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Sunday, April 29, 2012

BOKO HARAM: Bomb Explosion At Bayero Univeristy, Kano

Christian Students Fellowship bombed
this morning at the sports complex of
the old campus of Bayero University,
Kano, as they gathered for worship.
Multiple explosions and gunshots
reported by eyewitnesses who say the
old campus is in flames. Unconfirmed
reports say at least 8 people died in the
blast, including two Christian professors in the university who usually worship in one of the theatres with the students were among those killed in the attack.

A pastor who said he was conducting service in one of the theatres when the blasts went off, disclosed that it occurred about 30 metres away from where he stood. He said what scarred him most was the gunshots that followed the bombing.

He also stated that there were casualties but could not give exact figures... We are trying to get more details from persons in Kano at this time.

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