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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Hollywood Black Film Festival comes to Nollywood!

The Hollywood Black Film Festival, dubbed the “Black Sundance,” takes its show on the road … to Nigeria & Nollywood! This 3 day conference-styled event which takes place in Abuja will prepare producers, filmmakers, screenwriters and actors for working and selling content in the global film market­ place. Visiting filmmakers and industry guests will facilitate a series of panel discus­ sions, workshops and Master Classes in a wide variety of subjects — from production to distribution and exhibition.Attendees will engage in in-depth conversation, lively debate, and critical insight into a broad range of issues; and gain tremendous knowledge, insight, access, value and a rare opportunity to hear

Nov.30 .Day 1 – Film Video Censors Board Closed Door Sessions( As the global econ­ omy changes, technology advances, and the film industry adjusts, experts will discuss how Nigeria can position itself to compete in the global film marketplace, and how to elevate Nigerian films in terms of both pro­ duction quality and profitability. Issues to be explored will include distribution, exhibi­ tion, censorship and piracy.)

Dec.1. Day 2– The Business of Entertainment ( The day’s focus will be on nurturing a diverse range of Nigerian film and acting tal­ ent to compete successfully in the local and international marketplace by providing them with practical tools and information.

Dec 2. Day 3 – Beyond Borders( Panels and workshops focusing on filmmaking in the global marketplace)

Speakers at the three days event are Ralph scott ,Michael Ajakwe ,Bobby Mardis and Tanya Kersey

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