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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Amanda Knox "Really Overwhelmed" to Be Free and Back in U.S.

After four years behind bars in Italy,
Amanda Knox touched down in her native
U.S. on Tuesday night -- and burst into tears
during a press conference at Seattle-
Tacoma International Airport.

"They're reminding me to speak in English,
because I'm having problems with that,"
said Knox, 24, who was exonerated
Monday in the brutal 2007 murder of her
British roommate Meredith Kercher. "I'm
really overwhelmed right now. I was
looking down from the airplane, and it
seemed like everything wasn't real."

Clad in a loose grey sweater over a black T-
shirt, Knox was greeted with a "Welcome
Home Amanda" shout-out from a supporter
and briefly took to a podium to thank well-

"What's important for me to say is just
thank you to everyone who has believed in
me, who has defended me, who has
supported my family," said Knox, who had
been serving a 26-year prison term before
the ruling was overturned on Monday. "My
family's the most important thing to me
right now, and I just want to go and be
with them."

(Knox's ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito
was also freed on Monday after his guilty
ruling was overturned; Knox made a
personal plea in court stating her

Added the Knox family's legal advisor,
Theodore Simon, at the short press
conference: "Let us not forget that Meredith
was Amanda's friend, and I know Amanda
and the family wants you to remember
Meredith and to keep the Kercher family in
your prayers."

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