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Monday, October 17, 2011

Kenny Ogungbe, Dayo Adeneye Break Up Over money Issues

The godfathers of Nigeria's hip hop music,
and popular radio/television personalities,
Kenny Ogungbe and his partner, Dayo
Adeneye of Primetime Entertainment have
decided to go their separate ways, after
over ten years of partnership,yemojanews
can exclusively reveal.

The duo of Kenny and Dayo with their
entertainment outfit revolutionalized the
hip hop genre of music in this part or the
world through their numerous radio and
television programme in the early 1990s.
They popularized the first major hip-hop
group in Nigeria called – Remedies. These
groups actually changed the face of
Nigeria’s hip hop music scene.

According to a celebrity blog, the founders
of Primetime Africa have parted ways
based on disagreement over MTN contract
renewal. D1 is responsible for handling
negations on behalf of the company and
MTN’s decision to review their terms of
contract with Primetime Africa did not go
down well with him, hence his refusal to
encourage his partner to sign the deal.
Kenny Ogungbe’s brother, ID, was reported
to have put pressure on his elder brother to
go ahead and accept the new terms of
contract with the telecoms giant without
reverting back to his partner. D1 was said to
have heard about the renewal when a staff
of MTN contacted him to ask why he was no
longer coming with the team when the
negotiation was going on.
A furious D1 confronted Kenny who in turn
told him ID advised him to go for the deal.

Disappointed at the turn of event, D1 no
longer attends anything that has to do with
Primetime Entertainment and Kennis music.
Even, he has boycotted their popular
Primetime show on Ray Power FM and
Kenny keeps telling listeners D1 is on

A close source said D1 has contacted a
popular law firm in Lagos to act on his
behalf regarding splitting the assets of the
company as he is working on forming an
independent TV show that will focus on
interviewing celebrities.

source: yemojanews

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