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Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Ruggedman STOLE His ENTIRE Shoe Collection From Fevershoes" Compare Both

Rapper, Ruggedman veered into the
fashion industry in 2008. After his first
attempt to break into the industry failed,
the rapper is making another attempt as he
relaunched his fashion line with new
collections from his T.S.W (20th September
Wear) late last month.

The rapper has been accused of borrowing
'heavily' from the creativity of an
upcoming designer, Natischa Harvey.
A similarly designed pair of shoes in
Harvey's 2010 collection called 'Fever
Shoes' has been spotted on Ruggedman's
T.S.W new collections.

A Nigerian lady on twitter accusing him of
stealing shoe design for his 2011 T.S.W
ruggedman STOLE his ENTIRE shoe
collection from Fevershoes…WOW'. 'WOW
@Ruggedybaba you no try at all o. You
STOLE your ENTIRE shoe collection from
Natischa Harvey's Fever Shoes… WOW really
'I know Fever shoe are not super popular,
but still come on! anh anh. He wasn't even
subtle about it'. 'He didn't even change the
colour and tweak the design a little'
Ruggedman denied claims TSW new shoe
collections ripped off of NAtischa Harvey's

Fever Shoes when he tweeted this in reply
"I tot to just ignore u but decided to speak
to u a bit let u know dat cos u have mouth,
doesn't mean u speak all the time'
'pple like u are so quick to jump at a chance
to run someone down with the negativity,
u fail to reason 1st before acting. I know
your type'.
'I only got one word for you 'customising'.
Try n figure d rest out for urself cos i cnt
tell u ma trade secret".
Ruggedman also claimed the shoes in
question were designed by some designers
outside Nigeria.

above are collections from the two brands.

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