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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Senator David Mark is not my lover" - Actress, Chika Ike

I'm sure some of you read the story that
made the rounds last week that the actress
is dating the senate president, and he
bought her the range rover she is currently
driving and opened her Fancy store in
Abuja. The actress and business woman
says it's not true.
She tells Encomium magazine

Normally, I wouldn't react to stories about
myself in public, I have my reasons, but I
would talk about this briefly. I know David
Mark, he is the senate president. But
personally, I do not know David Mark and I
can say this anywhere, anytime. Why I am
actually reacting to this tale is for two
reasons. It's a delicate story and second, I
wouldn't want my success, my hard work,
and my struggle to be attached to someone
I don't know. I have never had anything to
do with Senator David Mark. People just
wake up and make up stories. The range
rover I drive is my hard work, my struggle
and my sweat.

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