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Monday, October 3, 2011

PICTURES: Cossy Orjiakor'sIndependence Day BoobsGiveaway

That's the Queen Of Boobs, Cossy Orjiakor
on Independence day at at Hardley Suites,
an event that had a number of celebrities in
attendance. Even before the day of the
event, she warned the boys to behave or
she'll "booby slab or trap una" at the event.
It wasn't until we saw this picture, that we
understood what she meant by '"booby
slab or trap'
But seriously, isn't this oppressive?
How awkward was it for all the ladies at the
event who's boyfriends or husband are the
promiscuous type.
Ahhh, I think the babe should be banned
from appearing in public places

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