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Friday, October 7, 2011

Nightclub Owner, Suzy Q On Why She Partnered With Dprince To Rebrand 'Club SQ' As 'Jonzing'

Suzy Q and Goldie

One the biggest clubs on the Island in
Lagos, Club SQ owned by Susan Yusuf (Suzy
Q) has been transformed and rebranded as
club jonzing. In a recent interview, the
Lagos big Girl talked about how she
partnered with Mohits Artist, D'prince to
relaunch her club 'SQ' as club Jonzing.

I have known a lot of Nigeria celebrities
and I am not impressed with them. They
are too fluffy. I was discussing with a
friend on the need to partner with a
celebrity. He asked whom I have in mind
and I said I don't have anyone,because I
am not too keen about Nigeria's
entertainment industry. I sought his advice
and he said no one on his mind. I later saw
a video of Don Jazzy.

That's Prince's behind Who am I? I have the
song and love his personality. I told my
friend and he said that was Prince. He got
his number and I called Prince. Why I finally
decided to partner with him was his
humility. He responded to me politely the
first time I spoke with him on phone. He
came over and discussed the terms and

While deliberating on the rebranding, we
were clueless on the new name. Remember,
I made the move on partnership. Thus,
while discussing I gave him several names
but he was not cool about it. He said they
sounded more European. He said it should
be a Naija thing. He later maintained
Jonzing. I asked what that means and he
said that was the name of one of the songs
in his album songs. He told me what it
means and I fell in love with it.

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