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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kwara Senators Buys Jeep And House For Top Nollywood Actress

A first time Senator from Kwara State is the
latest big spender in town and he is really
showing that he knows how to sweep
babes off their feet.Impeccable sources
disclosed to us that he has spent not less
than 40 million Naira on a certain Delta State
born actress he has been having a crush on
for some time now.

We gathered that the new Senator who is
well-respected back home recently bought
an apartment for the babe in Area 3.This
was weeks after he gave her a surprise
birthday gift of a Range Rover Jeep.

The Delta State born big babe,who is also a
top actress is said to be cruising the jeep
round town as she now spend more time in
Abuja than on film locations like her

Though the Senator who is believed to be
married to a pretty petite babe has never
exhibited traits of taking a second wife but
from the feelers,the babe has been
dropping,it is obvious that the guy wants to
take her as wife number 2 and she has
been telling her friends that she would not
run away from the offer.

A couple of times they have been seen
together in public places though they never
arrived together neither do they leave such
venues together but while at such public
places,she is always hovering around him....

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