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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nicki Minaj Performs "Super Bass" With 8- Year-Old YouTube Star

Eight-year-old Sophia and her cousin Rosie,
5, became viral video stars earlier this
month with an adorable rendition of Nicki
Minaj's "Super Bass." But on Wednesday's
Ellen DeGeneres Show, the English girls got
the surprise of their lives when Minaj, 28,
showed up for a surprise joint
performance of their favorite song!

When Minaj came onto the stage, Sophia
literally jumped for joy. The rapper gave
her little fan a big hug, lifting her up and
twirling her in front of the cheering

"She blew me away!" Minaj told DeGeneres
of Sophia. "Within five seconds of seeing
[her] video, I was calling everyone! I was
also receiving a billion emails. Everyone
was like you have to see this little girl."

Although Rosie doesn't sing in her cousin's
video, she dances along and provides
moral support. Minaj understood the
concept, telling Rosie, "I have a hype man,
and you have a hype girl."

"Seriously, we are watching a journey
that's about to be amazing," Minaj said of
Sophia's talent. She also gave her some
advice: "You are incredible. I just want you
to stay in school. Music is beautiful, but stay
in school, OK? Put your books first and
singing second."

Then, much to Rosie and Sophia' delight,
Minaj joined the girls for a joint
performance of "Super Bass."

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