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Friday, October 7, 2011

Kanye West can do wonders with his tongue

According to a lady who claims Kanye
West is
amazing at a certain thing you can do
with your tongue...
She tells Baller Alert

I met Kanye West at a private event
given by another celebrity. I can’t
give much detail for fear that he
will know its me so I’ll just skip the
details and get to the f--king.

First of all his d--k is beautiful. The
pictures that were leaked do him
absolutely NO JUSTICE. Kanye has a
real nice c--k for a man his size. We
we’re pretty f--ked up by the time
we got down to it so there was a lot
of awkward fumbling. Once we
were undressed he pushed me
down on the sofa and stuck his d--k
in my face. He’s very aggressive
and he knows what he wants. He
didn’t have to say anything. I
complied. I started to s--k his d--k
slowly and he told me to “speed
that s--t up”. He likes his d--k sucked
hard and fast. Some extra saliva
started to run down my chin and he
told me to “keep it neat”. He gets
this crazy look in his eyes when he
gets turned on. Its erotic and

After a few minutes of head he
grabbed his d--k and started to jack
it. He pushed me back on the couch
and kneeled down on the floor to
eat my p---y. This caught me by
surprise because he didn’t strike me
as someone who would eat the p---
y of a perfect stranger. KANYE HAS A
GOLDEN TONGUE. I would rate him in
the top 3 of the best head I have
ever received. I still masturbate to
the memories of that session. He is
an oral pro and knows exactly what
to do. He didn’t hesitate at all. He
wrapped his lips around my cl-t and
sucked and licked until I was just
about to come. When he saw that I
was about to climax he just
stopped. He sat back and stared at
my pussy like he was waiting for it
to speak or something. He looked at
me with that crazy look and said “I
love pretty p--y”.

He put on a condom and bent me
over the couch. He beat my p---y
damn near to death. He has such a
solid stroke. Every move was very
methodical and well-rehearsed.
There wasn’t much sensuality; in
fact it was like f--king a robot. That
didn’t take away from how good it
felt though. He just kept beating the
same spot for a while and I was c--
ming all over him. Not sure how
long we were up there but it wasn’t
long. I would have loved to keep
going but we had to get back to the
party before people started to
question out whereabouts. When
he came he kind of growled like an
animal it was hot. We didn’t say
much. He smacked my ass and
laughed, then got dressed. He went
back out first and I waited a few
minutes. Overall I give Y an A-. He is
very disassociated which made
things a little awkward at times but
still amazing pipe. Would I do it
again? Anytime.

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