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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Selena Gomez adopts Bieber swagger and raps in MTV Europe Music Awards promo video

The pint-size Disney star, who's
set to host this year's MTV Europe
Music Awards on November 6, got
in touch with her inner swagger
for a recently released promo
video for the show.

In it, Gomez starts out in short-
shorts and a white top, gazing in
a mirror and sighing about how
she "finally gets to host the EMAs."

Her alter ego, a flannel and gold
bikini-top clad chick with an
attitude, snaps at her to "shut yo
face" before launching into a rap
that would make the 19-year-
old's boyfriend Bieber proud.

Gomez told The Hollywood Reporter earlier
this month that playing host at the mega-
event will give her a lot of freedom to try a
few things - creatively speaking.

"I'm really looking forward to it," she said in
the interview. "It will be really fun to be on
the hosting side of it and get to perform so
it will be different for me and my band.
"With the promo that we released, it's kind
of the direction I want to go in. There will
be fun and different things people have
never seen me do before."

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