the fact that I still love and
respect my family and whatever I do next
will be as my happiness dictates. We are all
solitary birds in this world, nobody will die
with me, whatever will make me happy
tomorrow, I will do it, but in all, to respect
my family, even as I move on. That is why
this will be my last and final interview on
this matter.
What are your dreams for the future?
My plans for the future… I want to get a PhD
degree if possible. I’ve had a master’s
degree since 2001 and I’m beginning to
really feel stagnated. I ‘m very academically
inclined. That and other things I can’t say
here, for obvious reasons.
You are rated as one of the best directors
in Nollywood. What kept you on top for so
Among the best directors in Nollywood?
People say I am, but I don’t know if I am. My
mum thought me modesty, so I don’t know
how to assume airs. I’m just doing my thing
as best as I know it. I always want to be
better. So I guess by always trying to be
better and not getting comfortable with
where I am, I unintentionally stay relevant
and solid.
So many people believe you are living
with Nuella and that she is pregnant for
you. Are you really living with her now,
and is she pregnant for you?
On the issue of whether anybody is
pregnant for me at the moment, I believe
my publicist has issued a statement on that
saying it is false and I have not moved in
with anybody. And that is same thing I’m
telling now, the answer to both questions
is” no, no” this is my second and final
statement on this. And I ask that this be laid
to rest and my privacy and that of my kids
and Sophia be respected by all henceforth. I
need to focus, I need to rest. Enough said.
Back to work, what are you working on
I no longer talk about what I’m working on
next or not working on, because Nollywood
is full of unhealthy rivalry and people who
don’t want you to grow. So I’d rather just be
a surprise package and not talk about my
plans. What you see is what you get. One
thing I know is I want more, I hunger for
more challenges, and I’m restless like the sea
in turbulence.
Words to your fans?
To my fabulous fans, thanks for believing in
me and loving me through the gloom and
the glory. God richly bless you and may
your good dreams come true.
Anything else you’ll like to add?
I want the press and public to leave us
alone. We are not the first couple in the
world that have had marital issues or
whose marriage didn’t work out for. I still
have respect for what we had, the home we
had, the smiles we shared, the happy times
we shared and whole other things. Right
now I want to focus on the future. I need to
take my life and career further. I won’t
forever be pre occupied with what has
been, and have people talk about us every
day as if they have perfect homes or lives
themselves. It didn’t work between us, yes,
at least I was brave enough to opt out
respectably. Lots of couples out there are
living in pretense and false lives. We are not
false people. We are real people and we
know the respect and friendship that still
exists between us is better than what we
had when we were married.
We wish you the best.
Thank you so much.


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