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Friday, October 14, 2011

Songstress Waje Undergoes Surgery

Sonorous voiced singer,Waje was on
Saturday,October 1,2011,operated upon to
remove her inflamed and infected
appendix.Confirming she really had an
appendix that was almost rupturing,she
said she was initially treating malaria not
knowing she had a more complicated

I was not feeling too well.So,I had to see
my doctor.After receiving treatment,I
went home only to find out I could not
walk properly.It was really painful.After
undergoing full scan,It was discovered I
had appendicitis(an illness in which the
appendix is infected and painful and
usually needs to be removed by surgery).

That was how I was booked for surgery I
never planned.I thank God for saving my
precious life Waje narrated.

Already discharged from a Lagos private
hospital,Aitauaja Iroube,as her parents
named her at birth,would be working from
home until she fully recovers.

I’m working slowly so as not to
jeopardize my health.Although,I am
convalescing at home,I am trying to stay
strong before resuming work.I hope to be
strong to perform at the October 22 Hip
Hop World Awards and other shows I have
been booked she explained.

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