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Thursday, October 6, 2011

"I Once Rejected An Offer To Have Sex For Movie Role" - Mercy Johnson

When asked if she has been a victim of
sexual harassment, the Kogi State-born
damsel: said
“yes! Such had come my way, but if you
sleep around for roles, will you also sleep
around to make your fans love your work?
You only choose what you want. It only
takes God to be successful in this industry.
It’s a matter of choice if the ladies are
approached with such. If you feel that your
body is cheap and worth the script, then go
ahead, but it is an individual thing. If any
lady tells you in Nollywood it hasn’t
happened to her, it is a cheap lie. Most
people are scared of telling the truth, but
the truth makes upcoming ones to watch
their steps without making mistakes.”

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