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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Soulja Boy Apologizes to Fans After Arrest

The 21-year-old rapper, three friends and a
driver were pulled over Tuesday morning
for a broken light, but police discovered
marijuana and guns inside the SUV. Soulja
(real name: DeAndre Cortez Way) was
charged and subsequently released on
$10,000 bond, but he quickly took to
Twitter to thank apologize for his behavior
and promote his new movie.

"My fans [were] DEEP AS F**K OUTSIDE THAT
JAIL!" he tweeted Tuesday after his release.
"Man, I'm sorry!"

Coincidentally, Tuesday was the same day
that Soulja's straight-to-DVD movie about
his life and career was released. "I missed
10 interviews today for my new movie!"
he tweeted. "To those companies, I'm sorry.
You can see, I had a lil situation. The show
must go on."

The film is aptly titled Soulja Boy: The Movie
and is available in select stores and online.

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