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Saturday, December 31, 2011

This Girl Was Raped By Her Cousin But She's Still A Virgin

“I woke very late, very dizzy even his
mother noticed and asked me whether I
was feeling alright that morning. I told her I
was okay but when I went to the
bathroom, I discovered I was wet but did
not feel any pain. I asked him but he smiled
and waved it off. I did not disclose to
anybody. I just cleaned up.

“I finished my mensuration five days
before then. I also
wrote my NECO there but left after a week I
finished my exams. I went back to Onitsha,
and on the 27th of July, I came to Lagos to
my sister’s house. There I missed my
period. I told her and she advised that we
should wait for some days, saying it might
be a shift .”

That was the beginning of the story of
Chinelo, a teenage girl who was "drugged",
raped and impregnated by her own cousin,
Onyeka, when she visited her mother's
relative in Anambra State. She went their
for her UME exams and had slept on the
same bed with Onyeka.

Below is an edited version of Chinelo's
Chinelo began to notice symptoms of
pregnancy after a month. “A month later, I
felt sick. My sister and I thought it was
malaria. But what later convinced my sister
was when I started vomitting . Our
neighbour advised we should go to the
hospital. My sister obliged and we went to
General Hospital, Aguda. They even gave
me money for the test.

“It was on Sunday, so the lab personnel did
not come. We returned home and went
back the following day. A test was
conducted and we waited for about 30
minutes. When the result came out, they
wrote ‘malaria not seen and pregnancy
positive’ .

“While waiting, my sister had also taken her
sick daughter to see a doctor. I approached
a woman sitting close to me to explain the
result to me and she looked at me and
asked whose result was it, saying it
indicates pregnancy . When my sister came,
I gave it to her and she asked how come I
became pregnant.

“I told her I didn’t know that I didn’t have a
boyfriend. She took me to their head nurse
who also is a counsellor. She tried to
convince me but I maintained my position
knowing it was the truth. They decided to
take a virginity test on me with the aid of a
machine. The result came out and it was
confirmed that I am still virgin, ” she

Then the pressure came. The medical team
and her sister probed further and Chinelo
broke the ice saying: “ I remembered the
incident in my aunty’s house and I asked
whether if someone was wet without
making love could result into pregnancy?

They asked me who was with me and I told
them how I saw myself wet that morning
when I woke up. I further told them how I
drank the juice and slept off. I did not
know what happened again.

The medical team concluded that
pregnancy could occur without a
penetrative intercourse since her virginity
was intact . Chinelo became more confused
with the whole 'drama', but shesuspected
Onyeka must have drugged her with the
juice she was served after dinner.

Chinelo has already gained admission to
study Mass communication at Delta State
University, Abraka, Delta State but she
would have to suspend her quest for
further studies pending the delivery of the
baby sometime in March 2012, all things
being equal .

The overwhelmed teenage girl is currently
taking refuge at the Tamar Rescue
Foundation, Lagos, a non-governmental
organisation that sensitizes young girls on
the menace of sexual abuse and rape.

Wife In Coma After Catching Husband In Bed With His Bestman

Barely two days to Christmas, the marital bliss of a two-month-old couple, Peter and Angela Ohwavworhua, was torn to pieces when the wife caught her husband red- handed having sex with another man who turned out to be the bestman to her husband on their wedding day.

The unholy act of both men indulging in sodomy took place right inside the couple’s room and on their matrimonial bed.

Angela, who is a Catholic by faith was shocked to her marrow by the discovery.

The unholy picture of man making love to another man proved too much for her sanity and she fainted. The scandalous incident took place at the couple’s residence on No 13 Taiwo Street, Ojodu Berger, Lagos. Although the Urhobo couple had been living “happily” as husband and wife, since their wedding in October, the husband’s homosexual inclination was writ large, only that his wife failed to decipher the handwriting on the wall.

Three weeks before that shocking discovery, Angela, who is a staff of a top notch fast food chain, had complained to an older close relative about her husband’s lack of enthusiasm for sex and his blatant shirking of his conjugal obligation to his new wife.

According to a source close to the embattled couple, Peter made love to Angela only once in their two months of marriage. “When she complained about this to my mother, my mother told her to take it easy. My mother told her that some men are like that, not overly excited when it comes to sex,” the source narrated.

with the advice that her husband may by his nature be a man of moderate sexual appetite, the sex-starved wife went home, thinking of subtle measures to use to coax her husband to perform his marital obligation. Three weeks later, she stumbled on his sordid secret. The discovery was a fortuitous incident. On that fateful day, December 23, Angela decided to leave her Victoria Island office earlier than her normal closing time. The 32- year-old got home by 4 p.m. and to her consternation met her husband husband’s car parked in front of their two-bedroom bungalow. It was unlike her husband to be home before 6 p.m. Letting herself inside with her key, she headed straight into their room and there she got the shock of her life.

Popular Nollywood Actress Escaped From prison

Popular Hausa actress, Rabi Ismail, who
was in July this year condemned to
death by a court in Kano State for the
murder of her boyfriend, has reportedly
escaped from a prison in Hadejia,
Jigawa State. She was awaiting hanging
before she was discovered missing in
her cell. The Jigawa State Prison Service
have issued a search order for her

Question is; how did she escape?

President Jonathan Declares State Of Emergency In Parts of Nigeria

President Goodluck Jonathan has just
issued a proclamation declaring a state
of emergency in certain parts of Nigeria.
The proclamation below...

Fellow Nigerians, it has become
necessary to address you on recent
events in some parts of the country
that have threatened our collective
security and shaken the
foundations of our corporate
existence as a nation.
You are all aware of the security
challenges which the activities of
the Boko Haram sect have foisted
on the country. What began as
sectarian crises in the North Eastern
parts of the country has gradually
evolved into terrorist activities in
different parts of the country with
attendant negative consequences
on our national security.

Government in an effort to find a
lasting solution to the security threats
occasioned by the activities of the Boko
Haram sect, constituted a Presidential
Committee under the Chairmanship of
Ambassador Usman Gaji Galtimari, to
ascertain the immediate and remote
causes of the crises. While efforts are
being made to implement the
recommendations of the Committee, the
crises have assumed a terrorist
dimension with vital institutions of
government including the United
Nations Building and places of worship
becoming targets of terrorist attacks.

While the search for lasting solutions
is ongoing, it has become imperative to
take some decisive measures necessary
to restore normalcy in the country
especially within the affected
communities. Consequently, I have in
the exercise of the powers conferred on
me by the provisions of section 305(1)
of the Constitution, declared a state of
emergency in the following parts of the
federation, namely:

(i) Borno State
a) Maidugiri Metropolitan LGA
b) Gamboru Ngala LGA
c) Banki Bama LGA
d) Biu LGA
e) Jere LGA

(ii) Yobe State
a) Damaturu LGA
b) Geidam LGA
c) Potiskum LGA
d) Buniyadi-Gujba LGA
e) Gasua-Bade LGA

(iii) Plateau State
a) Jos North LGA
b) Jos South LGA
c) Barkin-Ladi LGA
d) Riyom LGA

(iv) Niger State
a) Suleja LGA

The details of this proclamation will be
transmitted to the National Assembly as
soon as they reconvene from their
current recess, for their necessary

The Chief of Defence Staff and the
Inspector-General of Police have been
directed to put appropriate measures in
place to ensure the protection of lives
and properties of residents in the
affected parts of the country. I
therefore urge the political leadership in
the affected states and Local
Government Areas to give maximum
cooperation to the law enforcement
agencies deployed to their respective
communities to ensure that the situation
is brought under control within the
shortest possible time.

The Chief of Defence Staff, in
collaboration with other Service Chiefs,
has also been directed to set up a
special force unit within the Armed
Forces, with dedicated counter terrorism

As part of the overall strategy to
overcome the current security
challenges, I have directed the closure
of the land borders contiguous to the
affected Local Government Areas so as
to control incidences of cross boarder
terrorist activities as terrorists have
taken advantage of the present
situation to strike at targets in Nigeria
and retreat beyond the reach of our law
enforcement personnel.

Let me assure our neighbours,
especially within the ECOWAS sub-
region, of Nigeria’s commitment to its
international obligations as provided by
the ECOWAS Protocol on Free Movement
of Persons. The temporary closure of
our borders in the affected areas is only
an interim measure designed to address
the current security challenges and will
be reviewed as soon as normalcy is

I commend the efforts of our
political leaders at various levels as well
as our traditional and religious leaders
for their support for the various conflict
resolution mechanisms and peace
building measures that have been
initiated by this administration. We call
on the citizenry to continue to provide
useful information to our law
enforcement agencies to enable us
arrest the situation.

Terrorism is a war against all of us. I
call on all Nigerians to join hands with
government to fight these terrorists.

I wish all Nigerians a very happy
New Year.

Long Live the Federal Republic of

AGN Election Takes New Turn-As Emeka Rollas Takes Campaign To Facebook

While people assumed that the AGN election
was shifted to February 2012 as a result of
the court case between top actor Emeka Ike
and the guild’s National President,Mr.Segun
Arinze,insider sources revealed to us that
members of AGN Board of Trustees are
behind all the changes that are made on the
election date.

According to the source,the BOT is allegedly
strategizing to ensure that their anointed
candidate assumes the hot seat.They
allegedly postponed the election to give
them ample time to build national attention
on their candidate who joined the race not
quiet long ago.

However,to remain fresh in the minds of
AGN electotares and strong in the
race,former National Secretary of the
guild,Emeka Rollas Ejezie has taken his
campaign to popular social

He has in the past three weeks redeclared
his manifesto on Facebook and invite all
concerned members of AGN to vote for a
new government that will bring a change
that everybody have been waiting for.

In response,all Okoh Polytechnic graduates
in entertainment industry are not only
pledging their allegiances but are also
engaged in the campaign by sharing his
manifesto with thousands of friends on

My Wife Wants To Kill Me With Sex And Inherit My Property

A divorce-seeking father of two, Daniel
Olufumilayo, has instituted a suit against
his wife at an Agege Customary Court in
Lagos, because, according to him, his wife
is plotting to kill him with overdose sex in
order to inherit his property.

The 39-year-old cobbler said in a bid to
achieve her wicked agenda, his wife
demanded as many as seven to eight
rounds of sex before the break of dawn
every night. Mr. Daniel added that in his
entire life, he has never met a woman like
his wife when it comes to hunger for sex.

“My wife can never be satisfied sexually.
Her plan was to kill me with her excessive
demand for sex so that she can inherit my
property ,” he said.

The cobbler claimed that when he could not
satisfy her sexually, he had to send her
packing so that she can marry another man
of her choice.

Responding to the allegations leveled
against her by her husband, Zainab said:

“Afterall, he could not accuse me of
infidelity. I am not a flirt. If he accused me
of being a nymphomaniac, it is his
headache . Sex in marriage is my conjugal
right which I think every responsible man
must preserve and protect and if I
demanded for as much as I want, I have
not done anything wrong .”

The wife who is a petty trader said she did
not know what came over her husband,
when he suddenly asked her to pack out of
their matrimonial home after the naming
ceremony of their last child. “ Olufumilayo
ordered me to vacate our matrimonial
home after I gave birth to our last child
even though I did not offend him in any
way [apart from sex issues] ,” she stressed.

After listening to both parties, the court
dissolved the union on the premise that the
marital relationship between the estranged
couple had broken down beyond repair.

Too much of everything is badt oo! Lol
What do you think???

Kanye West Named 'Most Stylish Celebrity Of 2011'

Hip-hop superstar
Kanye West has
been named the
"Most Stylish
Celebrity of 2011."

The fashion-
forward hitmaker
beat his rap
collaborator Kid
Cudi to take the
title in the Complex
magazine poll,
followed by actor
Ryan Gosling at

The top five picks are rounded out by rap
newcomer A$AP Rocky and superproducer
Pharrell Williams in fourth and fifth place,

Others to make it on the "25 Most Stylish
Celebrities of 2011" list include: Rick Ross (8),
Jay-Z (10), Justin Bieber (14), Justin Timberlake
(16), Swizz Beatz (19), Joseph Gordon-Levitt
and a slimmed-down Jonah Hill (22).

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christian Man Disguised As Muslim To Burn Down Church

A deadly tribal war that could have led to
series of counter attacks and avoidable loss
of innocent lives almost started this week,
if not for providence. According to what I
gathered, a middle aged man (names
withheld) disguised in kaftan and turban,
was arrested while
attempting to set ablaze a parish of
the Redeemed Christian Church of Church
(RCCG) in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital.

A senior official of the State Security
Service (SSS) in Yenagoa confirmed the
unfortunate incident. He however disclosed
that upon interrogation, it was discovered
that the suspect has no connection with the
radical Boko Haram sect as he was a
Christian from Edo State.

The SSS official said: “There is nothing like
bombing of a Church in Bayelsa State. What
actually happened was that a man was
arrested while attempting to burn down a
Church. The man is said to have confessed
to the Church of being an armed robber
and the Church promised to rehabilitate
him and paid his house rent for two years.

“When his rent expired, he went back to
the Church demanding for additional House
rent and the Church said they only
promised to pay his rent for two years for
him to find a job and be on his own. So the
man decided to go back to the Church,
attempted to burn down the Church
yesterday (Tuesday evening) and was
arrested. We have handed him over to the
police .”

If this guy had succeeded with his wicked
plan, he would have deceived many into
believing that the attack on the Church was
carried out by Boko Haram... May God save
us from the enemy within!

Nollywood Actress, Funmi Liverpool Is Dead

The Yoruba sector of movie industry has
lost another actress to the cold hands of
death.The actress in question is popularly
known as Funmi Liverpool,who belonged to
the Legacy caucus during her lifetime.

Commenting on the tragedy of losing a
promising actress,top actress Opeyemi
Olusanya a member of the same caucus
noted that one thing that really hurt her
about the actress death was the string of
calamity that trailed her shortly before her

She added that not too long before her
death,the actress had lost one of her

“ We just lost another young up and coming
actress in the movie industry (Funmi
Liverpool of Legacy caucus).She was sick
for a while but was snatched away from us
by death after taking one of her kids away
not too long ago.”

25yrs Old Man Kills Best Friend Because Of Jean Trousers

A 25-year-old painter from Kogi State, Iman
Bello, is now cooling his heels at the
Divisional Police Headquarters in
Gwagwalada for the murder of his best
friend, Chibuzo, during a fight over a pair
of jean trousers.

Recalling what happened, Iman disclosed
that the deceased was
his close friend and that they used to wear
each other's clothes without problems. "We
were friends. We used to wear clothes
together. He took my jean trouser and
refused to return it," he said.

He said things got out of control and "we
started fighting. I stabbed him on the neck
with a knife. Between God and man, I didn’t
know I will kill him. After the thing
happened, he just left. It was the next
morning that I heard he had died ," Iman

As soon as the news of Chibuzo's death got
to Iman, he fled town to seek refuge in his
brother's house in Suleja, Niger State, but
reason prevailed after his brother
convinced him that such was not the best
option. He advised him to hand himself
over to the police, which he did.

Speaking further on the unfortunate
incident, Iman said he regretted the way
things turned out, saying he never knew
the fight would lead to death of his best
friend. “ I am not a murderer and I pray that
God saves me from this. I don’t want
anybody’s blood on my head. If God helps
me out of this problem, I will serve him all
my life ,” he added.

According to police records, Iman will be
arraigned in court soon.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pictures From Naeto C And Nicole Chukwueke's Introduction

Naeto C and his wife-to-be, Nicole
Chukwueke codedly did their
introduction today.

Congrats guys. Now let's wait for the wedding proper next year!

My Husband Uses Juju To Make Love With Me; Wife Cries

A Lagos-based divorce seeking housewife,
Mrs. Halimat Usman, has accused her
husband of rubbing black powder on his
manhood before making love to her.

Halimat, a resident of the Abule-Egba area
of Lagos, in a suit she filed at Meiran Grade
“A” Customary Court, said she caught her
husband, Idris Usman, red handed on a...
night, rubbing black powder on his
manhood when they were about making
love. She disclosed that her husband
pleaded for forgiveness when he
discovered she had caught him.

She also told the court that there was
another time she went to the market and
on getting back home, she met her
husband and a herbalist burying a black
substance in their compound. Halimat who
said she had endured her husband for
almost three decades, revealed that the
burial of the black substance in their
compound has brought negative
consequences as things turned upside
down for her and the children .

Responding to the allegations, Idris Usman
told the court that his wife is also guilty of
the issues she’s accused him of. In his
words: " My lord, she accused me of being
fetish, but I want to tell this court that both
of us are fetish .

"I buried black medicine in the compound
so as to get good buyer for my
uncompleted building that I wanted to sell

"There was a time I was looking for my
pair of slippers. I looked for it almost five
days. Later when I threatened that I would
stop giving our children allowance, one of
them told me that he had found the

"Thereafter, I consulted my spiritual leader
who told me that I should recite
“Bisimilahi” three times before using the
slippers again ."

After listening to both parties expose their
dirty secrets, the court president, Alhaja
Gafar, said the evidence before her pointed
to the fact that the couple are living like cat
and mouse under one roof, which she said
was dangerous.

“In view of this, it is evident that the
relationship between the two has broken
down irretrievably. Therefore, the marriage
between Halimat and Idris is hereby
dissolved ,” Alhaja Gafar ruled.

Pictures: Singer Samklef Wed His Pregnant Girlfriend

Star producer and singer Samuel
Oguachuba a.k.a Samklef eventually
wed his pregnant girlfriend Yvonne.

The talented producer and Yvonne
Iheduru who is an undergraduate of
the University of Lagos, celebrated their
traditional wedding, 28, December 2011
at the Bride's family house in Imo State.

Congratulations to the couple.

Egbesu Fraternity Claim Responsibility For Bombing Of Islamic School In Sapele

Egbesu Fraternity has claimed
responsibility for the bombing of an
Islamic school in Sapele which occurred
on Tuesday Dec 27th and left seven
children under the age of 9 seriously

Some men driving a Camry car threw a
low-capacity explosive into a building
where an Arabic class was taking place.

No one died in the attack.

The fraternity has warned of more
bombings of mosques in Delta State as
retaliation for Boko Haram bombings of
Christians in the north and have also
asked all Hausas and Muslims to leave
the South South or face more

Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson Tops Google's List Of 2011 Most Searched Nigerian Celeb's

Top actress Mercy Johnson Okojie is rated
among the very professional actresses that
Nollywood has ever produced.This is
because she is always thorough in her role
interpretation and gives everything it
demands to do a nice job.

The talented actress has emerged the most
searched Nigerian celebrity on Google in

According to insight, top search
terms include Mercy Johnson
wedding,Mercy Johnson goes blind, and
many more.

Thumbs up girl.

Justin Bieber's Grandparents Injured In Car Accident

The 17-year-old singer's grandparents,
Bruce and Diane Mallette, were involved in
a car accident on Tuesday, but fortunately,
according to mom Pattie Mallette's Twitter
page, they're going to be okay.

"My parents got into a car accident today,"
Pattie, 35, tweeted. "They flipped into a
ditch and totaled the car, but thank God
they are alive!"

Bieber's mom explained that her dad "has
broken ribs" and asked fans to "pray for
him [and] for quick healing."

"Count your blessings and forgive your
parents always," she added. "You never
know what tomorrow holds."

Last year, Bieber gave his grandparents a
2011 Buick Encore. "They loved it and
almost passed out when they saw it," he
told Us Weekly of the car. "It's huge and

The pop star spent part of his holiday with
his father, Jeremy, and half-siblings Jazmyn
and Jaxon. "Spending time with the family
feels really good," he tweeted. "Going to
get to see these smiles on Christmas."

Nigerian Rapper Franklin Ikechukwu Amobi Murdered In The U.S

Franklin Ikechukwu Amobi, a 24-year-old
Nigerian rapper popularly known as Frank
Diggy was shot dead on Tuesday, December
27 shortly before 6.39 am near a bus stop
in the White Oak neighborhood of Silver
Spring, Montgomery County, Maryland, U.S.

According to Montgomery County police,
there was no immediate indication Franklin
Ikechukwu Amobi, a resident of 11200
block of Columbia Pike in Silver Spring was
waiting for a bus. Amobi was apparently
targeted in the attack, police said. “The early
indication is this is not a random shooting,”
said Capt. Paul Starks.

Montgomery County Police received a call at
6:39 am of gunshots around Stewart Lane
and April Lane, and shortly thereafter
received a second call on a struck
pedestrian in the 11400 block of Stewart

When police got to the scene and found the
victim, they realized he had not been hit by
a car but shot dead. Amobi’s mother told
police he was on his way to work when he
was murdered. Police have sealed off the
area where Amobi’s body was found and
are examining the scene. They are
appealing for witnesses and anyone with
information about the incident to contact
the Major Crimes Division at +1

Pic Of The Day: Nollywood Actress Clarion Chukwurah And Son Clarence Peters

Actress, Clarion Chkwura (mother), and
music video director, Clarence Peters
(son) photo shoot for Motherhood
InStyle Magazine cover. Clarence is the
outcome of the whirlwind romance
between Clarion Chukwura and Afrojuju
singer, Shina Peters. Clarence Single-
handedly raised by Clarion who gave
birth to him at 17.

Kaffy Dancequeen Welcomes Baby Boy

Nigerian Dance Queen and Guinness
Book of Records holder (for dancing 53
Hours and 30 minutes non stop),
Kafayat Shafau popularly Known as
Kaffy, delivered a bouncing a baby boy
yesterday afternoon at a hospital in

The CEO of Imagneto Dance Company is
engaged to her baby daddy, Joseph
Ameh, P-Square's chief guitarist.
Congrats to them!

Cross River State To Sue Rapper Rick Ross For Breach Of Contract

The Cross River State Government stated
in a BB messenger broadcast today that
they've hired lawyers in the US to sue
rapper, Rick Ross, for breach of contract.

Rick Ross was scheduled to perform
today Dec 28th at the Calabar Carnival,
and he collected his full performance
fee, but then didn't show up for reasons
he termed 'unfulfilled contractual

Not only do the Cross River State Govt
want their money back, they are also
seeking damages.

Pictures: Frank Edoho Kissing Girlfriend In Public

The 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
Presenter' was photographed kissing
his girlfriend, Sandra Onyenucheya, at a
friend's wedding recently. They
obviously didn't care that there were
people around, taking photos.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pictures: Lady Without Underwear Show Her Private Part At D'Banj's Concert

It was definitely an act of shame for
this Young Pretty Lady who couldn't
contain the excitement and glamour
that enveloped D'banj's concert, other
than try to jump over the barricade
that separates the audience from the

On her quest of jumping over the
barricade, she exposes her Private Part
for perfect photo-shoots. Next time she
would appreciate the importance of
Under-wears on such exciting
events, especially when she needs to
jump over a barricade.

Nigerian Pilgrims Detained in Jerusalem

Seven Nigerian pilgrims to Jerusalem,
including two priests and a woman,
have alleged poor treatment in the
hands of Israeli security operatives,
saying they were unjustly detained in
prison for about 11 hours without
committing any offence.

The pilgrims said they arrived Tel Av-iv
Airport on December 15, from Rome
where they were arrested and put into
a Black Maria on the pretext that they
entered Israel illegally.

According to one the returnees, Rev.
Father Anthony Zakka, those detained
included the Chaplain of the
Government House, Adamawa State and
Assistant Secretary of the Christian
Association of Nigeria, CAN, in the state,
Rev. Mike Agbon and five other pilgrims,
including a female official of the Kaduna
State Christian Pilgrims Board.

Rev. Zakka said: “We left Rome on
December 15 for Jerusalem (Israel). At
2.30a.m. Israeli time, we were arrested.
Six of us were men with one woman, an
official of Kaduna Pilgrims Welfare

“We were accused of entering Israel
illegally as, according to them, our
names were not among those sent by
the Nigerian Christian Pilgrims
Commission, NCPC.

“Incidentally, while this was going on,
NCPC officials who were with us did not
do anything. They just walked away.
This was at the Bengurion Airport.

“They took us to prison after stripping
us. We were kept inside the prison with
a Russian who had already spent six
days there.

“They took away our clothes and took
the woman to another section while
they separated the rest of us into two
groups and detained us separately.
“At 10a.m. I started banging on the door
of our prison cell but they ignored us.
Later they took us back to re-join the
other pilgrims and to continue with our
religious duties.

“At the Ankalia Airport, Turkey, Nigerian
officials also dumped us there for five
hours without explaining what was
“These sorts of things should not
happen in a decent society.

“Some us who went for Jerusalem
pilgrimage add JP after their names, but
for us you will be free to call us
Jerusalem Pilgrims Prisoner, JPP,” Father
Zakka added.

Source: Vanguard

Angry Nigerian Children Write Jonathan Over Christmas Day Bomb Blasts

Written by Association of Conscious
Nigerian Children (ACNC)

Dear Mr. President: We should say
Merry Christmas but we are not
your government, we are not in the
business of deception. After almost
ten hours of gathering your
thoughts to speak on the bomb
blasts that rocked the nation
yesterday, you still fell short of
your own very low standards.
What did you intend to say when
you said Bomb Blasts are a burden
we must live with? Why do you
bother to budget over a trillion for
security if we must live with the
burden of insecurity? How come
you are still a president? We do not
blame you, we blame our older
ones who were stupid enough to
think that where you come from
and your religion was all you
needed to be a competent

They are crying now. We all cried
yesterday on the darkest Christmas day
of our short lives.
While we cried and left Christmas
postponed for another year, we
watched as you danced your life away
like there was no tomorrow. Is it true
that all you care about is the fact that
you are the president so whatever can
happen should happen. Last night we
prayed for you. We prayed that the
white men should be able to make
common sense so that we can budget
for it and then you will have it in
abundance. As it is, it is obvious sir that
you are grossly lacking in common

If you weren’t, you would never come
out to tell a mourning nation that it
should get ready to live with the burden
of destruction and insecurity. That was
utterly insensitive and even the
dumbest of our mates, fellow Nigerian
children would never descend that low
to an unprecedented level of

We understand this is not a sane
country, if this was a sane country, your
ilk will not be in a job. Your security
chiefs, yourself and your cabinet would
have been throwing resignation letters
left right and centre. But then, here is a
place where people are satisfied with
just being in positions, that they are
clueless about what to do in such
positions does not matter.

Mr. President, Boko Haram defeated you
in 2011. What plans are you making for
2012? Do you realise they have since
improved while your security tactics
remain stop and search? Do you realise
they are far more coordinated than ever
before? Have you thought of engaging
more intelligence in curbing this menace
instead of just mere brute? Yes, you
have issues with concentrating for long,
why not budget for a concentrator?

That way you are conditioned to at least
focus on being the president of Nigeria
instead of our national chief chef? You
are wondering where that came from?
It came from cassava bread sir. You
chose the menu for 2012 but we hope
you realise that Boko Haram certainly
has a menu.

Please Mr. President, they will look to
attack again in the New Year, do what
you have never done before, get your
security chiefs to prevent that by all
means. Contrary to your assertion, we
are not prepared to live with the burden
of bomb blasts. Get yourself to work
and stop excusing your inability to deal
with Boko Haram on the premise that
they are a necessity. What is that? If you
cannot lead and be a president, help
yourself and resign. Please take your
vice-president along. You are a twin set
of incompetence.

This letter has been written with kind
words, not because we are in the mood
to be nice to you but because we are
children and respect is a value we want
to live with but our lack of it sometimes
is a burden you must live with as long
as you force us to live with your Boko
Haram burden.

We wrote you a letter on subsidy
yesterday but we figured it would be
better to send this before you get our
other letter. As long as your cluelessness
reigns supreme in this country, we will
always remind you of our angst and
stake in this nation. It is not by force to
live in Aso Rock. So if you must, do the
right things, say the right things and
learn to get the basic things right.
The Bomb Blasts darkened our
Christmas but your response dampened
our mood even further. This is not the
way to lead a people. If you need help,
we will nominate one of us to offer you
words of wisdom for free. As it is, you
look overwhelmed by the mere job of
providing security for Nigeria let alone
the other duties you swore to carry out
for Nigeria.

Action point: Sack yourself sir, and take
Arc. Namadi Sambo along. It is a good
place to start.

Association of Conscious Nigerian
Children (ACNC)

Culled from Saharareporters

Pic Of The Day: Two Grown Ass Men Fighting Naked


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Outrage As Nigeria PoliceArrests One-Year-Old Baby

Well meaning Nigerians have strongly
condemned the action of men of the
Nigeria Police Force against the family of a
journalist who's currently having some
issues with the Governor of Benue State,
Gabriel Suswan and his wife.

The story goes thus: The Police in Benue
State have taken hostage an...
entire family, including a one-year old
baby, in an effort to compel the baby’s
father (a journalist) to turn himself over to
them for a story published by his

The baby is Wuese-ter Ibya, and was seized
along with its mother, Faith Ibya. Mrs. Faith
Ibya is the wife of Henry Ibya, the Benue
State Correspondent of Premier Newspaper.
His sister, Grace Ibya, was also arrested.

The management of Roobbs
Communications Network Limited,
publishers of The Premier Newspaper,
said in a statement that the family was
forcibly taken as hostages in order to force
Mr. Ibya to report himself to the police .

“We are reliably informed that the police
authorities in Benue State are acting under
the instruction of the governor who was
visibly angered by the uncomplimentary
story about his wife which bordered on
extortion of money from Benue women
under the guise of improving the lot of
Benue women in the celebration of the
fifth edition of Benue Women, where the
women were coerced to pay unwholesome
amounts of money, despite the state
government having released the sum of
N100 million for the said function ,” the
statement said.

Roobbs Communications described placing
Mr. Ibya's wife, year-old baby and sister
under arrest as “barbaric” and out of tune
with the laws of the Federal Government of
Nigeria, particularly in view of the new the
Freedom of Information law.

“It is sad that the Nigerian police, despite
spirited efforts by the government to
redeem its battered image and position it
on proper pedestal to discharge its duties
in accordance with the law, has continued
to shoot itself in the foot with its
recklessness and abusive tendencies ,” the
newspaper management said, calling for
the hostages to be released with immediate
effect and the law allowed to prevail.

Model Tried To Smuggle Cocaine Inside Fake Breast And Butt Implants

A stunning model proved to be more than
meets the eye after she was arrested by
Italian police trying to smuggle more than
£250,000 of cocaine into the country inside
breast and buttock implants.

The 33-year-old woman, identified only by
the initials MFM, was held by officers as she
tried to distract them with her plunging
neckline and tight-fitting outfit at Rome’s
Fiumicino airport.

But her plan backfired as they were so
captivated by her looks they pulled her over
for questioning and discovered the drugs
when she failed to explain why she had
been to South America.

The woman had flown to Rome from Sao
Paolo in Brazil and a search by female
officers revealed the fake breast and
buttock implants she was wearing had also
been used to hide 5.5lbs of cocaine.

Police said the class A drug was destined for
the Italian market around Rome and the
seizure came just days after £1million of
cocaine was found hidden in the wheel
arches of a truck that had arrived on a ferry
from Spain.

Antonio Di Greco, police chief at Fiumicino
airport, said: ‘The route she arrived on is
very well used by drugs traffickers and her
looks immediately caught the attention of
the officers on duty.

”She had tried to distract them with a
plunging neckline and tight outfit but they
stopped her for questioning because she
was so alluring and her story about why
she was in South America just fell apart.

‘She actually became quite aggressive and
was taken away for more detailed
questioning by two female officers and
that’s when the drugs were found hidden in
the plastic breast and buttock implants.

source :

26yr Old Nigerian, Olutosin Oduwole, Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison In The US For Terrorist Threat

An aspiring rapper was sentenced
Wednesday to five years in prison over a
2007 money-demanding note that
threatened a Virginia Tech-like killing spree,
failing to convince a judge the writing was
innocent lyrics and other musings.
A barely audible Olutosin Oduwole insisted
in court that he “did not mean to incite

“That was never my intention. That is not
my character,” said the 26-year-old rapper
and former Southern Illinois University
student. The note was found in his car on
the college’s campus.

Madison County Circuit Judge Richard
Tognarelli said jurors were right when they
convicted Olutosin Oduwole in October of
attempting to make a terrorist threat, a

“The jury found that this was not a song.
They found it was a threat, and I do not
disagree with them,” the judge said of the

Oduwole stared blankly toward Tognarelli
when the judge rejected the defense’s call
for probation and ordered what he
described as “appropriate” prison time. The
sentence was well short of the maximum
15-year term prosecutors were seeking.

Tognarelli also sentenced Olutosin Oduwole
to 364 days and a $1,000 fine on a related
conviction of illegally having or storing a
loaded pistol in his on-campus apartment
the day he was arrested in July 2007, just
months after the Virginia Tech rampage that
left 32 people dead along with the gunman.
Tognarelli ordered the terms to be served at
the same time, minus whatever time
Olutosin Oduwole has already spent in jail.

He rejected Oduwole’s requests for a new
trial and release on bond pending his
appeals, saying he still sees Oduwole as a
public threat.
Oduwole was attending the Illinois school’s
13,000-student Edwardsville campus,
northeast of St. Louis, when campus police
found a piece of paper in his abandoned
car, which they had impounded and was
out of gas. The writing demanded payment
to a PayPal account, threatening “if this
account doesn’t reach $50,000 in the next 7
days then a murderous rampage similar to
the VT shooting will occur at another highly
populated university. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!”
While referencing the Virginia Tech
massacre, the writing did not make any
direct reference to targeting the
Edwardsville campus.

Even before the piece of paper was found
in his car, Oduwole was being scrutinized
by federal agents. A gun dealer had tipped
them off earlier in the month that Oduwole
appeared overly anxious to get four
semiautomatic weapons — including an
Uzi-like Mac 10 — that he had ordered.
Prosecutors said in court Wednesday that
the totality of those circumstances, along
with the loaded gun found in Oduwole’s
apartment, constituted a potential danger
that could not be ignored.

“I’m having a hard time coming up with a
scenario where that isn’t threatening
serious harm,” prosecutor John Fischer
argued, insisting that Oduwole be given a
tough sentence that could dissuade others
from acting similarly. “Having a loaded gun
on campus is inappropriate, regardless of
the threat. The threat rises it to another

Oduwole’s attorneys, as they had at trial,
countered that the “note” was “nothing
more than a piece of scrap paper with
private thoughts, the beginning of a song.”
They said the writing found crumpled in his
abandoned car was never meant to be
made public or shared.

“Olutosin Oduwole was prosecuted for his
thoughts,” Jeffrey Urdangen argued on
Oduwole’s behalf. “At the end of the day,
judge, everything else being equal, I can
honestly characterize this as a First
Amendment train wreck.”

After Wednesday’s sentencing, Oduwole
pleaded guilty to felony charges of theft
and computer fraud related to his online
sale of a gun he did not have, though he
collected money from the would-be buyer.
Oduwole was sentenced to 2 ½ years of
probation on those charges, which will be
served with the prison time.

Man Dead After Ex-Girlfriend Advertised Reward On Facebook For His Killing

A Philadelphia man has been murdered after
his ex-girlfriend, and the mother of his
child, posted a note on Facebook promising
$1000 for killing him. Corey White was shot
once in the chest on Monday evening after
an argument with at least one suspect, who
was later seen fleeing in a brown vehicle, a
Philadelphia police spokeswoman said,
according to ABC News.

“I will pay somebody a stack to kill my
baby’s father.” This was posted on
Facebook earlier this year by 20-year-old
London Eley who announced a reward for
killing her ex-boyfriend. According to the
police, a “stack” referred to $1000.

A man identified as Timothy Bynum
allegedly responded, “Say no more … what
he look like … where he be at … need that
stack 1st.”

Both London Eley and Timothy Bynum were
in jail at the time of the murder and have
been in custody since mid-June in the
Philadelphia County jail. Eley is being held on
solicitation to commit murder and terroristic
threat charges while Bynum was arrested
on four charges, including attempted

Gerald Stein, Eley’s attorney, told ABCNews
that his client had nothing to do with
White’s death.

“I know where my client is and therefore I
know where she wasn’t,” said Stein,
explaining Eley and Bynum were in jail
when the shooting occurred. “I recognize
there is a coincidence in timing between the
hearing yesterday and the death of Mr.
White, but at this time that’s all it is. And I
don’t think premature conclusions are
warranted for my client or the co-
defendant,” Stein said.

Bynum’s lawyer, Lopez Thompson, told the
AP that Bynum didn’t intend to murder even
though he responded to the Facebook
message and that his family is devastated
about White’s death.

Philadelphia police are investigating the
shooting. “There is no motive at this time,”
said Tanya Little, police spokeswoman.
Police haven’t established any link between
the Facebook message and the murder of

By IBTimes Staff Reporter

Pictures: Nollywood Actress Patience Ozokwor (Mama G) New Look

Nollywood actress Patience Ozokwor
like you've never seen her before. Long
weave, eyelashes, fine make-up...she
looks amazing!

Pictures: Nollywood Actress Oge Okoye shaves Her Hair For Movie Role

Heard she got millions of Naira to do
this. Not bad.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Brazilian Baby 'Born Healthy' With Two Heads And One Heart

The baby was born in Brazil last week to
a 25 year old Brazilian woman, Maria de
Nazare,who said she had been told by
doctors that she was set to welcome

The “twins”, named Jesus and Emanuel, have two brains, two backbones and a single heart. The 4.5 kg baby was born by caesarean at daybreak on Monday in a small hospital in the northern state of Para and was rushed by plane to a better equipped hospital in the state capital Belem.

Doctor Neila Dahas, who is treating the newborn, said separating the heads would be impossible because he only has one set of organs. “What we know statistically is that the children who undergo surgery and survive are the children who have less organs in common,” she said.

She added that it is still difficult to choose which head to remove because both brains are functioning well.

Callous Dad Burns Daughter’s Breasts, Private Part For Making Phone Call To Boyfriend

A man, John (surname witheld), in a
community in Abia State, has been
banished for life for allegedly using hot
iron on the breast and private part of
his 16-year-old daughter after she was
caught answering phone call from her
boy friend.

The same hot iron, suspected to be a
kitchen knife was also used to shave the
hair of the victim, who was locked up
by the father in his compound.

It was from the cell that she was said to
have contacted one of her close friends,
who took picture of her nude position
and alerted members of the community.

The victim,(name withheld) had her
breasts and private part allegedly burnt
by her father, who suspected she was
having an affair with a boy.

For that reason, the people of Umuyota
in Umawa Alocha Autonomous
Community, Umuahia North Local
Government Area, passed a sentence of
banishment on him, burnt down his
house and drove him away from the

But the suspect denied all the
allegations, stating that what happened
to him “is the handiwork of my

The community alleged through their
traditional ruler, Eze Nnadimele
Nwakanma that the suspect had been a
torn in the flesh of the community and
refused to obey the norms of the

At the Umuawa market square, where
the judgment was passed, the youths
agreed in unison, that he should no
longer be seen in the community.
They called on the state government to
help them drive away the suspect,
whom they described as a pain in their

Nwakanma described the incident as
evil against womanhood .

He said angry women and youths took
to the streets and burnt down the man’s
house and his car after which he was
banished from the community.

The suspect, who spoke to Daily Sun
denied the allegations and said the
person in the picture being circulated
was not his daughter.

According to him, “in this era of
computer manipulation, any body can
come up with any picture , particularly
when they want to run the image of
another man down.”

He said his people had rendered him
homeless, obstructed the education of
his children and made life unbearable
for an offence he did not commit:
“We now sleep any where we find
ourselves at night. I did not do
anything against them , only God will
fight my battle.

“The source of the picture is what the
Police are trying to investigate. It was a
fabricated picture. It was the picture
that incited people to such an inhuman
action against me and my family and
they burnt my house and property.”

Source: Sunnewsonline

Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Engaged?

Did Justin
Timberlake finally
pop the question
to Jessica Biel? It's
the big rumor
started by one
single tweet!
Justin took his
girlfriend of four
years to a luxury
resort in Montana,
and a local
business claims
that he dropped to
one knee a proposed - and word got around
town fast.
"Word on the street is that Justin Timberlake
proposed to Jessica Biel at the Amangani last
night," was the tweet from an art gallery. The
Amangani is a luxury skiing resort in the state.
Biel and Timberlake took a break earlier this
year, but got back to dating - and now Jessica
could have the Christmas present of her life.

Ghanaian And Soft-Pórn Movies, A Way To Go?

The African film industry, especially the
Nigerian film industry called Nollywood, has
shot Africa to the rest of the world.

It is no surprise that another West African
neighbor of Nigeria, Ghana, which her film
industry is called Ghollywood, is making
to surpass Nollywood.

To achieve this big feat, Ghanaian
producers have been capitalizing on the
decay in moral value system in West Africa
in doing soft-pórn

How would one describe the film of this
movie jacket above (DoggyStyle)? Is this
now the best way to make relevance in
African film industry?

How far can the Ghanaian producers go to
surpass Nollywood...

Ghollywood, is this the best way to sell
Africa to the rest of the world?

E.X.P.O.S.E.D: Sammie Okposo Dated Stella Damasus

The Popular Nigeria gospel singer Sammy
Okposo has disclosed during a TV interview
that he and nollywood actress stella
damasus have considered getting married
in the past .

He said :

“We were very closed , it was something
that we really considered,especially after
jaiye ,Oh my God Rest in peace Jaiye ,she
wanted a friend and i looked at it i said
ok ,are we going to spoil this ,if we take it to
that level?we considered it , we looked at it ,
can we try it?”
Sammy continued ” At that point stella was
very fragile , she didn’t need any more try
your lucks,this is somebody that has been
your friend, you dont want to be like ,you
were the one who got her to that place
where she said you know what ,forget all
these guys ,so i was very very mindful of
that and i didnt want to spoil that”

Computer Village Big Boys Quit Business, Go Into Kidney Sales In Malaysia

It is a known fact that the demand for
kidney in most Western and advanced
countries can hardly meet the supply, as
most people on the sick bed even die
before they find a donor.

Prior to that, young Yahoo boys are now
being encouraged to fly to Malaysia to sell
their kidney and make quick, clean and
quiet money.

After their return from Malaysian trip, we
learnt they simply embark on crazy fun,
clubbing, every day partying, buying cars
and living reckless lifestyles.

And with the way things are going inside
Computer Village Market in Lagos now, it is
more than obvious that, virtually all big
boys inside the market are quitting
business after facing series of intimidation
from friends who have succeeded in selling
their kidneys in Malaysia anytime they
arrived in the country.

According to information made available to
this magazine, some of the big boys inside
computer village that run two or more
shops full of laptop and computer
accessories now find solace in a new act
engaged in by Yahoo boys in town.

Aside the fact that, they are very desperate
to travel to Malaysia, we learnt they also
dupe some of their colleagues in the market
to get money for their traveling runs.

Information at our disposal has it that,
getting Malaysia visa is now the most
difficult thing for them as they now find
another means by getting South Africa Visa,
and after they make small money from their
usual cyber crime, they embark on their
Malaysia trip.

We also scooped that, some Nigerian
traveling agency officers have turned the
market to their new office as they register
more than 10 applicants on a daily basis.
Though, some of the boys have been
victims of fake passports and all that, they
still insist on doing everything possible to
travel out of the country.

Since they hardly sell one laptop per day,
we gathered these boys decided to invest
in a more lucrative and profitable business
of selling one of their kidneys in Malaysia.
Meanwhile, we don’t need to bore you with
stories but we can tell you authoritatively
that, before you make two to three steps in
the market, the only thing you see them
discussing is about one of their friends who
is living large in Malaysia and they want to
join him by all means..

Still, some people blamed the act on the
poverty in the country while some
condemned those involved in the dastardly
act, all in the name of money.

Okada Rider Sent To Prison For Sleeping With His Daughters

"He has been sleeping with me since I was
12 years old and when I reported him to
my mother, she warned me not to tell
anybody because it will bring shame to our
family. Now I am 18 and I can’t continue to
bear it so I told. my friend who informed the NGO about
it. He also sleeps with my younger sister."

Those were the words of the first daughter
of a 51-year-old Okada Rider, Collins Oleka,]'
who was arraigned before Mrs. A.A.
Oshoniy of the family court 6, Ikeja, Lagos,
for Harassing, Sexually Assaulting and
Penetrating Into his two daughters -
Chiamaka Oleka, aged 18 and Ginika Oleka,
aged 15 .

Mr. Collins, a native of Mbano in Imo State, is
said to have committed the offence on
the 17th day of September 2011, contrary
to and punishable under sections 262
and 259 laws of Lagos State of Nigeria

When the charges were read to him, the
randy father pleaded not guilty. He was
granted bail by the magistrate, Mrs.
Oshoniyi, in the sum of N200,000 and a
surety whose address must be verified. He
was however sent to the Kirikiri prison
when no one came forward to surety for
him in the circumstances .

On her part, the Executive Director of the
Lagos-based NGO that reported the matter
to police said her organisation’s primary
duty is pioneering, promoting and
practising sexual violence response and
vowed to see to the end of the case. She
thus pleaded anonymity.

The magistrate adjourned the case till
February 13, 2012.

Justin Bieber Visits Selena Gomez & Her Mom In The Hospital

Justin Bieber has paid a visit to
Selena Gomez's mother as she
recovers from a miscarriage.
Disney star Gomez revealed last
month that her mother Mandy
Teefey was expecting a sibling
for the star, but tragedy struck
on Friday and she lost the child.

The singer/actress axed two Christmas
concerts over the weekend to be with her
mom and Bieber stopped by Los Angeles'
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Monday
afternoon to check in on his girlfriend and her
mother, reports

Gomez is expected to return to the stage on
New Year's Eve when she will perform at a
big concert in New York. Bieber and Gomez's
pal Demi Lovato are also on the bill for the live
MTV special.

Suzy Q Throws D’Prince Out Of Club Jonzing

Things have indeed fallen apart between
Susan Yusuf a.k.a Suzy Q and D’Prince. It will
be recalled that Susan wanted something
better for her club and invited D’Prince over.
D’Prince took up the job and with the help
of Susan and the club name was changed to
Club Jonzing, but of course with an
agreement in place.

According to Olorisupergirl, Susan is not
pleased with the way the club is been
managed by D’Prince and to make matters
worse money wasn’t flowing in like she
expected. And so, decided to throw him out.
The two sides were contacted, hear them;

Susan: She does not want to disclose the
amount of the money D’Prince is owing her
and that she was not impressed with the
progress of the club. She also confirmed to
us that she had several meetings with him
and he promised to change things but she
didn’t see any improvement. So she
changed the name from Club Jonzing to Club
SQ. She also said she sent him a quick notice
in October.

D’Prince: Speaking through a representative;
“They do not owe her a PENNY and that she
is cooking up the story to defend herself.
She is a terrible person and that Suzy did
not disclose anything about the accounts to
them. She did not allow us check the
accounts too. To clear all this , they are no
longer associated with SUZY SQ anymore
and we do not owe her a PENNY. That right
now, D’Prince is focusing on his tour in
January 2012. In conclusion, It is a
fabrication to tie D’Prince down” she said.

This is coming just three months after the
highly publicized Club Jonzing.


UK Blacklists Medical Graduates From 9 Nigerian Universities

Medical graduates from nine universities in
Nigeria will no longer be able to obtain
licenses to practice in the United Kingdom,
following a decision by the UK’s General
Medical Council (GMC) to ban the higher

The GMC, a body of independent regulators
which registers medical doctors to practise
in the UK, took the decision to bar graduates
from the nine universities from writing

PLAB is the UK exam that enables non-UK
Medical graduates to undertake post-
graduate medical training in the country.

The affected graduates are those who
graduated after December 10, 2010 from
Ambrose Ali University, Ebonyi State
University, Ladoke Akintola University of
Technology (LAUTECH), Nnamdi Azikiwe
University, University of Jos, University of
Nigeria and the University of Port Harcourt.

It also applies to those who graduated on or
after April 1, 2010 from Igbinedion
University College of Health Sciences and the
University of Benin.

According to Jason Day of the GMC’s press
office, the schools were axed because they
no longer meet the required standards for
practise in the UK.

He added that the Medical and Dental Council
of Nigeria (MDCN) had also advised that they
suspend accreditation of some medical
schools in the country

“The decision only applies to students who
graduated from those medical schools after
the MDCN suspended their accreditation,”

Daily times.

Arik Air Hostess, Chiwendu Ogbonnaya, Arrested In The UK For Drug Trafficking

A 30 year old Nigerian air hostess with
Arik Air, Chinwendu Uwakaonyenma
Ogbonnaya, was on Sunday December
18th arrested at Heathrow Airport for
attempting to smuggle four kilogram of
cocaine into the UK.

Chiwendu was on an Arik Air flight from
Lagos to the UK when the drug was
discovered in one of her bags. She's
been charged to court. They are not
releasing pics of her at the moment.