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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Enitan's True Nude Story: I Am An Artist, Not A Porn Star

On Thursday, April 12, the story of
Adeshola Enitan Okesanya, a 300 level
student of Nigerian Institute of
Journalism (NIJ), Ogba, Lagos on her
willingness to pose nude to break into
Nollywood filled various online news
A check on Enitan's Facebook page
shows a quantum increase in her
friends' list. As at 8pm today, her
Facebook friends list which was about
523 but as at the time of writing this
story, it is about 1,039.

Read Enitan’s Nude True Story...

My name is Enitan Adesola Okesanya, I am a year three student of Nigerian Institute of Journalism. I live like normal people do, I wake up, pray, eat and carry out my daily activities, which would be to attend lectures but everything changed one certain morning, on the first week of April 2012. This is how the NUDE, BIG BANG story came about. I was approached in school by a former school mate who now works with PM News, he said he wanted to do a story on me since I had done some TV works, he said he wanted an interview which I granted. In the interview he asked me questions like why I wanted to act and what is my drive, to which I said acting is my passion, he asked me if making money was one of the reasons and I honestly told him that I wanted to be rich (who doesn’t want to be rich). I trusted this certain person, I mean he never did anything to warrant otherwise, so why won’t I give an interview to help his career (since I thought that was what I was doing). Boy was I wrong. When I read the interview, I realized I was a pun in his scheme, a plaything to both him and his Editor or whoever put the title and let the story run. There were many miss-quotes for eg, I never said “I hate poverty”, I said “I want to be rich”. They say I have gone nude to break into Nollywood, but they are yet to show me the nude pictures they have of me. Mind you, I did give them pictures to run with the supposed story, but they did not use any, guess it would have deeply flawed their writing. Addressing the issue of somebody else uplifting my name with the story and putting naked pictures alongside it, that is an entire thing all together. This other issue does not affect only me but affect my entire family. I am the first child in a family of six, and I lost my father in 2010. Those of you that are first daughters or first sons know the continuous mounting pressure to be an example to your younger siblings. My father is DEAD and I miss him so much, all I have of him is his name, so you see, this thing tarnishes the name my father has worked hard to maintain (why would I want to tarnish my late father’s name?). I do not know the real story of the nude pictures and I do not care, I just want this sordid affair straightened out and it not be the cause of my mom’s heart attack. One death in the family is enough. When this story first blew, I called the person who interviewed me and asked him why he said I had nude pictures and twisted my words to make me sound like a bimbo, he told me he wanted to cause a controversy. Can you imagine? A controversy at the expense of my late father’s name, at the expense of shaming my mother. You can check out my picture on facebook and twitter (my name is my ID) to compare with the nude pictures, see for yourself the REAL TRUTH.

Anyway, the good I decide to take from this is that now I know how horrible people can be to climb the success ladder. So I decided to write this to let all of you hear me out, not only that but to share this with millions of young girls like me who are possible victims of this kind of scam, so that they can learn from what has been done to me IN THE NAME OF JOURNALISM. I have be in productions like Heavens Gate, were I played a secretary, a niece in Dormitory 8, a maiden in the new movie I’ll take my Chances. It is left for you to decide if I would have gotten the jobs from these respectable directors on the projects if I had done what is said of me. My verdict is in your hands. But remember, before you continue to judge and throw stones at me, put yourself in my shoes. This could have happened to YOU, YOU or even YOU, yes, any of YOU.

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  1. I believe you girl, people are terrible, especially those you think are yours.