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Monday, October 10, 2011

Belgian Choreographer Calls Beyonce a 'Thief'

The Belgian choreographer Beyonce
used as 'inspiration' for her Countdown
video calls Beyonce's use of her piece
plagiarism. In an interview with Belgian
radio station, Studio Brussel,
choreographer Anne Teresa
Keersmaeker was asked how she felt
about Beyonce copying her work and
she replied,

“I didn’t know anything about this.
I’m not mad, but this is plagiarism.
This is stealing. They took pieces
from Achterland and Rosas danst
Rosas. Including the dresses and a
remake of the school of Van de
Velde. It’s a bit rude, I must say.
What’s rude about it is that they
don’t even bother about hiding it.
They seem to think they could do it
because it’s a famous work.”

“Am I honoured? Look, I’ve seen
local school kids doing this. That’s a
lot more beautiful.”

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