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Friday, October 14, 2011

I No Longer Need Financial Assistance For My Health. Yoruba Star Actor,Pa Kasumu

The last may not have been heard of comic
actor,Kayode Odumosu,popularly known as
Pa Kasumu’s health.The veteran actor is still
on medication,though he is getting much
better but he still spends thousands naira,at
least N30,000 monthly on medication.

By all indications,Pa Kasumu is not happy
with the manner the public is treating his
predicament.Some people took advantage
of his ill health to give him bad press and
even created embarrassing scenes for him.

It would be recalled that his sickness started
about two years ago after he was
diagnosed of liver and heart related ailment
at Lagos University Teaching Hospital

In a recent interview,he opens up on why
he’s no more seeking financial assistance.

He said; I don’t want to encourage
financial assistance from any source
again.There are many things that
happened since some magazines wrote
about it.There was an embarrassing story
about the whole issue that is why I want
to face everything myself.I have been
buying my drugs myself.

I don’t want to be embarrassed
again.Some people called me,I don’t know
how they got my number.They told me
they wanted to help,they collected my
account details but that was the
end.Later,I started hearing some really
embarrassing stories about me.I know
God is doing His work in my life,I thank
Him for that.

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