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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I wear caps to cover my big head - Ice prince

AS one Nigeria’s finest showbiz
personalities, what does style mean to you?

Style to me is your expression; using
materials and accessories. It’s the way you
carry yourself. It defines your mood. For
me, it is about dressing with mood and

How would you define your style?

My style is Ice Prince. I don’t want to say I’m
flamboyant or conservative, no matter how
flamboyant I think I am, you will find people
who are extremely flamboyant. Anyway, I
spend a lot of money on my clothes and
other stuffs.

What lifestyle material do you have
weakness for?

I think I like and have a bit of everything. I
live with Jesse Jagz and I’m comfortable
with that. I have suits, urban gears in my
wardrobe. I’m comfortable with what I

What kind of clothes are you comfortable

You’ll find me in urban gears; I hardly wear
corporate or traditional. In fact, I don’t wear
traditional at all but I’m mostly wearing
snickers and urban kind of wears.

You wear caps a lot, how many do you

I really don’t have a reason for wearing
caps; apart from the fact that I do think I
have a big head. I wear hats to cover my
head. In the last six months, I have bought
close to 200 hats. But I keep giving them
out. I don’t know how much I have at the
moment. I’m comfortable with Snapback

For your urban wears and accessories, do
you have preference for a particular label?

For clothes; I love Live Mechanics for
snickers, I love Nike, for wristwatches, I love
G-Shock, for cologne, I love 212.

What about sunglasses?

I can do with any kind, I like the Supra
sunglasses, they are really cool.
Where do you prefer to shop?
I shop for my stuffs in America, my stylist
Snicker Boy, brings most of them from the
States. I also shop whenever I go to London.
Even in Nigeria, I visit Live Mechanics store,
in Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall, in
surulere. I shop anywhere; I could pick
stuffs from Jos. I was in Ghana recently and
I picked up some African bracelets.

What’s your favourite food and drink?

I really don’t have a favourite food but I tell
people its rice, probably that’s what I’m
mostly comfortable with. Water is what I
drink, because I don’t want to advertise any
kind of drink here, but I honestly love

Your favourite hangout?

My bedroom; I’m not a big fan of clubs, bars
or lounges. I love my bedroom to a fault
that sometimes, when I have shows in
Lagos and the organisers put us in a hotel, I
don’t stay there, after the show, I’ll still come
back to my room. Most of the time, they end
up fighting me for getting the hotel room in

Where is your preffered holiday spot?

I love United Kingdom, because Jamaicans
reside there. It’s fun to be with those
people. America is also cool but the UK Is
where I love to stay.

What car do you drive, do you have a
dream car?

I drive a Camry. I don’t have a dream car
because cars keep coming out every year.
But I love SUV’s.

What about other deluxe things of life like
boats, jets, beach mansions?

(His face lights up with smile)Yeah, I want to
make all the monies in the world, if possible.
I do wish I could own big boats so I can
have all the Skeles (girls) in the world and
party on. I wish I could own a big jet, so I
can get to my destination easy and fast.

In your short time in the industry, you have
made a big mark, what should your fans be
expecting from your debut album?

My fans should expect a lot of good music.
The album is a collection of different ideas,
different sounds that had been running
through my mind, it’s also going to be a
collection of different genre of music. There
is reggae, highlife, hip hop and lots of
collaborations with industry giants.
Jagz produced the album, that’s what my
fans should expect.

How did you come about the title,
‘Everybody Loves Ice Prince’ and what is
the structure of the album?

At first, I wanted to name the album after
the street I used to live in Jos but when I
lost my mother, ‘the mad love’ I got from
everybody around the world made me
change it to ‘Everybody Loves Ice Prince’.
It’s going to be a 15- track- album. I
recorded songs with Tuface, Iyanya,
Whizkid, WHP from South Africa. Obviously,
M.I, Jesse Jagz and Brymo and a whole lot of
bright talents that party people have not
really heard about. The album will be
dropped on the 4th of October. I thought it
would be a perfect gift for MI as his
birthday falls on that same day. The concert
will hold on October 9, at Eko Hotel the Expo
Hall. It’s going to be smoking.

In your journey to stardom, what was the
turning point for Ice Prince?

The turning point was when I won the
Henessy Artistry in 2009. I think that was
when my journey really started .A year
later; I released ‘Oleku’ which was produced
by Jezze Jagz, featuring Brymo. All these
really put me out there.

You seem to have a grass to grace to story,
what is your source of motivation?

God is the first drive obviously but my
friends are also a big source of inspiration.
Their encouragement made me succeed and
keep me going.

What has stardom brought to Ice

Stardom has opened a lot of doors for me.
When I talk, people listen. I have been
invited to be guest speaker in symposiums
for students and young people. Stardom
has also taken me around the world; I now
know what America, Europe and some other
parts of the world look like.

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