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Monday, November 28, 2011

Chris Brown Buys $1.5 Million Home In Hollywood Hills

Chris Brown, just
snagged himself a $1.5 Million bachelor pad
in Hollywood Hills. Chris is now the proud
owner of a 2,500 square ft. home complete
with 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a split level
living room, an italian crafted kitchen, 2-
door garage and swimming pool. The home
sits on top of a hill overlooking the streets
of Hollywood, and seems to be a much
better fit for the singer who’s still young
and still likes to party. The 22 year old
ditched his old West Hollywood condo due
to lack of parking space and complaints
from neighbors.

Rick Ross & Wale Cover Billboard Magazine

Two of Maybach Music Group’s heaviest
hitters grace the cover of the latest issue of
Billboard Magazine where Rick Ross
discusses how he has always comes
through in “clutch” situations throughout
his entire career, and his decision to sign
the MMG roster including Wale, Meek Mill and

The Maybach Music head also discussed his
upcoming album God Forgives, I
Don’t which he recently pushed back due to
issues with his health. ”This album is almost
like a movie,” Ross says. “I wanted [the title]
to be something that was extremely
emotional, to set up a real roller coaster ride
as far as the music and thought process. It
sounds like a term of retaliation, and with
the picture that I’m painting, it felt perfect.”
Issue on stands now.

Meet Your Stars As Kids...

T.I and Usher were such cuties...and
Kanye didn't change much...

Star Actor Jim Iyke Undertake Anger Management Counseling

As scandal seems to be synonymous with
fame, large section of the growing fans of
star actor James Ikechukwu Esomugha,
popularly called Jim Iyke, are begin to get
upset with controversies rocking the sexy

Many people have gotten the wrong
impression about this talented actor that is
arrogant and violent,but from the look of
things, it seems he’s trying to redeem his
image and bring his reputation back.
In a recent chat with a celebrity blog,Jim
was quoted: "I will not disrespect you by
lying about the fact that I do get into one
or two brushes with people here and
there. I will not give any excuse that I
have never been that kind of person. I am
taking a Anger Management Session now,
it was advised not only by my fiancée, but
also by my agent. It is a very interesting
session for my well being. One thing about
our society is that we have not accepted
celebrities with their whims and caprices.

An actor is allowed to be eccentric. There
is a thin line between the person you see
on stage and the real actor. A lot of people
do not understand that. I’m not perfect
and I’m taking steps to deal with my
For Jim to have the courage to say these, I
think he deserves a second chance because
I believe only the great achievers will accept
mistakes, failures, problems and
imperfections, as part of being human.

So make una free Jim.

Soulja Boy Releasing Video Game

Rapper Soulja Boy is
getting animated for his
own video game.
"The Crank That (Soulja
Boy)" hitmaker
previously announced
plans to enter the virtual
world in 2008 and he's
now revealed CORElated:
The Beginning will be
released for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3
next year.

He posted artwork for the upcoming project
on his blog alongside the
message, "Soulja boy the video game in stores

Soulja Boy is the latest hip-hop star to land his
own action/adventure game - 50 Cent
released Blood on the Sand in 2009.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Woman Gets 100 Silicone Injections To Have The World’s Biggest Lips

Meet Kristina Rei, the woman who now has
the world’s biggest lips. She’s only 22 and
has spent £4,000 on lip injections in the
hopes of resembling her favourite film
heroine, Jessica Rabbit.

The nail technician from St. Petersburg,
Russia was convinced her thin lips were
ugly, so she opted to get a lip job – 100 of
them – and aims to make her enormous
pout even bigger!

Speaking about her plump pout, Kristina
Rei said: “I think I look fantastic and it
makes me happy. Sometimes strangers
shout names at me in the street “like big
lips” but I don’t care. I want to go more
extreme. I want to look like a cartoon

She added: “I am addicted to it – I love it.”
Kristina Rei has wanted her lips enhanced
since she was four years old, and says she
was always insecure about her appearance
– and childhood teasing didn’t help her
confidence. Russian TV adverts that
promote cosmetic surgery are common, she
said, giving her the idea at a very young
age. She got her first injection at 17, and
hasn’t looked back. Rei can eat, speak and
kiss the same way she did before and says
she hasn’t suffered any painful after-

She said: “Other than the way I look, my lips
haven’t had a big impact on my life, so I’m
definitely not going to stop now.”

Nollywood Actress, Yvonne Jegede Finds New Love

Actress cum model, Yvonne Jegede who is
currently schooling in Cyprus after her
diploma in Law from Lagos State University,
has found love again.

The model who has featured in 2faze’s hit
song African queen and other popular
home videos is scoop to be seriously in love
with a London big boy simply called Tom.
Yvonne, who admitted to have been thrice
heartbroken in one of her interviews,
reliable source squealed that she
occasionally spend her holidays with the

We gathered that the relationship might be
an altar bound.

Blaze of Glory, Missing Angel and Tade
Ogidan’s Behind the Siege are some of the
popular flick which claimed her to fame
before she went on sabbatical a couple of
years ago.

Nicki Minaj Announces New Album Title And Release Date

Nicki revealed the release date for
her sophomore album via Twitter, tweeting
“Pink Friday:ROMAN RELOADED will be
released on Valentines Day, 2012. Heeeee’s
baaaacccckkkkk.” The sophomore effort will
drop exactly one year after the release of
her of her debut “PINK FRIDAY”. The
Valentines Day release is genius, as it will
almost be mandatory for anyone who is
getting gifts for one of her 7 million plus
fans to get this album. Well played Cash

Nigerian Musician, Orezi Arrested With Cocaine In Dubai

The latest gist in town now is that Orezi, an
upcoming musician was caught with
cocaine in dubai. While popular comedian,
Babatunde Omidina a.k.a Baba Suwe has
just been vindicated of drug trafficking
allegation with 25 million naira damages
claim against NDLEA and star actress, Stella
Damsus has been telling who ever cares to
listen that she was never drilled for any
substance suspected to be hard drug, Orezi,
one of the fastest rising singer, is not so

Confirm Sure Boy, as he’s now fondly called,
is been alleged to have been nabbed for
drug in Dubai!A reliable source hinted that
Orezi, who stepped into the limelight with ‘I
no Fit Lie’, his debut hit single track was
arrested for carrying a huge substance
believed to be cocaine at Dubai international
it was gathered that Orezi, whose song
‘Booty Bounce’ was rocked by the
housemates at the last Big Brother Africa TV
reality show, was in Dubai for an Event
Organized by Team Syrup Music. The event
according to the report is supposed to be
held at Marina Yacht Club in Dubai last
Thursday November 24, 2011.

How Orezi escaped NDLEA screening
machine in Nigeria is now a mystery to be
unravelled, ‘The Gen gen Master’ who also
featured in popular song titled ‘E Moti’, and
DJ Jam Jam’s Jamilaya, was said to have
been arrested and detained on Thursday.

Efforts to reach Cullbed Music, Orezi’s record
label management, proved abortive as the
phone of the CEO, who is simply Identified
as Kolade was ringing but no reply. would
surely keep you guys posted as the story

Nigerian Father Of Six Sells Body For Money On Facebook

He's claiming to be a father of six. Claims to
have two university degrees. And when he
couldn't find a job...he resorted to
this...selling his body for money - to both

His name is Asiayei Perekeye and if you go
though his entire album on
won't believe some of the things you will
find there - a number of nakéd pics
..including full frontal...all in the bid to attract

And then in the same pornography album -
you will see pics of his six alleged! (How he can put his kids photos
in such an x-rated album is beyond me)
He claims he's doing this because he has six
children to take care of. My question is, if he
couldn't look after one child, why did he
have six?

Is there an excuse for this? Personally, I
don't think there is. We all have choices, this
is what he chose...sad! To see more, go on
his fb page...(search his name on fb).....

Husband Catches Wife Having Sex In Car With Boyfriend At Their Son's Funeral

“What we witnessed here in Norton this
morning is taboo,” said one of the
mourners. “Imagine a woman who buried
her child two days ago is already having
sex with a married man before the relatives

“Kusiya murume wake akarara nehanzvadzi
yake iye kwava kunotora murume
wemunhu; zvinonyadzisa,” said one of the
mourners. (She left her husband and her
brother who were both asleep in the house
and proceeded to go out and have sex with
a married man; it is shameful.) Nelia buried
her child on Friday and relatives were still
gathered at House No. K1219 Katanga
where she sneaked and had a quality time
with Jason over night.

Nelia told her husband Hardlife Manduka
(30) that she was going to collect her mobile
phone from a friend before spending the
whole night with Jason. Nelia confirmed
that she had been having an affair with

“Yes I was found having sex with Jason this
morning,” said Nelia. “We have been doing
this since June in the car and in my house
when my husband occasionally visits

“I discovered later that Jason was married
and we continued after his wife stumbled
upon us twice in my bedroom as we had

“Hardlife has not been supporting me and
the two kids financially. In fact my child
died due to malnutrition. If he fails to
forgive me I will go to South Africa to look
for a job because all my relatives are
against me after this,” said Nelia.

Jason fled the house leaving his car. Jason’s
wife Melissa Shoko (27) said that she
discovered the affair after Jason left Nelia’s
mobile phone in his pocket.

“He lied to me that he was arrested for
public drinking last night and I quickly
suspected that he was with Nelia,” said

“I found him twice on Nelia’s bed. I knew
that he was lying to me this time around. At
one time I called his sister named Charity
and we found them naked in Nelia’s
bedroom some time in June when my child
was just three-months-old.”

Hardlife said that he was lucky to discover
this while Nelia’s parents were there and he
will leave everything to them to decide the
way forward.

Hardlife felt pained as he was still mourning
his one-year-old child who passed away last
week. “I am still mourning my child and this
pains me very much,” said Hardlife. “I did
not look for her after she told me that she
was going to collect her phone from a
friend. Little did I know that it was a
boyfriend she was with before I was called
by my friends at around 6am to find them
busy in that dirty old car!”

“I am lucky that her relatives are here
including her brother who disciplined her
with a whip. They will talk to me and help
me find a way forward. As of me; I love my
wife and I did not expect this from her,”
said Hardlife.

“Ndabatwa sha chihure chaicho
handichazvipamhidza zvakare,” said Jason.
“It is my third time being found having sex
with that woman and I feel ashamed of that
now. As we speak my wife is very cross
about it and I love my wife I will never
bonk that woman again, it is over.”

Pictures From Chinedu Ikedieze's Traditional Wedding

Nollywood actor, Chinedu Ikedieze "Aki"
married his hearthrob Njeoma Nwajah
yesterday, 26th November at St. Theresa's Catholic Church
Primary School field, Obolo Isiala Mbano,
Imo state.
Their church wedding will take place in December. May God bless their marriage.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Picture:Wizkid Getting Lapdance From 3 Girls At Same Time

Wizzy Wizzy toh bad doing his thing,
enemies omo run down. Is Star Boy Wizzy

Selena Gomez Is So Excited Her Mother Is Pregnant

Selena Gomez had
a very special
reason to give
thanks this
Thanksgiving -
she's about to
become a big

Justin Bieber's
girl friend took to
Twitter on Friday
to reveal her mom
Mandy Teefey is pregnant.

She wrote, "Momma and (stepfather) Brian are
finally letting me share the news. My mommys
carrying my baby brother or sister. I'm the
happiest girl in the world."
Gomez's tweet was accompanied by a black
and white shot of her stepfather cradling her
mom's belly.

Brian Teefey is mom Mandy's second
husband; the 19-year-old's mom divorced her
father, Ricardo, when she was five.

Picture:Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart - Cuddling On The Beach In Hawaii

Jennifer Lopez and her new boy toy BF
Casper Smart continued their
Thanksgiving weekend romp in Hawaii,
cozying up on the beach this morning...
in the first photos of the couple since
word of their relationship got out.

My Car Was Attacked,My Cousin Killed And My Driver Escaped With A Bullet – Nollywood Actor Clems Ohameze

Talented Nollywood Actor Talks about how
he was attacked by a group of unknown
persons. Excerpt from the Interview with
Nollywood Actor Clems Ohameze.

Can we know you sir?

My name is Clems Ohameze, from Imo state
but born and brought up in Port Harcourt.
For how long have you been into acting?
Since 1995.

How many movies you featured in so far?

(Laughs) As about my last counting, it was
around 386 movies.

You have been away for two and a half
years now, what happened?

Well, well, well, in the year 2007…it was
actually 2006…I felt that I have fulfilled my
desire in the movie industry. After all the
movies and the awards, I just felt I needed
to move on and do something else, so I set
out for politics.
In 2006, I registered with the presently
ruling party PDP and contested for house of
reps in Imo state. I won the primaries and
immediately after that, I was faced with all
sorts of threats.
Some people felt I should not be a star in a
movie industry and a star in the politics as
well. So they said, “no, Clems, you are not
supposed to be here, go and face your
movie and leave us here.”
I felt that was what led them to do what
they did. My car was attacked. I escaped
their attacks severally. My cousin was killed,
my driver escaped with a bullet. It was that
serious. They thought I was inside the car
and they wanted to eliminate me.
I had to leave Owerri and escaped through
Enugu to Abuja, and travelled out of the
country to UK and from there to America.
In fact, I was just running around for my
safety. What helped me mostly is that I’m a
citizen so I do not have limits to what I can
do out there. But thanks to God, I’m back
home now for good. I came back to Nigeria
last year, because I believe everything is
calm now.

Since your return last year, how many
movies have you done?

I have done at least 26 movies.

Now that you’re fully back, what are we
expecting from you?

A lot. Yes…we are still doing what we do
because we have passion for it. I used to tell
my friends that I can’t leave film making,
because I want to make fame. This business
is the only one that opens doors. As long as
you are in this business, any door you
knock on, it will open without much stress.
I have a lot I’m doing. I have business
interests in U.S, U.K and Ivory Coast.
Now that you are back, what are the
changes you noticed in Nollywood?
There’s a revolution in Nollywood. Not the
kind of revolution with violence, we don’t
need violence.
I always tell people that the industry will
always evolve for good, which is why I
called it evolution. Now, with the aspect of
coming back to the cinema, we are heading
to the point where the professionals will
take over the business and things will be
done right.
Right now, the people in control of the
industry are not really the top professionals,
but I give them kudos, because without
them we won’t have come this far. But all
we ask them for is let there be some
finance, let there be some structure.
One of the biggest finance today in US is
Hollywood. The government here in Nigeria
got involved in Nollywood, because they
found out that Nollywood is mega money
business or structure. That is where they
got it wrong. You can’t just jump in from
nowhere and take over what people used
their life and money to build.
No! We don’t work that way. But anyway
the change will come and is coming
gradually. And it’s most unfortunate that the
people we helped are not the people that
will take us to promise land. There are
people who have not come out to talk about
the faring of the industry, those are the
people in due time will take up Nollywood.

Your general challenges?

The job itself is challenging. I can’t really
say…but we do experience challenges from
time to time, especially when you have to
go out to locations. But the most important
thing I can call challenge is the fact that you
have lost your private life. You are now a
public figure. You are limited in things you
can do.

What inspires you?

The fact that I want to affect people’s lives
through movies inspires me a lot.

Apart from acting, have you produced any
movie of your own?

Yes, have produced four movies. Two were
shot in Ivory Coast and there are French
movies, while two others are in English and
were shot here in Nigeria.

Turn off?

(Laughs) Women turn me off; I know you
will soon ask that.

Turn on?

Good food turns me on.

About your last job and this one you are

I can’t talk about it because I’ll be selling out
the movie to readers. I can only talk about
the ones in the market because this is just
like piracy to me. I don’t have to break the

How do you cope with fans?

Without them there is no me, because they
are the mirror that I see myself in. They’re
the most important thing in my life and my
career, because without them, you are like
every other person walking on the street.
They are the mirror in which when you are
getting older or younger they will tell you.
Anything else you want to tell us?
Nothing more to say, but the name of your
magazine scares me. I hope you don’t
gossip me (Laughs).

Ex-Biafran Warlord , Odimegwu Ojukwu Dies At 78

Ex-Biafran war lord, Ikemba Nnewi, Dim
Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu has
passed on. He died in a London hospital
last night. He was 78 years old. May his
soul rest in peace..amen.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Naeto C Confirms Wedding Plans With Nicole

An Encomium Magazine reporter met the
rapper at an event last week and asked
him about his impending nuptials with
girlfriend of over a year, Nicole

It was reported that you are getting
married soon, can you tell us how you
finally found love?

Naeto C : I am sorry, I don't like talking
about my person because it involves
my family also.

But the marriage is holding next year?
Naeto C: By the grace of God, yes.

How Mercy Johnson's Husband Monitors Her Every Move

Hilarious article written by one Destiny Azu
who writes for Yes! Magazine. Some of the
things you read It's not the story
itself, it's the way it was written. Check it
out below...
Culled from Yes! Magazine

City Tracks scoop has uncovered a rather
bizarre past time of Prince Okojie, the
hubby of Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson
Okojie, especially each time his role
interpreter wife goes on movie location.
Each day of the week, he visits all the
newsstands in their Omole estate, in Ikeja
abode and its environs in search of news
magazines with stories about his wife. Our
sources revealed that almost all the vendors
in the area have been detailed to keep him
posted anytime a magazine carries a story
on Mercy.

The source added that at the rate the man
carries out his assignment, it is difficult to
say whether he has any other job he does
as diligent as this.

While a school of thought believes his latest
antics is to prove his love for his wife,
others believe he might just be sniffing

To support their claim, the latter believe he
does not have to read stories about his wife
on the pages of magazines to kill boredom
each time she hops off to movie location.
Talking to her on the phone is more than
adequate, they argue....

Photo Fun Post: Can You Tell That This Is A TOMATO???

Yea you hear that, don't get too excited
guys. na just tomato. :p

Oya Happy Thursday

Femi Kuti Impregnates Another Dancer - Expecting Baby No.6

Femi with last baby mama, Bose Ajila

Just eight months ago, one of Femi
Kuti's dancers, Bose Ajila, gave birth to
baby boy for the Afro beat king. Now,
another dancer in his Positive Force
Band, Anthonia, is heavily pregnant and
getting ready to deliver Femi's sixth

With the arrival of this baby, Femi will
be a father of six children from five
different women. One child from his
soon to be ex-wife, Funke Kuti, two
from an Igbo lady named Munachi, and
three children from three of his dancers.

President Goodluck Jonathan Sacks Farida Waziri As EFCC Boss

President Goodluck Jonathan today sacked
the Chairman of the Economic and Financial
Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mrs. Farida Waziri.

Her sacking was contained in a statement
signed by presidential spokesman, Dr.
Reuben Abati. No reason was given for her

President Goodluck Jonathan has since
approved the appointment of Mr. Ibrahim
Lamorde as the Acting Chairman/Chief
Executive of the, EFCC.

Incidentally, when she was appointed on
May 18, 2008 by the late President Umaru
Yar’Adua, she took over from Lamorde, who
was appointed in an acting capacity as EFCC
chairman after Mallam Nuhu Ribadu was
removed in controversial circumstances.
Mrs.Farida Waziri was appointed EFCC
Chairman by Late President Umaru Musa
Yar’Adua on May 18, 2008 and confirmed
by the Senate on May 27, 2008.

Mr. Lamorde, an officer of the Nigeria Police,
was, until this appointment, the Director of
Operations of the EFCC.

His appointment takes immediate effect.

The Untold Story Of Kate Henshaw's Crashed Marriage

Although,it has been claimed that work
ethics and tight schedules of star actress
Kate Henshaw and her spouse Roderick
Nuttal contributed heavily to the crash of
their marriage,many are however laying the
blame on gossip and alleged dalliance of the
star actress which her enemies peddled to
her husband.

According to them,in the last two
years,there had been allegations of the
actress being close to an unnamed
Ghanaian big boy whom they claim she was
also travelling to see in Accra.

Before that allegation however,there was
also this alleged romance with a popular
artiste who used to live in the Surulere area
of lagos.

Some other men that have been fingered in
relationship with the actress include the
Executive Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi
Amaechi, former Governor of Cross River
State, Donald Duke,comedian, Bright
Okpocha popularly known as
Basketmouth,and Ayo Sonaiya, Chief
Executive Officer of R70 Media amongst

Although these allegations were variously
denied,many believe they helped sow the
seed of discord that eventually broke the
once enviable union of the couple which
had endured an appreciable period of 12

Whilst Roderick James Nuttal’s friends are
pointing accusing fingers at Kate’s
highprofile lifestyle,Kate’s friends say Nuttal
has a boring husband.

For years now both have been living as

Now,they both live apart in Lekki.

There are those who say Rod may have
become tired of Kate’s high profile,party
going lifestyle which sees her hanging
around many celebrity men,some others
say Rod’s attempt to curtail these excesses
led to the collapse of his marriage to Kate.
We also gathered that Ella, the only product
of the union, is still in Kate’s custody as at
today until the court rules otherwise.

Singer And Video Model , Dencia, Acquires New Bentley

Dencia posing next to her Bentley

Tuface Idibia Saves Policeman Who Was Shot By Armed Robbers

The singer

and a friend were returning from a
night club in the early hours of Sun Nov
20th, when they spotted a man lying by
the roadside, writhing in pain. Tuface
asked that they come out of their car to
see what was wrong the man. He was a
police man who had been shot a few
times by armed robbers just a few
minutes before Tuface's vehicle drove

So him and his friend took the injured
police man to a hospital in VI, where he
was treated after Tuface stood as his
guarantor. The police man was later
moved to another hospital after his
people came.
You did great, Tuface. Welldone. And this
is a big deal, because coming down of
your vehicle at 3am in the morning in
Lagos is an extremely risky thing to do.
It might have been a set up, or maybe
the robbers were still around, you
know, stuff like that. So, Tuface and his
friend deserve praise for saving this
man's lives. They are heroes!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Wizkid Opens Up About His Relationship With Sophie

Contrary to report making the round that
Wizkid dumps Sophie,the girl that featured
in his debut video Holla at Your Boy, this
new hip hop sensation has debunked the

In a recent interview ,when asked if is true
that he dated Sophie; He said Yes,we dated
but that was long time ago before I
started music professionally.

Asked, people said you jilted her because
you have got stardom? He responded;
No.That’s not true.We just decided to
move on.We stopped dating before I shot
the video.I invited her for the video and
she obliged to do it.If I jilted her,she
wouldn’t have accepted my offer in the
first instance.

Rumour-Monger please stop spreading false

Nollywood Actresses Harass Men Sexually- Halima Abubakar

Why is it that Nollywood is not as
pronounced in the North like here in

I think that question should be directed to
them because I belong to Actors’ Guild of
Nigeria (AGN) and we basically act English

Have you made money from acting?

I’m surviving by God’s grace.

Do you do other businesses apart from

Oh yes, I’m into farming and spare parts
business. I’m into hospitality business, while
I invest in other people’s businesses, among
other things.

There are accusations that most actresses
want to look flashy at all cost and yet they
are fake. How true is this?

If some are fake, I’m not and you don’t
need to wear flashy things or go out of
your way to look good. Well I’m not
categorical, I only wear what I can afford
and don’t go out of my way to make things
happen. I’m not also in the league of people
that live above their means.

But it was reported that some actresses
date rich guys to make more money?

Do you want us to date poor people? I don’t
understand what you mean by that.
I mean some of you engage in other
activities to make money?

Maybe they do it, but I don’t and that is a
matter of choice. People are free to live their
lives the way the want and being a noble
woman, I believe that a woman’s body is
the temple of God and pride to her future
husband, if she decides to live irresponsibly
and ruin her life, its her choice.

Are you aware that some of them do some
extra runs?

If they do, that is their own choice, but I
don’t do runs.

What is you universal selling point as an

I try as much as I can to be real and don’t
use too flashy make up, while I don’t over
act. At least, we were on the same flight
from Lagos to London and by that, you
should have known the kind of person I am
and my selling point is my gentle
personality and I always use my brain.

I saw you doing some shopping in
London, so what is your fashion life like?

My life is classy and chic and I love cultural
stuff, while I add some Nigerian influence
into my dressing. For example, I can buy a
foreign attire and add Nigerian or a
Ghanaian hand bag to complete the
dressing. I also have a shop in Kano and
some of those things are going into the

As an indigene of Kogi State, why haven’t
you featured so much in Yoruba movies?

I have done one and I discovered that I’m
not too good in it and Yoruba language is
one of the languages I respect so much, so I
don’t want to spoil it and I had to opt out of
There is this allegation that there is sexual
harassment in the movie industry, how
true is this?

Of course, there is because immediately I
came back 10 years ago, a member of an
unprofessional clique calling themselves
film producers, tried it with me.

Who is the person?

Do you expect me to mention anybody’s
name? No, but one of them tried such with
me but my god brother, Micky Robson,
warned me against the person. Well, I will
say I was lucky because I have people who
were guiding me.

Was the person pestering you or wanted
to do otherwise?

No, but the person insisted that I should
come and collect my script at his hotel room
and I told him ‘do people collect script in
hotel rooms?’ Another incident was when
another guy had an audition for a movie
entitled Eagle Bride and asked people to pay
N500 each, a lot of people actually paid the

Did you pay?

No, I did not pay because he asked me to
come and pick mine in a hotel and I
wondered why it is me, among hundreds of
people, would go to a hotel and pick my
script, when I did not even have a dime to
pay in the first instance. Anyway, I told
Micky and he warned me not to go and I did

Do women harass men in Nollywood?

Yes, they do because a lot of confused girls
that came into Nollywood lately don’t know
their bearing as they just came flaunting
their bodies and when somebody tries to
show interest in them, they cry foul and say
that they are being harassed, yet they were
the ones harassing the men. They do it
because they are not ready to work hard
because you can not tell me every man is
harassing you sexually, so something must
be wrong. Well, I’m an actress and when I
am on location I see these things happening
and when you try to advise them, they will
tell you that they know what they are

How do you see Halima Abubakar in the
next 10 years?

My prayer is to be happily married and raise
a good family.

When do you hope to get married?

Everything is in God’s hand.

Do you have a relationship?

I don’t discuss my private life on the pages
of newspapers.

But who is the lucky man?

No, I won’t discuss that.

Who then is your ideal man?

My ideal man is the person I am dating.

Nollywood Actress Caught In A Dirty Act

Some of you,her fans,may not like this,but
to the top actress involved,she couldn’t
have been happier-just a blow job and she
got a Honda CRV jeep!

The crazy sexual encounter was
somewhere in Lekki,Lagos,but the two
parties have become closer now and
regularly ‘collide’ as they please.

The millionaire is from the South East and
the actress,the South South.The man is dark-
skinned and slim and the actress,fair and
short.Alphabet C is in the man’name and
alphabet R in the actress’.

Publisher Of The Guardian Newspaper, Alex Ibru Is Dead

Chairman and Publisher of The Guardian
newspaper, and former Minister of
Internal Affairs, Mr. Alex Ibru, passed
away today. He was 66.

Chairman, Publisher of The
Guardian, Dr. Alexander Uruemu
Ibru has passed on. He died at
about 1.30p.m. on Sunday,
November 20, in the course of an
illness. He was 66. Burial
arrangements will be announced
soon by the family,” His Newspaper,
The Guardian said in a statement.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Justin Bieber Releases Duet With Jaden Smith

Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith released a
new duet Friday -- a cover of "Thinking
About You" by Frank Ocean.

"I hope you like it," tweeted Smith, the 13-
year-old son of Hollywood power couple
Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Following in his father's footsteps, Smith
raps on the track while Bieber lends his
smooth vocals to the R&B tune.

Bieber, 17, and Smith released their first
musical collaboration "Never Say Never" in
2010 which served as the theme song for
"The Karate Kid" remake, starring Smith.

Smith's 11-year-old sister, Willow, has also
entered the music business with her single
"Whip My Hair."

Oprah Winfrey Announces New Cable Series

LOS ANGELES -- Oprah Winfrey will return to
the airwaves in a weekly, primetime
program called "Oprah's Next Chapter" that
will air on her cable network, the channel
said Friday.

In the new series, the media mogul will step
"outside of the studio for some riveting,
enlightening in-depth conversations with
newsmakers, celebrities, thought leaders
and real-life families," according to a
statement from OWN: Oprah Winfrey

The program will premiere Jan. 1 at 9:00pm
ET with an in-depth conversation with
Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler at his
home in New Hampshire.

Subsequent episodes in the show's first
season will feature Oscar winner Sean
Penn's humanitarian work in Haiti, a tour of
"Star Wars" creator George Lucas' ranch and
a look at chef Paula Deen's Georgia estate.
"After 25 years I got myself out of the
studio chairs. I moved into the next chapter,
and I am having more fun than ever --
moving around the country and the world
talking to people I'm really interested in
getting to know," Winfrey, 57, said.

In May, the talk show host stepped away
from her popular day time talk show to
focus her energy on her cable project -- a
joint venture with Discovery

Despite Winfrey's star power, the network
has been plagued with slumping ratings
that has left advertisers disappointed.
"I will say this; it's 10 times harder than
doing my daily show. Doing that show felt
like breathing every day. Now I'm in so
many meetings I sometimes have to step
out and catch a breath," Winfrey told her
followers in an August Facebook posting.

Onlookers had expected the OWN talk show
featuring Rosie O'Donnell, which launched
in October, to provide a surge of
enthusiasm but viewership has been
lackluster so far.

Then in early November, Winfrey's best
friend and business partner Gayle King,
announced she was leaving her OWN talk
show "The Gayle King Show" to join CBS'
revamped morning program that will also
feature veteran interviewer Charlie Rose.

Obama Sends Note For Heavy D funeral

Heavy D was
remembered with laughter and tears Friday
during a star-studded funeral service that
included Jay-Z and Will Smith, humorous
anecdotes from longtime friend Diddy, and
words of encouragement for his young
daughter, delivered in a letter from
President Barack Obama.

"We extend our heartfelt condolences at this
difficult time. He will be remembered for his
infectious optimism and many
contributions to American music. Please
know that you and your family will be in
our thoughts and prayers," read the Obama
note, according to the Rev. Al Sharpton, who
quoted from it during the service.

Xea Myers, Heavy D's 11-year-old daughter,
also spoke briefly, telling the audience that
her father was "still here, not in the flesh,
but in the spirit."

Grace Baptist Church was filled to capacity
for the two-and-half-hour service, which
was also streamed live on the Web. It was
so crowded, an overflow area was set up.
Among those in attendance were Usher,
Queen Latifah, Don King, Q-Tip, John Legend
and Rosie Perez.

"Silently he's been influential in a lot of our
careers," Usher said after the service. "His
love still lives on."

A large photo of Heavy D sat next to his
closed casket.
Heavy D died last week in Los Angeles at the
age of 44. His family said the death was due
to complications from pneumonia.

The self-proclaimed "Overweight Lover"
was born in Jamaica but reared in Mount
Vernon, which he dubbed "Money Earnin'
Mount Vernon." It was also the home of
Sean "Diddy" Combs. Diddy talked about
how Heavy D helped give him his start in
the music industry, and how their decades-
long friendship continued up until Heavy
D's death.

"He became my friend. He became my
brother, and I'm not talking about friend-
brother like we cavalierly use the word, I'm
talking about a real friend, a real brother,"
Diddy said. "Somebody I shared my dreams
and my secrets with, somebody that's been
there for me at my lowest point, my darkest
hour when nobody wanted to be beside

But he also told jokes as he recounted his
"bromance" with the rapper, including a
recent visit to Miami that was supposed to
last for three days, but "turned into three
weeks." He added that Heavy D got to know
his chef "very well."

Sharpton also drew laughter when he noted
that James Brown "made us black and
proud; (Heavy D) made us fat and proud."
But singer Johnny Gill was tearful when he
approached the altar, saying: "Just want to
say to Heavy: job well done." He later gave a
powerful rendition the gospel hit "Never
Would Have Made It." Heavy D's nieces were
also teary-eyed as they sang the gospel
standard "His Eye Is on the Sparrow."

Yolanda Adams and Anthony Hamilton also
Heavy D, whose real name was Dwight
Myers, was influential in the development of
rap as it grew into a phenomenon in the
late 1980s and 1990s. His hits included
"Now That We've Found Love" and "Nuttin'
But Love"; much of his music marked the
"New Jack Swing" era in urban music, and
he stood out from the pack with his
rhymes, typified by a positive vibe and a
lightheartedness that endeared him to so

Salt, of Salt-N-Pepa, recalled touring with
Heavy D & the Boyz, and said the rapper
always told her: "I love you."

"He was a life-long buddy to me," she said
after the service. "Just now I realized how
many lives he touched."
A fund has been set up to financially aid
Heavy D's daughter; details were available
on the website

Rapper Queen Latifah: 'I'm Definitely Going To Adopt'

Queen Latifah is ready to
become a mother and
wants to adopt a child.

The rapper-turned-
actress has long refused
to comment on reports
she's gay, and keeps her
private life strictly out of
the public domain.

However, the 41-year-old star has opened up
about her desire to be a mom, and reveals she
has been eager to adopt a child since she was
a teen.

She tells More magazine, "I'm definitely going
to adopt - or have - a child. I've wanted to
adopt since I was 17 or 18 years old."

Introducing New Miss Nigeria Feyijimi Sodipo

21-year-old Feyijimi Sodipo was crowned
the new beauty queen and ambassador.
The event started with a rendition of the
National Anthem by Kaline, after which the
show opened with the Miss Nigeria
contestants in white shirts, black pants and
bow ties doing a dance performance of
Maroon 5′s “Move Like Jagger”.

The host, Wunika gave the opening speech.
She welcomed guests and acknowledged
the presence of the 1st lady of Lagos State,
Abimbola Fashola.

The 5 Judges for the competition were Prof.
Ebun Clark, Mrs Wunmi, Tony Akiotu, the
General Managing Director of Daar
communications, Catherine Ifejika, Derin
Osoba and Dr Bello Osagie. The finalists
returned on stage for the parade of
traditional wears.

There was a solo performance by Tuface
(Tubaba); a rendition of ‘Implication’ with a
mix of ‘African Queen’.

Wunika returned on stage, thanked all the
sponsors of the pageant and then ushered
in the 20 finalists in their evening wears
designed and manufactured by Vlisco.

The Vlisco collection was brilliant with lots
of asymmetrics, long flowy, edgy sleeves,
and frills.

Miss Delta was decorated Miss Congeniality,
while Miss Anambra was awarded Miss
Miss African Hostess was given to Miss
Akwa Ibom and the best traditional wear
was won by Miss Benue.

The Top 5 contestants, Miss Anambra, Miss
Bauchi, Miss Edo, Miss Benue and Miss
Rivers, were called up to answer questions.
“Is beauty skin deep?” Miss Edo State was
asked. Miss Anambra was asked which 3
historical people she would spend the day
with if given the chance. She listed Flora
Shaw, Mary Slessor, and Nelson Mandela.
Miss Rivers revealed plans to tackle
unemployment if she was crowned queen,
while Miss Benue said she would look into
the state of orphans in her state as statistics
show that Benue has the highest rate of
orphans in Nigeria.

Miss Ogun was asked the big one; “what is
global warming?” She gave a fluent, well
thought-out answer on encouraging the
use of biodegradable materials.

There was a lot of suspense leading up to
the announcement of the winner.
After much deliberation, Miss Edo was
awarded 2nd runner up, then Miss Benue,
1st runner up. Finally, Miss Ogun, Feyijimi
Sodipo, a 21-year-old student was crowned
Miss Nigeria 2011.

Sodipo will be the Queen Ambassador and,
during her reign, will to implement several
projects in collaboration with the Federal
and State governments, and also private

Sodipo, in her acceptance speech, thanked
the organisers of the event, Chief Nike
Osinowo-Soleye, sponsors, her family and
finally, God.

Rick ross Postpones Album Release

Rick Ross has delayed the
release of his new album
as he recovers from two
seizures which landed
him in hospital last

God Forgives, I Don't was
due to hit shelves on
December 13th but it has
been pushed back to early next year
following the rapper's health crisis on October

Ross has assured fans he is feeling much
better now but executives at his record label
want to give the heavyweight hip-hop star
plenty of time to recover.

Island Def Jam marketing boss Chris Atlas tells
Billboard, "I think we're all aware of his recent
health issue, and based on some of the minor
setbacks with that, we weren't able to confirm
certain opportunities, because he physically
wasn't able to deal with certain things at the

"We want this to be his biggest album - we
know it's going to be his biggest album - so
we did not want to pressure him into
releasing an album based on the sake of a

Justin Bieber Takes Paternity Test

Justin Bieber has
undergone a DNA
test to put an end
to allegations he
fathered a child
with a California
Mariah Yeater, 20,
hit headlines earlier
this month after
claiming the singer
impregnated her in a backstage romp
following a Los Angeles concert last year.

Yeater told reporters she had evidence
proving Bieber was the father of her four-
month-old son Tristyn, but she ultimately
withdrew her request for a paternity test and
child support last week after the singer
vehemently denied her allegations.

And in a bid to put the rumors to rest, the
hitmaker voluntarily took a DNA test on

Speaking to TV show "Extra" on the eve of the
singer's doctor's appointment, Bieber's
manager Scooter Braun said, "(He) doesn't
mind. He's like, 'I'm just going to go ahead...
(with) it and be fine.'"

And Braun is still threatening to take legal
action against Yeater for attempting to
damage Bieber's reputation, adding, "I think
it's important to hold people accountable for
their actions."

Wyclef Jean Seeks Old School Buses For Haiti

Rapper Wyclef Jean is appealing
for any unused school buses to
be donated to his charity effort
in earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

The former Fugees star, who
was made a roving ambassador
for his homeland in 2007, has been a driving
force behind the nation's rebuilding efforts
following the devastation of a major
earthquake there in 2010 and has been busy
raising money to fund the recovery mission
via his Yele Haiti organisation.

He's now hoping generous fans will help him
locate some spare buses to give school kids a
ride as they continue to try and return to

In a tweet to fans on Thursday, he writes,
"Good morn (morning) I am looking for school
buses in Fair conditions to be donate (sic) to
Ship to Haiti for students in desperate needs
of transportation".

15-Years-Old HIV Positive Girl Sexually Attacks 4-Years-Old Boy To Infect Him

PARENTS of a four-year-old boy are waiting
anxiously to find out if he has been
infected with HIV following a sex attack by
a 15-year-old girl, a court heard.

The boy was playing in the yard of his
home with other children when the teenage
neighbour walked over and persuaded him
to go with her, prosecutor Sifiso Ndlovu told
the Bulawayo Magistrates’ Court.

Once at her home in Bulawayo’s
Gwabalanda suburb, the girl undressed, lay
on a bed facing upwards and forced the
boy to come on top her before molesting

Ndlovu told magistrate Fadzai Mthombeni
on Wednesday that the teenage neighbour
knew she was HIV positive before the
attack on the little boy.

She pleaded guilty to a charge of
aggravated indecent assault and deliberate
transmission of HIV – although tests so far
have shown the boy has not yet been
infected. HIV has an incubation period of up
to three months before it can be detected in

The magistrate ordered the girl indefinitely
detained at a young offenders’ institution. A
decision on which institution she will be
sent to will be made by the Juvenile Court in
terms of the Children’s Act.

Rihanna: "I Don't Get Any Booty Calls"

"I'm not dating at all...I'm not necessarily
happy being single. It's not really that cool,"
the 23-year-old pop star said on Ellen
Friday. "It sucks, but it is what it is."

"My personal life is pretty much non-
existent," she added, "which is not good,
not for the long run. Not for me, not for
[my vagina]. It's not fun."

"That's why I stay on Twitter a lot, so I can
[talk] with my fans," she explained.
"Because I don't get any booty calls."

Since she's been busy promoting her new
album Talk That Talk, Rihanna hasn't had
much time to date. "I don't want to make it
seem like my work is my everything. I do
put a lot into my job. Most of my time, if
not all of it," she said. "But it definitely
affects my personal life."

Perhaps Rihanna is simply waiting for the
right man to take the lead.

"I like men who are more aggressive but
mysterious," she said. "I like them to be
sure of themselves and know that they're
the man. I'm the lady and the only way for
us to make this work is for us to play our
roles. You know, I can't really be the man
for you. I don't want to have to be. I'm the
man at work all the time."

Save My Marriage, Segun Arinze Begs Pastor?

One wonders why busy-body people
cannot mind their own businesses. Imagine
the rumour flying around early this week
that notable actor and arrowhead of the
Actors Guild of Nigeria(AGN), Segun Arinze
recently approached a pastor of one of the
new generation churches in respect of the
challenges he is currently facing in his

The church is said to be located somewhere
in Okota area of Lagos.

Segun and wife, Julie
In a text message,Segun Arinze allegedly
sent to the pastor, he is practically begging
the man of God to intervene in his marriage
spiritually as his new wife, Julie is about to
call it a quit.

Though our source refused to comment
further on the text message, she admitted
that the said man of God has been a long
standing friend of Segun Arinze.

The AGN president was once married to
actress Anne Njemanze. Their marriage
which produced a daughter crumbled few
years ago. He also has another child from a
previous relationship.

Only in February, this year, Segun Arinze
new wife gave birth to a bouncing baby
boy and the couple’s joy knew no bounds.
One only hopes that this is another
handiwork of mischief makers, or what do
you think?

Actor Jim Iyke Answers Fraud Allegations Critics

Controversial actor,Jim Iyke who was
recently arraigned in court over N15 m
fraud has responded to media and critics
via Twitter for spreading such baseless and
malicious news about him :

“As d press, blogs, sites, cynics, critics,
sceptics, haters spread their poison I knw
written long b4 me!”

“In case u wonder why d swag av not stop
pls read psalm 91! and Get a life kids!”

“Dear haters as long as u re on d move
there will be disagreements in biz. If it
can’t be resolved, we go to court.”

Read more of the tweets above.