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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The First Lady Of Rap Music In Nigeria SASHA is Pregnant Out Of Wedlock

It appears getting married legally before getting pregnant is no longer fashionable among many female celebrities in Nigeria these days. Recently, one of them even boasted openly that ‘there is nothing wrongbeing a single mother’.
I hear the first lady of rap music in Nigeria has joined the club as she’s said to be heavywith her first child. According to a source, Yetunde Alabi, aka Sasha, was spotted at Shoprite in Ikeja, Lagos on Wednesday, March 21, showing the basic signs.
One glance at her revealed that she has added weight on strategic areas of her body with swollen face. Clad in a flowery green and brown mini dress, the mullato guy that was with her was putting on a bluejeans and a white stripe shirt.
Sasha is said to be aware of the gist going round about her pregnancy out of wedlock but has refused to make a statement – to confirm or deny it. But, according to the source, an insider confirmed it.
It would be recalled that Sasha has been romantically linked with rapper, Naeto C. We shall keep you posted on further development.

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