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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2Face Goes 'Abraham Lincoln' On Y! Magazine Cover

Its quite obvious that this funny photo
cover was inspired by US former President,
Abraham Lincoln's 1920 statue in
washington. Meanwhile, the Chief editor,
Chude explained the concept behind the
“Our amazing team including photographer
Obi Somto and stylist Maryanne Alabi have
collaborated to deliver another stunning
cover that magnificently conveys the near-
legendary status of Innocent “2face” Idibia
as well as the confident future that this
edition captures so, dare I say, elegantly.”

Oh! That's a legend right there whose
music has reigned for long.

According to the Y! Magazine team,
"2face speaks about the past 15 years of
his music career; why the many risks he
has taken have paid off, what he plans for
the future; and why he thinks he has made
it through the long haul. He also speaks
about his new confidence in publicly
speaking about his children, his thoughts
about the women in his life from Vien
Tetsola to Annie Macaulay, and the greatest
lessons that life has taught him."

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