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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Airtel Sacks 3, 000 Workers

On Friday September 30th, Telecoms
company, Airtel, now owned by Indians,
sacked over 3, 000 of their staff, all in the
customer service department.

Many say the sack was as a result of salary
disagreement between the management
and staff. Customer care agents were being
paid N75, 000 a month, but the new owners
slashed the salary by 60%. According to
them, they pay their customer care workers
in India $200, only managers earn as much
as 75, 000 a month, so they didn't see why
Nigerian customer care agents are earning
as much as an Airtel manager in India.

If you call Airtel customer care now, it will
be picked in Ghana and the only languages
available to customers now are the English
and Pidgin language.

Airtel is kinda denying they sacked 3, 000
workers...but they did. One called me on the
phone this evening crying over being back
in the labour market.

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