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Monday, April 30, 2012

Kris Jenner Determined To Get Beyonce & Jay Z On Her Reality Show

Kris Jenner is pressuring Kanye West to
convince Jay Z and Beyonce to appear on a
Kardashian reality show.

Despite Beyonce’s alleged ban on Kim
Kardashian, a source tells us Kris Jenner is
determined to get Beyonce — and her baby
daughter — on ‘Keeping up With the
Kardashians’ for ratings!

Beyonce is one of the most powerful
females in Hollywood, but she has yet to
deal with the manipulative powers of Kris

Beyonce may want to keep Kim Kardashian
on the outside of her social circle, but a
source close to the Kardashian family says
Kris is determined to win her over!

“One of the main reasons she so approves
of Kim and Kanye’s romance, is the fact that
Kayne has tons of celebrity friends,” a
source tells exclusively.

“Kris has her ways, and it wouldn’t surprise
me if the cameras capture Kim and Kanye
on a double date with Beyonce and Jay-Z.”

Adds the insider, “Kris wants to convince
Beyonce to bring Baby Blue on and make it
her first-ever TV appearance!

She thinks it would be cute to have a
segment of Beyonce and Kim talking about

Can you imagine? That would be ratings

Kris knows that A-list stars like Beyonce and
Jay-z will boost the ratings of the show.

She’s even started working on the king of
rap himself to arrange a meeting with the
royal R&B couple.

“Kris is also doing her best to convince
Kayne to arrange the double date. Believe
me, it’s hard to say no to Kris!” the source

The matron Kardashian may be determined
to have Beyonce and crew on her show, but
she’s going to have a tough road ahead of
her. As we told you first, Beyonce has
banned any future with the Kardashians
and doesn’t want to be a part of their
dynasty at all.

“Beyoncé doesn’t want the kind of celebrity
that Kim Kardashian has nailed down as her
own thing,” a source told

“Beyoncé doesn’t want to bring that reality
show infamy and drama into a personal life
that Beyoncé has tried to keep close to her.”

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