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Friday, October 14, 2011

Ruggedman And Goldie Fight Fan Dirty

I remember when I was in school, the first
news writing tip I got was that, ‘when a dog
bites a man, it is not news, but when vis a
vis, then it becomes a good story.’ That is
why much is expected from celebs to stay
out of bad publicity...

Goldie and Ruggedman threw decorum
away when they both took on a fan on a
social networking site, twitter on Monday
October 10. The fan with the twitter handle,
akegag, tweeted, “Ruggedman deserves
to die after making us endure all the wacky
s**t he makes us hear, It would be cool if he
was dead though, wack rapper.”

In a reply, Ruggedman tweeted, “please
twifam, join me as I mourn the death of
akegag, he died of a homosexual related
disease, he was a gay.”

In a support of to colleague in the music
industry, Goldie picked on akegag when she
tweeted, “you are telling celebs that they
should die, it is uncalled for. The other day,
you said I wasn’t worth it, I ignored you.”

Ruggedman tweeted these curses on
akegag, “Father Lord God, for akegag and
anyone like him, let his prosperity be cut
off; and in the generation following, let
their names be blotted out and cut off
the memory of them from the earth. Let his
children continually be vagabonds, and beg;
let them seek bread in desolate places. Let
his prayers become sin. In Jesus name I
have prayed. AMEN.”

While Ruggedman was doing the curses, the
following was going on between Goldie and

Akegag: “When will Goldie change her
weave, it is nasty now, maybe it is Brazilian.

Goldie: “You will be nothing but a fake wack
bas***d who thrives on twitter famzing
and will be forgotten as soon as a new
social network comes up.”

Akegag: “Shut up hot kini. Goldie an ugly
whore spotting fake weave-on! National
cake, f**k anywhere belle face

Goldie: “No wonder you are confused, your
uncle actually paid to f**k your mother. So
sad you don’t even know who your daddy
is. Meaning your mother was a never do
well whore who f**ked whatever was paid
to her to, including rodents and pigs.

Akegag: I bet you slept with all the
producers and they did you till all your hair
fell off, hence, the weave on. Goldie is
actually her stripper name and Ruggedman
will remain rugged and wretched.
Goldie sang you don’t need to pay to touch
her body. I guess she’s a free bi**h with a
bald hair-do.

Goldie: I am having fun at your expense; I
might walk around bald for all that I care, I
will still be Goldie, and you? I have nothing
more to say to you, you can kiss my fake
blonde weave on, lol and go RIPieces as
Ruggedman has already said. Cheers.

But in a turn around, Goldie tweeted, “I
really appreciate your uncalled for insults to
me today, they have made me stronger. I
am also sorry for replying you in the same
vain. God help us all.”

Akegag replied, “.You insulted me first. All I
said was your hair do and you descended
on me.” And to Ruggedman, “Thanks for the
prayers; I don’t think God answers such.

You are still dumb though.”

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