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Friday, October 7, 2011

Jennifer Hudson’s Marriage Delayed Because Fiancé Won’t Sign Prenup

When the news went viral in September 2007 that talented singer and actress Jennifer Hudson is engaged to her boyfriend David Otunga, the only question on everyone’s mouth is: What would J-Hud’s wedding dress look like? Four years after with a 2 year old son, the question is yet to be answered because her fiancé, David Otunga has refused to sign any pre-nuptial contract in regards to separating their finances in case of a divorce. Prenup is a common thing amongst the celebrities who now separate their hard-earned resources from their marriage.

In Jennifer’s case, David is a Law graduate from the prestigious Harvard University and know how it works in Hollywood, but J- Hud’s advisers told her stick to her “no prenup, no marriage” stand.

David is said to have stood his grounds on not signing the papers because Jennifer was not this popular when they started dating and whatever she is today he is part of it and deserve an equal share of her fortunes if divorce ever comes into the picture.

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