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Monday, October 17, 2011

Lady Gaga Dresses as Marilyn Monroe to Meet Bill Clinton

Like Madonna and many other stars, Lady
Gaga channeled glamour goddess Marilyn
Monroe in Hollywood over the weekend.
But Gaga's retro getup was for the benefit
of none other than former President Bill
Clinton, the guest of honor at Saturday's
Decade of Difference concert at the
Hollywood Bowl, which marked both his
65th birthday and the 10-year anniversary
of the Clinton Foundation.

To meet the former Commander-in-Chief
backstage, the "You and I" singer, 25 (real
name: Stefanie Germanotta) wore her
blonde hair in a bouffant, a classic gold
gown, elbow-length gloves and a faux
beauty mark -- all in a nod to Monroe, who
died at age 36 in 1962 (and who famously
was linked romantically to President John F.

"A highlight of tonight was meeting Lady
Gaga backstage," Chelsea Clinton raved on
Facebook. "Her combination of creativity,
intelligence and activism are inspiring --
and, yes, she's even more remarkable on
stage than on youtube."

Onstage, Gaga stripped down to a nude
bodysuit and serenaded the President with
"Bill Romance," changing the lyrics to her
smash "Bad Romance."

"I'm going to dance with the whole family."
She sang, "I love you Bill, and Chelsea too."

Admitted Clinton before the big night: "I got
nervous when Gaga said she was planning
to have a Marilyn moment, and I thought, 'I
will have a heart attack for my 65th

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  1. Lady gaga? Bill clinton? dis illuminati pple? God wil judge evribodi on d judgement day!