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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Amber Rose: I Think Wiz Would Beat TheCrap Out Of Kanye

Amber Rose appeared on New York’s Hot97
morning radio show yesterday where she
cleared up some rumors and addressed
host Peter Rosenberg who had wondered
why she (“a hot girl who used to sleep with
Kanye”) deserved to write a book. Read and
watch excerpts of the interview below:

On Stripping At Sue’s and Meeting Kanye

When I was 15, I was homeless, me and my
mom were homeless – my mother’s my only
family – so I took it upon myself to go out
and make money. I was a hustler, that’s
what I did. I wasn’t a prostitute, I didn’t trick
off. I was well respected in Sue’s [Strip Club].
People that know me over at Sue’s, they
love me over there. There’s a lot of guys in
the industry that go there – A LOT – and
they all tried to holla and they never got the
time of day with me because I went to
work, I made my money and I went home, I
paid my bills and I took care of my mother.
That’s it. So the men in the industry that
been there and saw me and tried to holla,
they know what it is.

When I met my ex, it was chemistry. We fell
in love, we did. We were very happy. We
didn’t me there [at Sue's] He flew me out to
do a “Robocop” video that never came out.
We shot the video and hung out real tough.
And we were just good friends and then we
really fell in love. And I never moved back to
New York after that. I was just with him. I
stayed for two years. He didn’t want me to
leave and I didn’t want to leave. We were
very happy. But we’re human beings. S***
didn’t work out. It’s that simple.

On Being “Married” To Wiz Khalifa
No ring. We’re really really really in love. I
never loved like this in my life. He is my life.
I would die for him. That’s how much I love
him. We will get married. We are going to
have babies but we have time. We have the
rest of our lives. We always say, we are
going to be together forever. He’s my
soulmate. We’re meant to be together. So
when it happens it happens. We’re not in a

Rosenberg asks, “If it was 1995 and beef at
the Source Awards was still poppin’ and
they threw down, you think Wiz could take
I think he would beat the crap outta Kanye.
And I’d kick him while he’s down, I’d be
right there with him [laughs].

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