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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Harrysong Returns With New Single & 50,000 Naira GiveAway

Questionmark's amazing singer Harrysong
is back with another single off his 'Testify'
album. Harrysong who has been on what
many have called hiatus as he has been
busy with recording new material, voice
coaching colleagues and song writing - he
penned the recent hit single 'Now I know'
by Kcee, several more to be released
shortly and he has shot the video for this
year's Nigerian Music Video Awards. In
addition to the several trips, he has taken
outside Lagos for gigs most recently his
trip to Calabar. Another remix of
' Obu Ego' with J Martins would be released
soon, he had a former with Terry G.

Amazing singer, songwriter and voice
coach is back with another single, titled
'baby don't cry', a very catchy tune -
bound to grow on listeners. ' Baby don't
cry' is off his debut and limited edition
album titled 'Testify'
- which is available for purchase at Silver
bird Lifestyle store and The Hub, Lekki.

'Every investment on Harrysong would be
a waste if after shooting more than two
videos, none of them climbed charts across
Africa, his reputation dropped and show
promoters not wanting him on their bill, all
of this is not happening - the reverse is the
case. Harrysong is the most popular artiste
on the label as at present and my
investment on his career might be the
wisest and best I have made to the
industry in recent time', a label CEO, Kevin
Lucciano said.

Also, *Questionmark Entertainment and
Harrysong would be giving away 50,000
naira worth of prizes to 5 fans who can
guess the old tune that Harrysong covered
in the new song - Baby don't cry. Fans
should email original track details - artiste
name and song title to and on
the last weekend of the month of
November, 5 fans would be have a dinner
with Harrysong and take home 50,000
naira worth of prizes each.

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