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Saturday, April 28, 2012

71year-Old Man Drinks Petrol And Kerosene As Medicine For 42-years

Gasoline powers vehicles all around the
world, but a sick Chinese man has been
drinking the sticky liquid for 42 years under
the illusion that it can relieve his physical

Chen Dejun, 71, lives by himself in shabby
thatched cottage on a hill in Shuijiang
township, Nanchuan district of southwest
China’s Chongqing municipality. The short
and bony man said he drinks 3 to 3.5
kilograms of gasoline every month, which
he buys from a station at the foot of the hill.

Chen is known locally as a stone-cutter and
master of weaving bamboo with a good
business sense. But he’s also known for his
undying love of drinking gasoline.

He developed the habit back in 1969 when
he suddenly began coughing and felt pain
in his chest. Seeing no progress after trying
some medicine, he took up the folk remedy
of drinking kerosene, Chongqing Evening
News reported.

It turned out to be helpful for him after the
first sip, and he since became addicted to
kerosene. Then he moved on to gasoline.

Chen said it is hard to calculate exactly how
much gasoline he has swallowed
throughout his life, but the newspaper
reported Chen has consumed an estimated
1.5 tons over the past 42 years.

Chen’s wife Yuan Huibi and their three sons
tried many times to stop Chen’s addiction to
gasoline, but those efforts only made the
family relations tense. Eight years ago Chen
moved to the cottage to live alone.

Sources from Honglou Hospital in
Chongqing said Chen‘s health is fine despite
having symptoms of emphysema. Chen
refused to receive free check ups from the

Feng Fu, an associate professor with the
Second Hospital Affiliated to Chongqing
Medical University, said Chen may have
developed some resistance to gasoline.

Otherwise, Feng said, it would be impossible
for Chen to live. Feng also said gasoline may
only work as anaesthetic for Chen but can’t
cure his pain.


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