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Friday, September 30, 2011

Patrick Schwarzenegger Busted for Speeding in Arnold's Car

Patrick Schwarzenegger was driving his
father Arnold's 2009 black Audi last week
when he got busted for speeding. Law
enforcement sources tell TMZ that the 18-
year-old was going 54 mph in a 35 mph
zone. According to the site, Patrick was
cited for the violation and sent away
without further incident.

Arnold and Maria Shriver's son told WWD
earlier this month that he hoped to follow
in his father's footsteps and become an
actor. "I've wanted to do some sort of
acting stuff down the line, but modeling is
a good way to get comfortable in front of
the camera," Patrick, who appears in a
billboard for Hudson Jeans, said. "And I
want to keep my business going. I'm
always thinking of new ideas and trying to
find ways to expand my career

In addition to modeling, Patrick also has his
own clothing line, Project 360, which helps
raise money for various charities.

But Patrick isn't forgoing his education for
a career in Hollywood. "I'm applying to USC,
Georgetown, Stanford and Penn. One sister
goes to USC and the other to Georgetown,"
he tells WWD. "If all my work is going well
and I get into USC, that's probably what's
realistic for me."

Amber Rose: I’m A Good Wife

Amber Rose, the American sex model who
became a stripper at age 15, has expressed
disappointment at comments that she is not
fit to be the role model of teenage Ghanaian
girls in an Islamic school.

Amber Rose was in Ghana last week for the
020 Live Concert organized by Vodafone
and as part of her rounds was taken to an
Islamic school in Accra, where she spoke to
female teenage students.

The episode has since raised a huge uproar
in Ghana as well as other countries as
opinions remain divided on whether or not
Amber qualified as a potential role model
for teenage girls in an Islamic school.

She has however refused to be discouraged
by the negative comments and has sharply
replied her critics in a statement she posted
on her page:

“U do something positive in this industry u
get scrutinized I really came to the
conclusion that it’s not even about me it’s
the fact that I’m a woman. Men in the
entertainment industry are praised
constantly for their “wrong doings”. if ur a
drug dealer and u took care of ur family
before ur fame everyone understands. If u
get shot in the mist of u hustling ur cool as
fuck. If a man’s naked pics hit the internet
ppl think it’s cute or funny then just talk
about how big he is. A Man can date 20
models at the same time and he is respected
by the world and if a girl does it she’s a
disgusting whore and a “Star
Fucker” Women get destroyed by the media
and our peers constantly but I am writing
this to specifically speak about myself.
“Regardless of the fact I dated Kanye for 2
years or the fact I was a stripper at 15
years old or that my most private pics were
stolen from me and a new batch hit the
internet every week, I am a human being.
I’m a daughter, a best friend, a
great wife and a all around good person. I
never speak negatively about anyone. Have
I? NO. U think I don’t want to? I course I do
I’m human. But I keep my life positive and I
stay strong every time my ex talks about
me in his songs or when these blogs tell
nothing but lies about me or when ppl say
that I shouldn’t be speaking to young girls
in Africa. Why wouldn’t I speak to those
girls? I AM West African just like them, I
grew up poor just like them, most of those
girls quit school to take care of their families
JUST LIKE I DID. So how the hell do they not
relate to my life and I theirs???”

“Talking to those young girls wasn’t a job
for me feeding those kids wasn’t a job for
me it wasn’t for publicity and I didn’t get
paid to do it. I went there cuz I LOVE to help
ppl. I DON’T want a pat on the back for shit
that I do from my heart or even a thank u it
was my blessing to go out to Ghana it is a
second home for me now and it changed
my life FOREVER! So don’t criticize me and
say why is Kanye’s ex stripper Girlfriend in
Africa I am so much more then that smh
there is a reason why he loved me so much
and theres a reason why Wiz loves me so
much now did u ever think maybe I’m just a
sweet person?”

“Every girl reading this has an ex-boyfriend
and every guy reading this is most likely
dating a girl that has been with more than 1
guy. So what have I done to everyone? Is it
because u think I am undeserving of this
life because of my past? Or is it pure
hatred? If I was a man and dated 2 female
artist would that be ok? That’s not as bad
right? Bullshit. And the one thing that is
extremely upsetting is the fact that women
criticize me more than men do. Look at
yourselves before u criticize someone u
don’t know Look at the mistakes you’ve
made in ur life. ppl are so negative it’s
ridiculous But I will continue to be positive,
Loving and all about women empowerment
and to my Rosebuds I know u guys get it
and I LOOOOVE u so much for supporting
me through all of this nonsense.”


It is no longer news that sultry actress
Toyin Aimakhu is currently in a sizzling
romance with Kunle Soyombo,but what
baffles a lot of people is why she so crazy
about him.

According to source,Toyin now display
Kunle’s picture on her blackberry phone and
co,with messages like “ Kunle I can’t trade
you for anything in this world.”

Further findings revealed that Kunle now
lives with the actress at her residence inside
Omole Phase 1 in Lagos.

In a recent interview,Toyin confirm the
report;she said Many people think I am not
married to Kunle.Hmmmmmm,okay
ooo,let’s watch and see.Let’s keep that
secret for now,I luv him and I am happy
with him.

Asked why she call him my husband when
you have not officially married him? Or did
you people get married secretly? She
said He is my Oko(my husband) now,we
live together.He lives with me.

Man arrested for killing fiancee at their home

The Criminal Investigation Department, CID
of Nassarawa State Police Command, Lafia is
questioning Johnson Yakubu, a taxi driver
on the murder of his fiancee.

The body of the deceased, 29-year-old
Victoria Akubo, was discovered by the son
to the couple’s landlord on Friday afternoon.

Explaining the circumstances in which the
body was discovered, sources in the
deceased residence at Catholic Church Road,
One Man Village, a suburb of Abuja, Nigeria’s
capital, told P.M.NEWS that the taxi driver
who had left home earlier in the day called
the landlord’s son to help check on his
fiancee since he has been trying
unsuccessfully to get her on phone.

The landlord’s son who also spoke to
P.M.NEWS said he subsequently went to
knock the door of the couple’s flat, but he
did not get any response.

The landlord’s son said he called Johnson
back to inform him that there was nobody
at their home.

But the taxi driver was said to have insisted
that his wife is inside the house.
He asked the landlord’s son to check inside
the house through the other door that leads
into the couple’s flat at the back.

Following Johnson’s instructions, the
landlord’s son told P.M.NEWS that he went to
peep in through the window and saw the
body of Victoria lying on the bed with her
face covered with a pillow.

He said he entered the flat and discovered
that the Victoria was dead with two marks
indicating that she was stabbed in two
places. The landlord’s son said he
consequently reported to the police.

P.M.NEWS confirmed that the incident was
reported at the local police station before
the case was transferred to Lafia on
Monday this week. It was gathered that
Johnson, in his statement, tried to deny
responsibility for the murder.

But the claim is being faulted by Victoria’s

It was learnt that Johnson had initially told
the police that he left home around 8 am
that day, but changed his statement later
when he gathered that Mama Reuben had
called Victoria around 6:12 am, indicating
that the deceased was still alive as at then.

The same Mama Reuben told the police that
she later went to see Victoria at their home
around 7:30 am, but left after she
repeatedly knocked the door without
getting any response.

P.M.NEWS investigations also revealed that
though Victoria and Johnson did their
traditional marriage introduction ceremony
preparatory to their wedding about two
months ago, the deceased’s family did not
approve of the marriage.

Also, neighbours of the couple at their
former residence told P.M.NEWS that
Johnson, an Igala from Kogi State, like his
wife, is in the habit of beating and
maltreating his wife to be.

Victoria, it was learnt, was admitted in
hospital for some weeks recently as a result
of such beating.

A younger sister of the deceased who was
living with the couple claimed to have left in
protest of the domestic abuse of Victoria.

Solomon Akubo, an elder brother of the
deceased, said the family wants justice to
be done on the issue even as he alleged that
the police are trying to sweep the matter
under the carpet.

Culled from PM News

Asa's Album In Third Week Of Release; #3 On American Billboard

Just two weeks after the release of Asa's
album, 'beautiful Imperfection' in US the
album made a debut on the billboard at #5.

Asa's album which was #1 on iTunes World
Music USA earlier is now #3 in this week's
top-selling world music albums in USA as
published by Billboard.

Beautiful Imperfection was released in US
on september, 6 through Asa's record label,
Naïve records.

Olu Jacobs & Wife, Joke Silver Renew Marriage Vows 25 Years On!

They say When two stars are in a
relationship, it is always difficult to fit two
egos and careers inside one house. But
these two nollywood stars just proved
them wrong. Lol

We all know adorable couple, Olu Jacobs
and Joke Silver are one of the longest
married Nollywood couples.

The celebrity couple renewed their
wedding vows at Freedom Park, Lagos.
Uncle Olu is about 19 years older than
Auntie Joke

Mercy Johnson’s story resurrects in Two brides and a Baby

Come the 17th of November 2011, Two Brides And A Baby, a new movie starring Mercy Johnson as one of lead acts premieres.

In anticipation of the movie which has already garnered 12 nominations at the Best of Nollywood Awards (BON), the grapevine has been agog over the similarity in the story line and the incidents leading to the recent wedding of sultry actress Mercy Johnson.

Those in the know have sworn that it is the true life story of Mercy Johnson who recently wedded Prince Odianosen Okojie amidst controversies.

The uncanny resemblance between the female lead Keche played by Keira Hewatch and Mercy Johnson coupled with the sequence of the unfolding drama they claimed, makes it too much of a coincidence.

Contacted, the movie producer, Blessing Effiom Egbe, she declined commenting on the issue, saying movie lovers would have to wait to see the movie to confirm their curiosity.

Two Brides And A Baby is a romantic comedy about Keche and Bankole whose plan to walk down the aisle was jeopardized by the emergence of another woman.

Chains of Events within 24-hours spiral the ‘perfect relationship’ out of control and the two must choose whether to risk the moment or stake their future.

Latest: Nigerian Drug Ring Busted In India

The crime branch in New Delhi, India
claimed to have busted a Nigerian drug
racket that used to get heroin smuggled to
the capital from Kandahar in Afghanistan
through Pakistan and Kashmir. The gang
then re-packed the drugs and sent it
through post to Nigeria, from where it used
to be transported to Europe on rail, the
Times of India has reported.

This was revealed by two Nigerians who
were arrested for allegedly possessing
1.2kg heroin worth around Rs 1.2 crore in
international market. “The duo had
concealed the heroin inside the seats of
children's bicycles and were planning to
send it through the postal parcel service,”
said Ashok Chand, deputy commissioner of
police (crime).

Richard Nwafor (38), an MBA, and Chris
Chinonye (32) were held from the Gole
Dakhana area on Saturday when they had
come to send the parcels. “There was a tip-
off that two Nigerians would come to Gole
Dakhana to book parcels containing heroin
for Nigeria. The seized heroin was
concealed in 20 bicycle seats and kept in
polythene pouches and, after being
wrapped with carbon, was hidden between
the upper portion of the seat and the
sponge inside it,” said Chand.

Nwafor, who had started a readymade
garment business in Nigeria after his
graduation, came to Delhi in June this year.
“He used to import readymade garments
from China and Dubai, for which he
frequently travelled to these countries. In
2009, he incurred huge losses in his
business as his counterparts in China and
Dubai cheated him. He then contacted one
of his friends, Ikonne Livinus, and came to
India on his suggestions. Livinus gave him a
consignment of heroin for sending it to
Nigeria. Nwafor purchased cycle seats and
after concealing the heroin in them, planned
to send them to Nigeria by post,” said
Sanjay Bhatia, additional DCP (crime).

Chinonye came to Mumbai in 2008 on a
business visa. “He used to export
readymade garments from India to Nigeria.
At the end of 2009, he came to Delhi and
started trafficking heroin from India to
Nigeria. “Chinonye had earlier sent heroin to
Nigeria concealed in women’s handbags
and other such items. He was assisting
Nwafore in sending the seized heroin to
Nigeria,” Chand said.

Sources said the accused had earlier used
soft toys to send the drugs. “While
Afghanistan and Pakistan have been part of
the golden triangle from where the drug
syndicate is run, we have found India is
emerging as a favourite destination for
transportation,” said a source.
This year, five Nigerians were arrested in
the city for murder while 33 were held for
being involved with drug or fake lottery
gangs. The police said that after the arrest
of four Nigerians in the money exchanger
murder case one month ago, they had
identified 29 Nigerians living in West district
alone without proper papers and
approached the Foreigner Regional
Registration Office for their deportation,
said additional CP (West) V Renganathan.

Funke Akindele's New, Funny Promo Pictures

I love the contrast between both
pictures, one ghetto and one chic. It's
amazing how she fits both roles
Also, the Lagos premier of 'The Return
of Jenifa' would be at Muson Centre,
Onikan on Oct 7th.

Emeka Ike And Jim Iyke Settle Fight

Star actor Emeka Ike has settled his dispute
with Jim Iyke.

Emeka and Jim fell out some months back
over battle for supremacy.

The reconcialiation took place during the
official opening of Chika Ike’s multi million
naira boutique in Abuja on
Saturday,September 24th,2011.

Emeka Ike confirmed the reconciliation,he
said Jim is my boy and will always be my
boy,we had issues but as Christians it is all
gone now.

Mandela family reality show to premier in South Africa

South Africans will glimpse into the lives of
Nelson Mandela’s family when a reality
show featuring three of his grandchildren
premiers in 2012, the producers said

“The show provides a first look into a high-
profile South African family,” the producers
said in a statement.

The stars of the show, Zaziwe Dlamini-
Manaway, 34, Swati Dlamini, 32 and Dorothy
Adjoa Amuah, 27, promise to “showcase
contemporary independent women in
South Africa”, it said.

“Their aim is to showcase the new Africa
and give viewers a peek into its level of
sophistication and its exciting potential,”
said the statement.

It will trace the daily lives of the American-
schooled women who lead glitzy lives
among Johannesburg’s rich and famous, it
“These girls may have grown up abroad but
they have all chosen to come back home to
South Africa and bring the best that they
have gathered in their international
experiences and studies,” it said.

“They feel that they can make a positive
contribution to the continent,” said the

Mandela’s daughter Zenani, born with his
second wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, is
the mother of the two Dlamini women.
Amuah is the step-daughter of Makaziwe
Mandela, one of Mandela’s children with his
first wife Evelyn.

The producers did not say what the rest of
Mandela’s family thinks of the show, but
said “they believe they have fought for the
right for their children to choose their own
destiny and their own path”.

The show would be the latest commercial
initiative connected to Mandela. Two
months ago, a local clothing company
launched a fashion line to raise money for
Mandela’s AIDS charity.

The clothes were last week paraded at a
Fashion Week.
It is not clear whether the ailing Nelson
Mandela, now 93 and living in his village
home, will feature in the show.

Mercy Johnson Is Pregnant

If what we are getting is anything to go by,
then, we can confirm to you that Princess
Mercy Johnson, who got married to Edo
Prince, Odi Okojie in a controversial
wedding just a few days over a month
now, is pregnant.

Just last Saturday in Abuja, MJ, as she is
fondly called, made a rare appearance to the
public since getting married. She was a
guest at the opening of Chika Ike’s fashion
accessory stores, Nancy Fancy. At the event,
mercy was not the real mercy she was
before getting married; it is understandable
because of her new status as a married
woman and Princess.

A person in the know close to MJ informed
us that she is heavy. According to our
informant, ‘Mercy is pregnant, though she
has been trying to keep it away from many
people, especially the press, who really want
to know and write about it, but i can
confirm to you that she is really pregnant,
take that from me.’

Mercy came into movie prominence after
her role in the film, Maid. After then, she has
featured in both many Nigerian and
Ghanaian movies. She recently got in the
news for a long time after a woman named
Lovely Okojie alleged her of husband
snatching, just before her wedding on
August 27.

The controversies dragged long that it was
almost getting to be the only national news
story people are interested in. At a time, the
weeding was almost called off. Some
women groups also threatened to disrupt
the wedding if Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
went ahead to join the couple.
Though described as one of the most talked
about and expensive weddings, but it is still
a union some people are not happy about
because of the way she went ahead
marrying Prince Odi, who some believed
was still legally married to Lovelyn, who
bore him two children. For now, MJ is the
heartthrob Princess of Prince Odi Okijie.

The Twins, 'GHolden Girlz' React To Alleged Affair With Tuface Idibia

It was alleged that the one of the
upcoming music duo/ one time actresses,
GHolden Girlz is having an affair
with the African queen crooner, TuFace
Idibia. This allegation arose following a
recent celebrity event where one of the
twin was spotted getting a little too close
with Tuface until his baby mama, Annie
Macualay stepped in and quietly
intercepted the 'situation'.

In a funny and interesting interview with
High Society Magazine, the twins also
known as Tracy and Treasure Daniels
cleared the air
Read the excerpts when you continue....

There is a rumour that either Tracy or
Treasure is dating Tuface Idibia, is
this true?

Tracy: How I wish it was true. We
admire him. He is a cute guys. He
already has too many chocolomondos,
if not, these Golden Girls would have
gone for him.

Treasure: If the rumour that one of us
is dating Tuface is true, then know that
my sister and I will fight over a guy
for the first time. He will be the first
guy that both of us will ever like, and
we will drag him. I wish it were true.

Who is closest to him?Tracy: I wish it
was meTreasure: I wish I was the one
closest to him. Tracy is saying the
same thing, but we don't want to be
baby mamas.Tracy: The guy is cool,
talented and loaded. All his baby
mamas are cute babes, if we date him,
both of us will just join the clique now.

If you had an opportunity to have a
baby for Tuface, would you?Tracy: I
wish he was the one asking this
question, then I would know what to
do.Treasure: Tracy, I think that is even
a wrong question. The question should
be; if he asks you to be his African
princess, will you? Not a baby mama,
the answer is no!Tracy: OK, the answer
is no. Because if you are his baby
mama, the love will not be coming
from his heart, he will be there
because of the baby.

Pregnant Beyonce Hates the Way Jay-Z Smells Now

Now that Beyonce is pregnant, the 30-year-
old singer says her sense of smell isn't
what it used to be.
While promoting her Pulse fragrance on ET
Canada, Knowles admitted that her 41-year-
old husband Jay-Z's signature scent has
recently become a turnoff.

"I smell everything," she said. "If it smells
bad, I smell it. My husband's fragrance, his
one that I always love, I hate right now. So
thank God I have this one!"

That's not the only change Beyonce has
noticed since announcing her pregnancy at
the MTV Video Music Awards in August. "I
feel empowered!" she recently told the
Associated Press. "It is the most powerful
creation for you to be able to have a life
growing inside of you."

The couple has wasted no time prepping
for the arrival of their first child. A nanny
search is under way, and the pair have
already lined up a live-in expert for the first
month -- the Grammy winner's mom, Tina
Knowles, 57.

Though Beyonce claims she doesn't know
the sex of her baby, she has reportedly
bought pink Christian Louboutin baby
booties. Plus, a source says that
couple has already picked out a name.

Says a source: "Jay told his sister to order a
whole wardrobe of baby-girl clothes!"

Lion Weave - Goldie VS Rukky Sanda YAH OR NAH

What da heck ..... guess the more money
you have, the more lion weave you can
afford, hence the more hair you
wear. Ladies take it easy with the lion
weave, don't scare the kids

PIC OF THE DAY: Bill Gates' Afro- Western Look!

Microsoft Billionaire, Bill Gates wears african
cap on suit...That's Naeto C's signature look!

Bill Gate Visited state house in Abuja yesterday.
The founder of Bill Melinda Gates
foundation was welcomed by Mr. President,

Bill Gate is in Nigeria (one of the only four
countries where Polio has never been
eradicated) as part of his campaign against
polio. He met with government officials and
Northern traditional Leaders.

Photo credit:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Photo of Sarah Ofili, Adaeze Yobo and Munachi Abi

There is something fantastic about this
picture I just like. Adaeze lives in Turkey,
Sarah in London, while Muna lives in
Nigeria and they still find time to roll
together. So cool!
We know Adaeze’s husband to be Joseph
Yobo, Sarah is dating rapper Ikechukwu,
who is Muna dating? I think this is a part of
her we need to know.

M.I signs on Jesse Jagz baby mama, Ruby

Ruby, real name, Ngohide Rubyann
Gyanggyan, is the beautiful and very
talented new artist under M.I's Loopy
Record Label, which is a subsidiary of
Chocolate City. The rap king signed the afro
soul singer who is from Benue State to his
label some weeks back and her debut
single Okay is already out and getting great

Ruby talks about her relationship with MI's
talented younger brother, Jesse Jagz.
Jesse Jagz and I dated. We were in the same
choir in Jos in 2002. We have a child
together. Her name is Jade and she's six
years old.

Though the two have since broken up, but
Ruby insists they are still best of friends
and work together.

T.Joe Splashes Millions On Timaya’s Dem Mama Soldiers

Alaba music marketer T.Joe has secured the
marketing right of Timaya’s first
collaborative album with his Dem Mama
Soldiers. The album which has Timaya
singing alongside other Dem Mama acts
such as T.J 2 Solo, Allenian, and Recoba has
over 11 tracks of different genre of music.

The deal according to inside source is worth
a couple of millions. In a chat with Dem
Mama soldiers’ business manager –Nnamdi
Orlu Uzor told “I can not
say how much the album is worth in the
pages of News papers and magazines, but
all I can say is this, It was a good deal for
our label.” What should fans expect from
the album “One of Timaya’s tracks in that
album is titled ‘omonile’ I am sure you have
listened to it and it is doing well in the
market, apart from Timaya’s song ,we have
also released the audio and video of
Recoba’s contribution to the album, his own
song is titled ‘e no easy’, we have amazing
songs that will ensure nobody regrets
buying the album.”

The words of Dem Mama’s head honcho –
Timaya, were not too far from what his
business manager said, “by the grace of
God we have put into proper use the talent
God has given us individually and
collectively in Dem Mama soldiers and I am
sure this God will bless the works of our
hands, we have worked and prayed. So be
rest assured the album ‘Long Life And
Prosperity L.L.N.P will thrill fans.

Kardashian Sisters Discuss Scott Disick's Penis

Speaking to, the three women
-- Kourtney, 32, Kim, 30, and Khloe, 27 --
poked fun at Scott Disick, 28, who leaves
little to the imagination when he goes
commando on their hit E! show.

"Honestly, it's way too much," Kim said. "He
has to start wearing some tighty-whities."

Kourtney raved about Disick's manhood,
proclaiming: "It's like an elephant's trunk!"

Khloe seemed less impress with Disick, who
often joked that he was "trying to
compete" with her husband Lamar Odom,

In the midst of their interview, Kourtney
admitted that she received a Google alert
regarding her boyfriend's penis.

"We went on a date night in the
Meatpacking last night, so the story said,

'The Meatpacking District isn't the only
thing packing meat!'" Kourtney said. "Scott
was wearing a suit with no underwear last
night, so you could see, like, something."

A grossed out Kim replied: "What?! Like,
that's not normal. We have got to buy him
some underwear for his birthday or
something. This is freaking me out!"

Topless Rihanna Outrages Irish Farmer

Alderman Alan Graham allowed Rihanna to
use his grain field to film for a music video
on Monday, but when the 23-year-old
bared her breasts, he asked the "Man
Down" singer to leave.

"I felt things were getting inappropriate,"
Graham told BBC News. "I requested
[Rihanna and the film crew] to stop and
they did."

Graham admitted he didn't know who
Rihanna was last week when he got a
phone call asking to use his field in Bangor,
County Down. "If the name 'Rihanna' had
been mentioned, well, no disrespect, but it
wouldn't have meant [anything]," he

But the Irish farmer insists there's no bad
blood between him and the pop star. "I had
my conversation with Rihanna and I hope
she understands where I'm coming from,"
he told BBC. "We shook hands."

So why did the Barbadian beauty's
toplessness upset Graham? "From my point
of view, it was my land," he said. "I have an
ethos and I felt it was inappropriate."

He added: "I wish no ill will against
and her friends. Perhaps they could
acquaint themselves with a greater God."

Joke Silva To Cinematise Chinua Achebe's Novel 'Man of the People'

Nollywood actress Joke Silva has been
commissioned to cinematise Chinua
Achebe's novel, 'Man of the People' by
the Rivers State Governor.

Governor Rotimi Amaechi, who is a
graduate of English Literature from
University of Port Harcourt is said to be
in love with the novel and believes
every politician should read it. Knowing
very well that the reading culture in
Nigeria is poor, he's decided to opt for a
cinematic version which will no doubt
attract a wider audience. He believes
that the lessons learnt from the movie
will change the way and manner
Nigerian politicians carry out their

Africa's First female Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai dies

Professor Wangari Maathai, a foremost
Kenya enviroronmental and political activist,
has passed away. She died on Sunday
September 25 2011 after a prolonged battle
with cancer. She was 71.

In 2004, she became the first African
woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for
her contribution to sustainable
development, democracy and peace. May
her soul rest in peace...amen.

Photos From Obiwon's Registry Wedding

David Beckham's Sons Tested His New Fragrance

When it came to soliciting opinions for his
new men's fragrance, David Beckham
turned to his three sons Brooklyn, 12,
Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 6. (He also has an
infant daughter, Harper Seven.)

"Anytime I get a fragrance [to try], I give all
of my sons a tester," the soccer star, 36,
tells Us Weekly. "Kids are so honest, so they
say they love it or they hate it. As soon as
they smelled this one, they were like, 'we
love it!'"

The L.A. Galaxy player describes the citrus-
based scent (named "David Beckham
Homme"), as "masculine" and "very fresh,"
and says it was influenced by the type of
fragrance he likes to wear.

"It has always got to be something I like,
based on something I know another man
would like or that women like to smell. I
always try to go for a scent that is kind of
my personality and the things I do day in
and day out."

British Baroness Says Nigerian Men Are Lazy Hence They Marry Four Wives

In a debate on polygamy on BBC Radio
5 Breakfast show presented by Nicky
Campbell radio, peer Baroness Flather
caused outrage by insinuating that
Nigerian men are lazy hence they marry
several wives. This comment came in
after a Nigerian caller told how his
father had four wives, they all lived
together in the same house without
arguments and their 11 children were all
well educated. She replied saying

"Most of the men in Nigeria don’t do
anything, their wives do all the
work, that’s why they have so

The radio presenter, Campbell then
interjected saying

‘If I’d said what you’ve just said I’d
be in the papers tomorrow for
racism, wouldn’t I?’

But the baroness went on:

‘They have four wives – one to do
the farming, one to look after the
children, one to look after the man
and one to do the housework. It is
just a fact. Why should I lie?
Baroness Flather who is the first
Asian baroness in the UK also claims that
some UK based Asian families have lots
of children in order to claim extra
welfare payments.

Two British Nigerians later called the
show and condemned the comments
and also correct her by pointing out that
polygamy is a sign of affluence rather
than idleness.

JT Tom West's 5th Year Remembrance is Tomorrow

Family members, Friends and colleagues of
late River State-born actor, and director, JT
Tom West, are planning a fifth year
anniversary thanksgiving in his honour.
The thanksgiving mass will hold tomorrow
Wednesday Sept 28th at Our Lady of
Perpetual Help Catholic Church, located at
14, Musa Yar'Adua str., off Kofo Abayomi,
Victoria Island Lagos. Time is 1pm.

JT West died on the 28th of September
2006 following a ghastly auto accident
while returning from a location after
shooting late into the night. May his soul
continue to rest in peace...amen.

Tee A Dazzles Abuja Fans With Wizkid, Naeto C, Others

As part of plans to commemorate the 15th
anniversary of his career as a stand-up
comedian, Tee A is kicking off the first in a
series of live ‘TymeOut with Tee A’ concerts
this Sunday October 2, 1011.

The multi-talented entertainer announced in
Lagos, today, that his Tyme Out With Tee A
Live in Abuja concert, billed for the Congress
Hall of Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja, ‘will
shake the city of Abuja to its foundations’.

The event is organized by Tee A’s company
First Class Entertainment, in conjunction
with Transcorp Hilton Hotel; with support
from BlackHouse Media, AIT, Primetime
Entertainment, Hip TV, Soundcity, IAM,
Yankee Entertainment and Nigerian
Entertainment Today.
And, for someone who pioneered live
comedy concerts in Nigeria, Tee A
understands the game: he’s secured some
of the biggest and best names in music and
comedy for the Sunday October 2nd event.
Headliners include MOBO and MTV EMA
nominee WizKid, MTV MAMA winner Naeto C,
the nationally renowned DJ Neptune, hit-
maker DJ Zeez, fast-rising entertainer
Mo’cheedah, Transcontinental hip hop star
JJC, and ladies’ man Djinee.
The musicians will join some of Nigeria’s
biggest stand-up comedians to deliver an
unforgettable experience to Abuja fans.
Princess and MC Abbey who are both
regulars on Tyme out with Tee A, will lead a
contingent of comedians including Gbenga
Adeyinka 1st, Holy Mallam, Omo Baba, Tunde
Ednut, Headmaster and many others.
‘This is the first in many to come; Tee A
says, ‘This is out independence gift to our
friends in Abuja’.

44years Old Olisa Adibua Of Beat FM Discusses "Why getting married has been difficult"

44years old radio personality, Olisa Adibua
famously known for physically assaulting a
junior staff at Beat FM, had a chat with Yes!
Magazine. In discussing why getting
married has been difficult, he said

My problem is that I've been married
to my work for a long time. So, I've
gotten used to a certain routine. My
day starts at 5am, it ends around 10,
11 pm. So, if I had married, whoever
she is, even if it was Mother Theresa,
she would have left me by now.I will
marry eventually. But I just have to
find out a way to structure it and
make sure that I have a personal and
private life as well.

Terry G Talks Break Up With Now Muzik, Wedding Rumour, His Love Child, Lucifer Mixtape And Others

Terry G in a rare and candid interview talks
with popular OAP, MC Icewater on Eko FM
about his personal life, controversies and
being misunderstood.

On new album sales-

Just because it wasn't launched and no
enough buzz not available cos I was always
travelling and not around Τo push it out.

Terry G Agrees dat he needs ideas and
cooperate packagin and not someone
living on his past connections and
bothered about haven not received any
awards so far

Most mis-understood artist?

I deliver wat the street wants am not as
worst as I portray cos am an act just like
the actors in the movies so tomorrow could
be of a new change

On Terry Gzuz?

Is just an acclaim Τo show I belong Τo an
Christain firm not anti-christ like. If I were
doin strictly xtain song? I could have been
this popular too,but doing secular is just to
represent the youth & I have No regret
doing dis but change is constant &

On Now Muziq controversies?

I knew This would go dis way,because I
wasn't getting what I wanted
On other artist Βeats usage:
Its my Βeat which you paid for and should
remain my intellectual property in as much
as I didn't sing his song the way it was
recorded and even other acts using dat
Βeat I can even sue That fellow Performin
featured acts song on stage-

On Now Musiq-

I felt cheated and they were just out Τo eat
from my brand,we never signed any
papers. The street wants me daily and I
keep loosing while trying Τo keep at per
with the coperate world.

On 1,500 album sales?

Yes,why should they change my brand for
same reasons why am known, who would
buy such? My same disciple?

How emotional is Terry G?

Am a soft person,used Τo be in love, but
now no more

Weddin Rumours?

God is my witness o, I was at home when I
saw the report,maybe they saw me at
someones weddin and taught I was the
one gettin married

On Love Child?

I use to have a child,whom I use to be
proud of but after 3 DNA's I found out she
wasn't my child afterall,imagine after
taking care of her for 3years

Weddin plans?

Of course, my mama don dey wait for me
to hurry down the aisle but no lover yet

On Endorsement?

I suppose don dey on Energy drinks
because I have the swagger to sell their
products maybe they are scared coming
close but they shud remember am an act
on stage and off stage, am your next door
neighbour, Gabriel Amanyi

Do you do drugs?

No, i have never tasted Cocaine,Igbo but I
smoke and almost all naija acts smoke
Smokin for Inspiration?
Nooo, anybody who does dat lacks the

Meanin of Akpako?

It simply means finding a way to the
bottom of wherever you are for you to
gain Promotion Τo the next level

Parental support?

Am from Benue, family of four,my younger
brother D-Money works with me here as an
artist, my two younger sisters are in the
University,my mum owns a supermarket
around Fagba here & my Dad works and
also takes charge of all my properties
because ours is a God-fearing home and I
have their blessings

Future Projects?

Dropping my mixtape soon Τo be titled
LUCIFER,video of 'Baby Don't Go' coming
soon & D-Money's album with other house
of ginger stuff comin out soon


I Don Dey UNIBEN, Sociology, 400 Level and
sometimes i have my lecturers come take
me on Private lessons since class fit No
contain me atimes

How much are you worth?

I don't know but am so expensive
Most memorable moment?
Once kissed by Tonto Dike at Nu Grotto
recently saying she loves my song so much
On Artists sharing beefs with you?
I have forgiven them long ago, because
the divine God also forgives us when we
go astray

On Hennesy not bringin endorsement?

Well I don't care am doing it for my
pleasure and I think there's politricks In the
system but I know one day they are gonna
come back and then, they wil sell better cos
we don kari we song over-sale them sef

Words to fans?

I appreciate them so well & try givin back
Τo them always,my fans on fansbook &
twitter are the best.

Actress Shan George blasts Silverbird

nigeriafilms – Veteran Nollywood screen
goddess, Shan George, is fuming and
blowing hot. She is angry with president of
Silverbird Group, Ben Murray-Bruce, over his
alleged comment that any movie not
premiered at the Silverbird Galleria would
not be shown in Silverbird Cinemas.

On Facebook, she recently complained
about what Nollywood film producers go
through to have their movie premiere at
Silverbird Cinemas.

Although the actress has not premiered any
movie at any of the Silverbird cinemas,
sources say she was furious when friends
told her about the stringent conditions
before showcasing any Nollywood film at
the upscale Silverbird cinemas.

According to George, “I don’t understand
why Ben Bruce would rule that if you don’t
premiere your movie at Silverbird Galleria,
the movie would not be shown in Silverbird
Cinemas. My question is, all the foreign
movies being shown at Silverbird Cinemas,
how many Hollywood producers did their
premiere at the Silverbird Galleria?”

According to Nollywood sources, producers
cough out N300,000 for use of the arterium
on the galleria for red carpet and premiere
of movies, while another N300,000 is paid
to have the movie screened to the audience
in one of the cinema halls. Even after this,
the Ben Bruce organization still gets as
much as 50 per cent of monies realized
from showing the movie in Silverbird

Wizkid And Banky W Make Cameos In Kenyan TV Series

The second series of Shuga will be aired in
february, 2012 on MTVbase. The first series
in 2009 featured Psquare.

Wizkid and Banky W yesterday made
cameos on the set of 'Shuga: Love, Sex,
Money'. The two music acts were playing
themselves in the series in a scene filmed at
local Westlands nightspot Skylux Lounge

Banky W and Wizkid joined stars of the
second series; Nick Ndeda (Angelo), Nancy
Wanjiku (Baby), Edward Nyanaro (Rayban),
Ikubese Emmanuel a.k.a. 9con – (Femi),
Brenda Wairimu (Dala), Avril (Miss B'have)

Shuga tells a bitter-sweet tale of love, loss,
sex, heartbreak and relationships, set in the
clubs, bars, campuses and
hangouts of contemporary Nairobi.

Steph-Nora Okere Settles with PSquare Over Theft Of Her Song

Last month, it was alleged that Psquare
stole materials from Steph Nora's
unreleased track 'Jeje', and incidentally,
their new album THE INVATION also has
a song titled 'Jeje' which features Waje.
Steph-Nora claimed to have sought the
opinion of the brothers based on
mutual respect and his experience, but
instead they stole her song.
Nonetheless, it seems both parties have
settled their differences now.

According to Steph-Nora's manager,
Ope Banwo,

There is no case again. The matter
has been resolved. They've settled
and I believe it's over. They are

Whereas P-Square's PR, Bayo
Adefu said,

P-Square never had any problem
with Steph Nora in the first place
because they were surprised to
read all she said in the media. Listen
to both songs and you will realize
there's no similarity.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


One of the hottest stories in movie industry
now is the hot romance between sexy
actress Nuella Njubigbo and ace movie
producer,director cum actor Tchidi
Chikere,the darling director who Nollywood
babes die to work with.
Although it is a thing of wide knowledge
that the graduate of Public Administration
from Imo State University came into the
industry through top movie producer,Iyke
Odife,who featured her in many
movies,reliable sources disclosed to us that
Nuella has shifted her tent to the abode of
handsome father of three cum script
writer,Tchidi Chikere,who has in the past
changed the careers of top Nollywood
actresses to the better and skyrocketed
them to stardom.
Light skin and gorgeous Nuella seems to be
the next Nollywood babe to become a star
through the struggles of Chikere,as he has
featured her in over five flicks since late last
While many people view the cord between
them as close working relationship,reliable
sources insist that Nuella and Chikere have
snubbed dull moments by mixing pleasure
with their hard labors.
As gathered,their romance kicked-off late
last year on the location of three movies
entitled,Fears Untold,First Value and All for
One,which were set at Spain and Delta State
The production of these three films which
occurred sequentially took over five
months,and having worked together for a
very long time with a promising,talented
babe who needs a little push to hit
stardom,the dandy cum award winning
movie director took interest in her and
offered to move her career to the next level.
The source continued that the gifted
scripter cum actress accepted the offer and
before finishing the three movies,romance
had already kicked-off between them.
The love-affair remained top secret
between the two movie makers till May this
year when the movie producer,Vida Modelo
who is based in Spain held a grand party to
introduce the three films,casts and crew.
According to the source,Chikere and Nuella
were indeed an item at the party which held
in Asaba,Delta State.They stormed the party
together with the same car,did red carpet
together,in together and hummed like love
bird right into each others ears all through
the time of the event,and departed the
venue together in the same car.
While the dreadlocks creative mind was
having fun at Asaba,his beautiful and sexy
wife Sophia made anonymous telephone
calls to her close pal who was present at the
party,trying to find out if her lovely
husband was in company of Nuella.
According to the source,nobody would
have suspected anything beyond working
relationship between the two film makers if
not for the phone calls that came from
Chikere’s wife,who was questioning them to
confirm the rumors that have been
reaching her in connection with the
relationship between her husband and the
sultry actress.
Sophia according to our source,disclosed to
her close pal that her friends in movie
industry had on different occasions called
her attention to Nuella,insisting that she is
the new babe who is keeping her husband
warm,especially when he is on movie
Sophia was said to have emitted fire and
brimstone on phone when she clearly
stated that she is suspecting the movement
between Nuella and her husband and going
by the information she has received from
friends,the babe is trespassing on her
territory and she will not leave any stone
unturned to tear her apart anytime she sees
her around her husband.
The source continued that Sophia’s close
friend who was shocked after receiving the
phone call did not give her the information
she desired,as she tactfully lied that her
husband came to the party alone.
Subsequently,gorgeous Chikere who
noticed that his wife’s acquaintance
received a call from her rushed to her and
queried why his wife called and what she
wanted to know about the party.The lady
who didn’t want to confirm the rumor and
probably come between a husband and
wife,who have managed to keep an
enviable relationship in
showbiz,diplomatically lied to him by telling
him that his wife just asked of someone’s
telephone number from her.
He allegedly told her wife’s friend not to
reveal to his wife the true situation of
things and who accompanied him to the
Insiders equally informed that Sophia who
has protected her relationship jealousy for
many years,has been spitting fire on her
husband over Nuella,as she alleged that the
Anambra State born actress is small girl who
just sojourned into the movie industry and
should not turn to a very attractive item to
her husband who has mingled with
different kinds of glamorous super big
babes from all walks of life.
As gathered,right now Nuella and Sophia
cannot walk through the same path as the
married woman cum mother of three
children is still pressing hard to know the
actual relationship she is having with her
The source further disclosed to us that
Sophia has sworn not to hear the name
Nuella let alone spotting her with Chikere
On the other hand,Chikere is said to be
putting every strategy in place to ensure
that his wife will not come to the full
knowledge of the relationship between him
and the sexy actress.
However,despite all the struggles of Sophia
to smother the burning desire between her
husband and the actress,sources informed
that they are still enjoying their secret
Right now,they are said to be at Enugu State
shooting a new movie.
Recall,that Chikere has been romantically
linked with top actresses in the past and
few years back,he was said to be in sizzling
romance with Tonto Dike who he featured
in many of his films.


Star actor,Mike Ezuruonye added a year on
Wednesday,September 21,2011 and the
handsome movie star who was on location
in Asaba,Delta State threw a small bash to
celebrate the day with his colleagues on
location with him.

It was a night party filled with fun with the
major refreshments as drinks and roasted

The actor plans to organize a bigger bash
when he returns to Lagos.

"I Need Someone, My Pant’s Down" COSSY ORJIAKOR

Big breasted Nollywood Actress, Singer and
Dancer, Cossy Orjiakor, is on the news again.
This time, she is not in the news for
promoting her new single or for her image
rebranding process but for what you can
call an erotic reason.

Cossy, who is best known for the way she
judiciously and graciously flaunt what she
is greatly blessed with, is one entertainer
that has always tried rebranding her image
from what people know her for but has
always found one way or the other to go
back to her old self.
The tiny-voiced and light-skinned showbiz
beau, a month ago, broke up with her
boyfriend for a reason only God knows
why. She has after the break up,
concentrated on promoting her new single,
My Body, but may have not been able to
cope alone without a soul mate around her.
Cossy, who is also referred to as the queen
of boobs is very proud of what God has
blessed with, once said, ‘If i were God, i
would give girl big boobs, ass, and teach
them the benefits of sharing used toys. Hate
and jealousy will be no more’.

As a sexy and romantic chic you would
expect Cossy to be, she must have been
feeling the gap left in her heart from the
aftermath of the ‘I walk away’ her last
boyfriend did. Though she may have tried
replacing him by engaging herself with
promoting her new song but it is turning
out as not working out as expected, it can
never be like a real person.
This must have prompted Cossy to bear her
mind to us when she said, ‘I have been
single for a month now and i want to get
down, but i am very scared, i don’t want to
be caught on tape, pant’s down’.

What other best way do we have to confirm
that this attention getter is really missing
something very important her last
relationships break up? But the real
question is why is she scared to get what
she wants?
For those who are willing to try out filling
the gap left by her last boyfriend, this front-
largely endowed actress this bombshell to
tell you, ‘I am like a whore in bed, a diva on
TV, a chic on the streets, because i am not
afraid to stand out alone, that makes me
thick’. i enjoy life but I also know right from

Cossy, there are some guys out there willing
and waiting to confirm how bad you truly
are, any chance for that? Just saying what is
on their mind


Although it was a thing of public knowledge
that veteran movie maker Patience
Ozokwor popularly called Mama G and
screen goddess,Mercy Johnson engaged in
a verbal abuse that led to physical attack on
set of a movie over a year ago,not
everybody is aware that the two talented
people have settled their differences.

According to the information gathered,they
settled their rift few months back,and Mercy
honored her with the very respectable title
as Mother of the Day at her wedding last

However,inside sources have made full of
their peace making and why Mama G
accepted the offer to attend her wedding.

Recall that many months after their
fight,other actresses who perceived Mama G
as their godmother took over the rift and
started engaging in verbal war with Mercy
and threatened to fight her physically
anywhere they found her.

While all these were brewing,Mercy was
said to have cried bitterly to her close
friends and sent messages across to Mama
G to stop spreading falsehood against her
and inciting other actresses to fight her.

As all her attempts to extinguish the fire
peacefully failed,Mercy was said to have
cried to an elderly woman who hails from
her state and have treated her like a
daughter for many years.The elderly
woman we gathered told her to be strong
as the whole industry can never turn
against her over one woman.

The elderly woman revealed to Mercy that
Mama G will later become her very good
friend.After getting the words of
encouragement from the woman,Mercy
returned to the industry and sent
intimidating messages across to Mama G
insisting that if she refused to desist from
her actions,she (Mercy) will report Mama G
to her powerful godmother who will settle
the dispute in another way that goes
beyond what meets the eye.
Subsequently,the veteran make-believe
business woman,who is said to trust only in
her prayers and God,was frightened so
much that she allegedly went to Mercy’s
family house and apologized to her for
peace to reign.Eventually,Mercy accepted
her extended hands of friendship and
honored her with Mother of the Day during
her wedding.

On the other hand,Mama G was said to have
accepted this invitation to further
strengthen the peaceful bond now existing
between them.

Actress Uche Ogbodo lands in trouble?

Sultry actress, Uche Ogbo-do is in trouble
and except a miracle happens, the Enugu
State born screen diva may lose her licence
and right to practice.

As you are reading this, the fate of the
actress is in the verge of being decided by
Nollywood heads of guilds namely, Actors
Guild of Nigeria, Directors Guild of Nigeria
and the Film and Video Producers and
Marketers Association. The officials of these
bodies are meeting soon to deliberate on a
report brought against her by an Onitsha
based film production outfit, AMACO
Investment Limited.

The production outfit, Reliably gathered,
reported the actress to the guilds’ heads
following what it described as “the unruly
behaviour of the actress” while on set. The
company claimed that the actress’ actions
caused a delay in the completion of its on-
going production. The management
therefore wants N2 million from the actress
as a compensation.

Uche, a lead cast in the new movie currently
being shot on locations in Awka, the
Anambra State capital, according to our
source, posed a big problem to the cast and
crew on set.

“She is always disappearing on set to attend
to her personal problems. And when she
returns, she would keep everyone waiting
for hours before appearing on set.

“And when she eventually arrives on set,
she’d never showed any remorse for her

“During the weekends, Uche would
abandon set claiming that she was going to
keep an appointment with an Embassy. She
refuses to be controlled. Stardom has truly
entered her head, ” an agonised source

For her alleged misconduct and delay,
deadline for the completion of the movie
which started production in September 6,
according to our investigation, has been
shifted on several occasions. Uche is
playing the role of Titi in the yet to be
completed movie, and she was paid the sum
of N200,000 as her professional fee.

With things going sour between her and
AMACO Investment, the latter is now seeking
a N2 million compensation for her role in
delaying the production of the movie.

When contacted during the week, AGN
President, Segun Arinze confirmed the
matter, adding that “the guild is
investigating the allegation.

“ We are also looking into the actress’
allegation that she was beaten up by the
producer while on set”, Mr. Arinze added.


Rihanna wears offensive and naughty piece of jewelry to church

She is known for her risque behavior and
onstage racy antics but this recent antic
won’t go down well with the parents of her
team of young fans

She wore a necklace with a naughty and
offensive word on it starting with c… when
she visited a church. This incident happened
on Friday when the Rihanna visited the
Christ the Redeemer church in Rio de

Looking at this from another angle, It’s
sounds cool that she went to church for we
know that God loves and accepts everyone
but that necklace shouldn’t have gone with