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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Actress Nuella Njubigbo Finally Opens Up On Husband Snatching Scandal

A couple of weeks back, the movie industry
recorded another break-up of marital union
as one time celebrated and highly respected
couple, top movie director Tchidi Chikere
and actress Sophia separated from each

According to the news that circulated within
the period, sultry actress Nuella Njubuigbo
was reportedly at the centre of their
irreconcilable differences.

Nuella was alleged of having a sizzling
romance with the ace movie director, which
resulted in the couple’s break-up .

In a recent interview, the actress at the
centre of the crisis opened up. She denied
having anything to do with Sophia’s
marriage crash.

According to Nuella, “When the controversy
of Tchidi and the wife broke out, I was so
worried and upset. I was like why me?

Initially I wanted to just keep quiet like I
said that it’s not my business.

“But for the sake of my fans who love me, I
had no option than to let them know the

I am actually mad at some people for not
even asking before writing. When you hear
something about someone, you call and ask.

I was surprised seeing a lot of false write-
ups on me, putting my name in what I knew
nothing about. I decided to keep mum. I
was like, they should go ahead and write
whatever they like.

But on a second though, I said, no. There
are people out there who love me and they
need to know.

That’s the reason why I am here.

There is no atom of truth in what people
have been saying. I felt bad initially but at
the same time it did not affect me because it
has nothing to do with me.

Tchidi is just my senior colleague I respect
and work with. He is my friend.

When asked, what about the pregnancy and
engagement ring rumour; Nuella said (Loud
laughter) Pregnancy is not something you
can cover.

Where is the pregnancy now? I don’t know
where all that came from please.


  1. Is that the truth? You use charm to ruin this family do not lie it was better for you to stay quiet and do not say anything when tchidi moved away from his children he moved in with you. He told you to get rid of the the three months pregnancy because he is getting back with his wife, you witch. You do not have fans you cannot act. You was using the fol tchidi to make you famous. He better do not let you into his home now that your charm is removed. Go back to your husband. You are older than tchidi so you think you could control him. Do you ever see how big your lips are? You are jealous of Sophia for her looks. Tchidi gave you the money to do the abortions. You should be a shame to even say anything shut your big dirty mouth you are just a slut.

  2. U this anoymous fool calling her a witch..your mother is a witch..who is tchidi to be compared to the choice of dat lovely actress