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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Support Me I Will Bring The Grammy-9ice

Hit maker 9ice was recently in London for
the 2011 edition of Crack Ya Ribs’

In an interview with Adesope Olajide of
Factory 78, the multiple award winner let us
in a few things he’s up to, like his
forthcoming album and the plans he has for
his protege Seriki.

How are you doing my brother?

I’m fine and you

It’s nice to have you here back in the UK
after a while and you’ve been going round
the world. Your last album was amazing
the singles have been fantastic. You are
blessed with hits after hits. How hard or
how easy has it been to make the second
album even better than the first one.
Well it is more difficult because coming
from my own part of the world. If you do
one thing people want something better so
if you are unable to do it, its like a scar so to
deliver people will respect you and adore
you for that but the most important thing is
to give thanks to God for making it happen
and that’s it
The last 12 months has been all sort of
stuffs we are happy that all sort rumors and
things have been put behind and we can
now focus on the music. For you as an
entertainer how difficult is it for you to
focus on the music when other stuffs are
happening behind you?

For me personally, I have two lives there is
9ice the artiste and 9ice Abolore so when
things are happening to 9ice the artiste the
abolore consoles him.

We are happy for that, the music I’ve
always wanted to talk about it the parables
you throw out there you say ‘ki won lo bere
lowo iya won’ where did you learn those
parables and how did you learn them and
use them in your song?

Well I will say there are things I grew up
with sharing I might not be paying
attention to it while I was growing up.
When I grew up as an adult I was trying to
be creative all those things started flashing
back. I can’t speak English like the white or
better than the Americans so I decided to
speak in my mother’s tongue I listened to
while I was growing up and that was it and
glory be to God its working for me
I saw you perform on stage and I saw an
interview you did. You were talking about
where you grew up, Bariga where you
talked about your people, the emotions
that turn up on your face. Tell me the
feeling that you connect with when you
think about the people you grew up

Well the feeling is mutual because I’m a
success today doesn’t mean the whole of
bariga gets the survival. I’ve seen
thousands of people suffering and we are
being blessed. When you come out of the
ghetto and God has done something great
to you all you need do is give back to the
society and I know the government can’t do
everything there are still a lot of people
millions trying to fend for themselves and
they are still going to have bankers from
the ghetto, engineers from the ghetto ,
musicians , architects from the ghetto. So
people should look into that ghetto because
so many good things will come out of the

Now you promised me as a fan that you
are bringing home a Grammy how long do
you want me to wait for it?

Well it’s the fans that do it for us. For me
personally without my fans I won’t be
where I am today so let’s just keep
supporting 9ice let’s keep supporting
Nigerian music and in no time the Grammy
will be

Now the next album you have to be
working on it now. How far gone are you
in the next album and when should we be

The album is done we are compiling songs
together now. We are releasing it December
7th. It was supposed to drop in September,
it’s a double album.

One of my favorite songs of yours apart
from ‘Gbamu gbamu’, crazy. ‘Loni’ with
Dagrin I listened to it on YouTube over
and over again like crazy. Tell me about
making that song a hit. How it feels for
you for making that song with a legend
and what the vibe was when you were
making the track.

My producer worked on the beat and I
listened to it and I told him I like this beat
because it’s African and it sounds juju and I
told him I should be able to do something
with this. When I was done with my own
verses and chorus and I thought to myself
‘who can I put on the song that will
compliment the song?’. And I thought of
Dagrin I called him and he showed up. He
spent some hours in the studio and later he
came out with something. And people loved

Finally I saw you perform for the Governor
of Lagos Babatunde Raji Fashola. I saw it
here live in the UK. What caught me about
the performance was that when you
started to sing you completely threw
everything out of the way and you started
to talk to people in the crowd. Is that how
you talk during performances and how
you inspire your fans when they come out
to watch you?

Yes definitely because talking to the crowd
makes a lot of sense. Its not just about
entertaining them you also need to
correlate with them talk to them and make
them understand what they are listening to.
Most times they listen to songs and they
don’t understand what you are saying so
through you action, charisma, people get to
know what you are saying and they

Thanks you very much 9ice Alapomeji is
your record label and you’ve got the boys
that you are bringing up. What else can we
expect from Alapomeji?

Seriki is coming out with his own album in
November. People should look out for that
album because it’s going to be crazy, it’s
going to be wonderful.

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