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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Annie Macaulay Reacts To Rival's, 2Face's Babymama, Pero Adeniyi Child Birth News

Few hours ago, we reported the news of 2Face's babymama's, Pero Adeniyi child birth.
The news, which has spread like wild fire, has generated various reactions.
The news has also gotten to the notice of Pero's rival, Annie Macaulay, who 2Face recently proposed to while Pero already about six months old pregnant.
According to tweet monitored by, Annie tweeted some minutes ago, "If you mention me or cc (copy) me in any stup*d dumb as* tweet,[I] am so blocking you! #EnoughSaid."
A check on her handle shows no one has tweeted about this news at her as at press time. Is she warning fans from tweeting about Pero's birth at her because she knows tongues will wag?
The question now is, what prompted this tweet from Annie?

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  1. my adviceto Ann is to be respectful of her husbands kids. No unkind or jealous comment, not even response
    on comments made against her by loosers. Respect your husband and all that he loves dear. Show that you are the Queen that your husband has crowned you to be, mother of his nation, be dignified. Remember always that you are First Lady because Tuface says so and God crowned it.