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Friday, April 13, 2012

Igbo Girl Commits Suicide After Marriage Proposal Failed

Following a failed marriage proposal by her
age-long boyfriend who she used her life
savings to buy a motorcycle for because he
was jobless when they met, a young Igbo
lady, Obioma Abugu has allegedly
committed suicide.

She was said to had gone into nine days
fasting and prayer over the issue but the
'pain' was so strong that Obioma suddenly
abandoned everything and decided to
commit suicide.

According to family source: “Thinking that
she has got a husband, she threw herself to
Ugo who was doing practically nothing to
help himself. In order to empower Ugo
economically, she bought a motorbike for
him for commercial purpose . But Ugo was
using the motorcycle for Okada without
rendering any account to Obioma.

“Unknown to Obioma, Ugo has found a
woman with whom he would spend the
rest of his life. Because of this, he started
dropping the motorbike with an excuse
that he was sick.

"But, shortly after, Obioma got hint that he
was having an affair with another richer
lady. One day, she caught him driving the
lady in her car .

"Since then, she has not been herself... Ugo
dropped the motorbike with an excuse that
she was complaining too much. When he
was invited to render financial account, he
told Obioma that he has no account to
render .”

The source further disclosed that shortly
after the late Obioma purchased the
motorcycle, Ugo proposed to her, a request
she reportedly accepted .

But it was gathered that Ugo, after
proposing to Obioma, suddenly refunded
the N100,000 she borrowed from the thrift
society and started behaving strange. Ugo
was said to have changed his attitude
towards her because of his new found

It was gathered that Obioma later
committed suicide in the bush when she
discovered that her lover had eloped with
the new girl . The late Obioma was said to
have been buried while Ugo was
reportedly arrested by the police.

Until her death, Obioma was reportedly
selling fruits at Peace Mass Transit park
junction along Umuida road. She hails from
Enugu State.

May her soul rest in peace.

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